Breaking! General Flynn “Resigns”

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Pro-Trump, alt-light blogger Mike Cernovich calls the disposal of General Michael Flynn by the Trump administration a coup. Reince Priebus, a weakling at best and a back stabber at worst, was probably behind the “resignation.”

The General had been kicked out of government by Obama for exposing Obama/Clinton incompetence and lies, and so his restoration to power had been welcomed by patriots.

Now, we regroup.

Fox News

President Trump’s embattled national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday night, Fox News reported.

The White House earlier said Trump was “evaluating the situation” regarding Flynn’s conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., deepening the uncertainty surrounding Flynn’s future in the new administration.

Flynn apologized privately for the controversy to Vice President Mike Pence, according to a White House official. Pence, relying on information from Flynn, publicly vouched that the retired Army lieutenant general did not discuss U.S. sanctions against Russia in calls late last year. Flynn has since told the White House that sanctions may have come up.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Trump was consulting with Pence about his conversations with the national security adviser. Asked whether the president had been aware that Flynn might discuss sanctions with the Russian envoy, Spicer said, “No, absolutely not.”

Trump, who comments on a steady stream of issues on his Twitter feed, has been conspicuously silent about the matter since The Washington Post reported last week that Flynn had discussed sanctions with the Russian envoy. A U.S. official told The Associated Press that Flynn was in frequent contact with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on the day the Obama administration slapped sanctions on Russia for election-related hacking, as well as at other times during the transition.

Earlier Monday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Trump had “full confidence” in Flynn, though her assertions were not backed up by other senior Trump aides. Spicer would say only that Flynn was continuing to carry out “his daily functions.”

The conflicting signals created confusion at the White House, with reporters crowding around Spicer’s office for hours Monday afternoon seeking information on Flynn’s future.

Background on Flynn’s troubles with liberals here, here, and here.

Lew Rockwell ran an article last night that identified Flynn as a “confrontationalist,” meaning an administration official ready to go after the CIA and other elements in the (((Deep State.))) Flynn was close to so-called Nazi Steve Bannon:

It will be interesting to see how the situation with Michael Flynn, regarding his direct talk with Russia over sanctions, resolves itself. Stephen Miller was sent out to the Sunday talk shows without anything to say regarding Flynn, which is probably a bad omen for the NSA director. Flynn was in the confrontationist camp, if he’s out it further weakens Bannon’s ranks there.


A month into his term of office, Trump is already showing signs of weakness and vulnerability. He tried, but it appears that the Deep State is too deeply entrenched to be uprooted very easily.

The talk now is that General Petraeus will replace Flynn. Sadly, he’s widely believed to be a (((neocon))) puppet, unlike Flynn.

Expect the U.S. to keep fighting more wars for Israel now. Next stop, Iran, unless Donald Trump frees himself from the influence of those (((neocons))) who hold him in utter contempt.

Resignation letter:

29 thoughts on “Breaking! General Flynn “Resigns”

  1. “It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones”.

    Niccolo Machiavelli

    Don’t know what really went on here, but I see a nagger in the woodpile and until the truth is out, looks like Trump might have taken his advice. Otherwise, Flynn would still be there. .

    • Machiavelli also noted that there would be snakes in the grass wherever you least expect them. Ryan, Priebus, and a few others come to mind. Trump will have to be more covert in the WH from now on…

      • Former Democrat Representative Dennis Kucinich, interviewed on Fox Business February 14, thinks there’s a snake in the grass. Mentions “Deep State!”
        “Intel community trying to undermine Trump!”

      • I found the video already and have it in rotation to post tonight. Thanks. It’s very informative regarding Trump’s challenges. I only like a few liberals. Dennis is one of them.

      • Yes. This is the very same “deep network” that operates with the Clinton political body, the intelligence apparatus, and various acronym departments. All of these people are either Masonic-vetted (useful idiot) or actual field operatives who manifest the Globalist agenda at the political level. Trump probably doesn’t have a chance: my hope however is that by assassination or impeachment, a cord will snap in the White man’s brain. Civil war would be likely, and I cannot believe that regaining cultural ascendancy can be done in any other way at this point…

  2. Funny Iran was not mentioned and the nickname “Mad Dog” has suddenly disappeared. I was more worried about Flynns recent direct threat to Iran than any chat he may have had with Russia about sanctions. if everyone in Govt who has fibbed is fired, who will be left?

    Presumably his crime was that he showed flexibility re the sanctions. The USA loves putting sanctions on countries and depriving their kiddies of medicines. When will the USA be sanctioned by the world community for the criminal wars of aggression in Iraq esepcialy but also Afghanistan and Libya to name but three? None of those countries attacked the USA.
    The US Defense Dept shoudl be renamed the Us War Dept.
    These US International crimes make the Crimea and East Ukraine matters trivial by comparison.
    The United Nations is a US puppet show run by Jews. That is why it is compelled to meet in New York.

  3. I’ve seen misc. tweets here & there over a few weeks that there is a Reince vs. Kushner war in the Admin. I don’t trust either one.

