Woman United Airlines Pilot Removed from Plane After Ranting Against Trump and Spewing About Her Divorce


This story is breaking early morning Sunday, U.S. time. There’s a lot of questions that need answering since the lives of dozens of people flying from liberal Austin, Texas, to liberal San Francisco, California were at risk.


A pilot had to be removed from her flight after ranting about her divorce and Donald Trump over the plane’s intercom.

The United Airlines pilot left some passengers in tears after telling them: “Sorry I’m late, the reason I’m late is I’m going through a divorce”.

The woman, who was dressed in casual clothes, added: “Look, I don’t care if you voted for Trump or Clinton, they’re both a@@holes.”

Dozens of stunned passengers – some crying – left the plane, which was preparing to take-off from an airport in Austin, Texas.

Video taken by a passenger shows the pilot then address the passengers, saying: “So I’ll stop, and we’ll fly the plane.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to let my co-pilot fly it. He’s a man.

“OK, if you don’t feel safe get off the plane, but otherwise we can go.”

A United Airlines spokesman confirmed that the pilot was removed from the flight.

“We hold our employees to the highest standards and we removed that pilot from that flight,” he said. “We brought in a new crew and they operated that flight.”

When diversity and inclusiveness are a company’s highest values, service goes into the toilet. At the #unitedairlines page on Twitter there’s also a bitter complaint about a dog dying while in the care of UA. This is an airline to avoid. Maybe they should all be avoided as the former USA turns into crap.

Women should not be flying planes. Remember Amelia Earhart, the most famous and honored woman pilot of all time? What’s she famous for? Crashing her plane and never being seen again.

The woman pilot in this story should never fly again. She needs a new career.

From the look of her, I strongly suspect she’s a lesbian getting a divorce from a woman. We don’t need kooky lesbians or homosexual males flying passenger planes. These people are at higher risk of suicide. The Germanwings pilot who crashed his plane killing all aboard was a homosexual suicide.

5 thoughts on “Woman United Airlines Pilot Removed from Plane After Ranting Against Trump and Spewing About Her Divorce

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  2. “Dozens of stunned passengers – some crying – left the plane”
    People are such wimps these days. They should have been angry instead of crying, but also relieved that they were not going to be murdered by a woman having her monthlies.
    Plus they should know they can ask UA for some reward as compensation, e.g. a free flight.
    Maybe join a class action lawsuit where all of the passengers get a free companion dog, paid for by UA, to take everywhere with them so they do not have to cry so much.
    I did not know the Germanwings killer was a butt reamer. Homos make up a disproportionate number of mass killers and serial killers.

    • Most serial killers ARE pedos or homos; which makes one consider that these sexual illnesses are symptomatic of something far deeper going on in their heads. Sexual dysphoria is a manifestation of psychotic tendencies. It is no wonder that whenever an ancient civilization was spinning out of control towards its doom, these faggots and cross dressers became advisers to the royalty. At such times, decent folk began running to the hills because they knew shit was going to hit the wall very fast…

      • Yes the West now seems to glorify the perversions that Nero and Caligula went in for.
        Sodom and Gomorrah are now seen as virtuous cities.

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