Inspirational Proverb of the Day: A Sudanese Proverb

White missionaries or Jew trolls must be making these proverbs up that are attributed to nonwhites. They sound like something a 60s hippie guru would say. This one may actually have been said by Charles Manson. Who knows?

7 thoughts on “Inspirational Proverb of the Day: A Sudanese Proverb

  1. Irony, the Suds are queue jumpers and bullshine reffos.
    They have no patience.
    They do create many white hospital patients in Australia – this is a type of “recovery” I suppose, with lots of new jobs for ambos, nurses and doctors. GDP going up! Funerals on the rise, a funeral led recovery!
    Later many more wallopers must be hired, judges and turnkeys also. But for now the Suds are too Holy to lock up. They are victims, you see.

  2. I do believe it’s true . (sarc) Why,?? Have you been to the Sudan?? They either sit on their arses all day,or f*** and fight,and for entertainment go to the mosque and learn how they are” the best of people”and guess what?They wait for World Food Programme,Oxfam GB or MSF to come help the poor oppressed chaps. Those with a bit of energy make a run for Europe,or the US. So they can do the same thing all over again.!

  3. Again, another profound quote from 60 I.Q. sand-monkeys. And I thought that all they did was eat, get high, f*ck, and genocide each other. I am a turrible, turrible racist bigot. I had no idea that the Sudanese were such philosophers.

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