    Trump probably listened to whichever of those two who said, Get rid of Flynn.

    Kapner at Real Jew News has a handful of articles re Kushner being a mole.

    There’s a Biblical Proverb that says, “In the multitude of counselors there is wisdom.” I no longer believe that. I think Trump has TOO MANY DANG “counselors”! And for whatever reason, he caves too easily to their opinions.

    When I was younger I used to ask everyone’s opinion re everything. Now as an over-the-hill boomer, I don’t even want nor seek (in real life) ANYONE’s opinion re anything! I trust my own opinion more than theirs. 🙂

  4. Someone is wiretapping the White House?

    Replies in that tweet say Flynn was a Democrat & should have never been hired.

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  6. Funny reply to this one said Obama left spying gadgets in the WH before he left. I can envision a Ben Garrison or Branco political cartoon out of that > Obama, wearing a headset & taking notes, while cramped in a closet at his newly-walled house 2-miles from the WH!

    Other replies say it’s Obama leftovers in Intel Agencies spying on Trump WH > swamp not being drained fast enough.

  7. Replies in this one say the moles are Reince or Pence. People are getting worried.

    It would be funny if the mole was Trump, ie, he decides he doesn’t want whoever around so he leaks info to press against them.

    (He was accused in the past of disguising his voice to promote Trump stuff to the press.)

    More likely Mossad – Kushner. He was previously on the Board of some IDF foundation.

    And comments at Kapner’s had a youtube of him being reminded to raise his right hand during the Trump Staff swearing in, performed by Pence.

  8. Fox reports this morning, both Trump and Pence wanted Flynn to stay, so whatever he did was not what media claiming. Flynn decided to leave on his own.

  9. Drama & more Drama… Lots of good replies to this but nobody mentions Kusher.

    Agree > What’s the big deal re Flynn chatting sanctions w/Russian ambassador?

    • I heard some sort of conflict between Reince and Kushner, but it was more Reince against Kushner. Another report claimed Kushner has been observed mostly standing around looking unhappy. Someone should give him something to do. Maybe, Trump has too many advisors.

      To be fair, the staff is new and probably will eventually settle into their roles when they learn exactly what is expected of them, their job descriptions become more defined and clear.

      • Thanks wullfe for filling in some details!

        I wonder who insisted Kushner be involved? Trump, Kushner himself, his rabbis, or his wife?

        I’m glad he’s unhappy. Maybe he’ll go back to the newspaper business. 🙂

      • Tweets from General Flynn. See more @GenMikeFlynn

        Michael Flynn ‏@GenMikeFlynn · Feb 10

        “News reports about my alleged discussions with #Russia are 100% FALSE. Liberals inventing #FakeNews to distract Americans from real issues!”

        “Nonetheless, I may have been careless in some of my discussions and I accept full responsibility. Am confident I’ll be cleared by @FBI (2/2)”

        “But if a scapegoat is what’s needed for this Administration to continue to take this great nation forward, I am proud to do my duty.”

      • Thanks wullfe for those Flynn tweets. I didn’t think to go directly to the horse’s mouth!

        Since it’s now a “new day,” I’ll add misc. newer tweets to Saboteur’s newest Flynn article (I see he has 2 new ones!)

  10. Oh great…

    Going back a few days, @Cernovich had an article asking why the MSM never picks on Priebus for anything. He also tweeted the same question several times. His opinion was that the MSM “knows Reince all too well” so they leave him alone.

    Within the next day or two, Cernovich then tweeted that, “Right on cue,” when MSM realized people noticed that MSM never picks on Priebus, they began picking on him re whatever.

    Maybe that is what prompted the above Trump tweet(?)

    Re-thinking: If Cernovich is Jewish &/or an Operative, & he stirs suspicions re Priebus, then maybe Priebus is not the Bad Guy, ie: Diversion Tactic: Jewish-Kushner is our Bad Guy but we want you to be diverted to thinking Priebus is.

  11. Sleazy Greasy Michael Moore re Flynn…

    That’s the 2nd tweet I’ve seen saying very similar, but the other one (not by Moore) included Kellyanne Conway.

    These libtards actually believe they will be able to remove Trump & his Admin. Who is behind all this, really?
    Deep State/Intels?

  12. Some articles that I read stated that LTG Flynn’s telephone conversation with the Russian ambassador was intercepted and recorded by our intelligence folks who passed the info to the acting Attorney General. The leakers succeeded in informing and revealing to the world that our intelligence folks are monitoring the Russian ambassador’s phone calls, or they were spying on LTG Flynn. Either way, it is information that should have been kept under wraps. I do not believe for a minute that Flynn did anything wrong. The (((press))) and subversive elements in Trump’s administration are actively undermining his presidency.

  13. @GenMikeFlynn is a fake Twitter account. @GenFlynn is his account, but he hasn’t tweeted since December 2016.

    His son’s account Michael Flynn, Jr. is active. @mflynnJR

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