Subhuman Sudanese Stampede in Australia Ruining Melbourne Family Festival in Planned Attack


Emboldened by government traitors who leave the white family unprotected, AfricanS from the Sudan are running wild worldwide.

Last night’s “human wave” attack on white families is just the latest example. White Australia, what’s left of it, is now suffering from an infestation of violent parasites whom the police left alone last night because they were outnumbered.

You mean to tell me that police had no bullets, no tear gas, no bayonets, no police dogs, no fire hoses, no nothing to stop a rampaging mob?

Learn this lesson Australia. Everywhere that Naggers congregate, they plot how to rob, steal, vandalize, or harm someone or some animal. You have been warned. You’re at war now, only you don’t realize it.

Herald Sun

A STAMPEDE of youths has ruined a family festival in Melbourne’s northwest last night, sending one teenager to hospital.

Locals were shocked when hundreds of youths as young as 10 stampeded throughout Summersault Festival in Caroline Springs last night when the fireworks started around 10pm.

Carrie was caught up in the stampede, had her phone and wallet stolen and was “shoved in the stomach.”

“There would have been at least 100 Sudanese who just ran at us like a giant wave; it was a planned attack,” she said.

“The police advised they could literally see everything unfolding, but didn’t do anything as they thought it could have been sort of decoy as they had experienced before and clearly they didn’t have the numbers.

“I couldn’t get assistance from the security officers that I found as they were paid to look after the band members; I was unable to find any staff to assist me.”

Emma Patterson was watching the fireworks in a private marquee with her family and said she saw “hundreds” of Sudanese youths running wild at the festival.

“I saw a tall young Sudanese guy running through the crowd and another guy chasing after him yelling to give his phone back,” she said.

“The youth ended up bowling over parents and children standing in line at the food trucks.

“As he tripped over they managed to get the phone back and the offender just casually walked away.”

Ms Patterson said she only saw four police officers throughout the night.

A mum of two, who wished to remain anonymous due to fears of her safety, said she saw Sudanese youths congregating near the netball stadium from 8pm.

“They were only Sudanese, there were no other cultures in the pack,” she said.

“It was intimidating, they have no fear. There’s a police station right next door, but it doesn’t seem to deter them.

“I had an ill-feeling about the group.

“Once the fireworks started it was like the Running of the Bulls, no one really knew what was going on.”

Abhishek Verma posted to Facebook saying he was assaulted in the stampede.

“They snatched my wife’s phone and I chased them,” he posted to Facebook.

“I grabbed two but suddenly (a) group (of) 20-30 came and start punching and kicking on my face arms (sic).”

“I have (a) swollen face on left side.”

Debbie Tesoriero, mum of 16-year-old Jack McLaughlin, got the call no parent wants to receive, saying her son had been injured in the event.

It’s believed the Lake View Senior College student was “jumped on” by a group of youths who stole his mobile phone outside the Caroline Springs police station.

“I drove up the wrong side of the road to get where I needed to be, it was the most horrifying 15 minutes of my life,” Ms Tesoriero said.

“He was just an innocent bystander,” she said.

Jack has no recollection of the event and the family are trying to piece together what happened from his friends, social media and any video footage of the event.

“I just woke up on the ground,” Jack told a friend who found him assaulted on the ground.

Jack’s injuries include damage to his jaw and severe pain to his mouth and gum today.

“He is having CAT scans today as he has no memory of the incident at all,” Ms Tesoriero said.

“We’re very lucky, very fortunate it wasn’t worse. As a parent this is terrifying.”

“Some of these kids are as young as ten years old, there were hundreds there … but not one parent. To me that is shocking.

“Police can’t be everywhere, but when there’s an event, at least vamp up security.

“I want my children to be able to go out as I did and be safe and not having to worry about these things. It’s horrifying.”

Melton Council spokeswoman Annette Raijer was unable to comment on the circumstances and said the council would be “issuing a statement” later this evening.

Victoria Police are unable to comment on police numbers for “operational reasons.”

Victoria Police spokeswoman Leonie Johnson said police are investigating a large group of youths who ran through a crowd of onlookers during a fireworks display and snatched mobile phones from people’s hands while they were filming.

“Six people have reported their mobile phone being stolen and two reports of assault has been made to police,” she said.

The Negroid race has no fear because that’s the way evolution worked in Australia. The only thing they understand is pain. Until vigilantes begin clearing the streets of these vermin, they will continue to prey on helpless white people.

16 thoughts on “Subhuman Sudanese Stampede in Australia Ruining Melbourne Family Festival in Planned Attack

  1. Diverse, vibrant, multicultural Australia is doomed and this proves it.
    Any country that imports garbage bin blacks like these needs to hire one new cop for every new black male. That means tens of thousands of new police are needed right now in Australia.

    Probably the same day, Saturday, I saw the aftermath of a sexual assault at a famous Sydney beach, the day was hot at 39 Centigrade. Two 15 year old girls (my estimate) – i.e. molesting them is a very serious crime – came up to the lifeguards. then two cops (one male one female) turned up. This went on for a long time. Eventually they detained a man and I am very sorry to say he was not black. My guess is he looked like a Sicilian, or possible Turkish or North African. He was not the camel riding type of Arab. He was very short and very ugly, maybe five feet two with a huge nose and a rat like face. Maybe he was a Jew. The assault happened in the surf. The area was full of people so he must have gone the full grope – i.e he did not just touch them which could be accidental in the surf. This is maybe the first such incident I have witnessed so I suspect criminals and perverts are emboldened to act out these days, as with the Melbourne apes. Btw there were at least a dozen blacks at this beach and some with potential mudsharks, a group of young people. None were in a dangerous mob/group, but I have seen ape packs in the city of Sydney at night. Africoons going apeshit challenging slow moving cars (i.e the car drivers).

    Melbourne is worse as the cops have been told that Coons are Holy and can do whatever they want. Melbourne is like Rotherham on steroids.

    • The way the Negroid evolved he has no fear as we experience it. He does understand extreme pain however. I recommend torture as punishment for the Negroid. Our race should be able to re-engineer medieval torture devices (the rack?) to apply uniform torture to guilty offenders. This is stronger stuff than the lashings and whippings I’ve been talking about for the last year or two.

      • Torture is not effective against an IQ lower than 80. There was an actual study on pain and IQ done a few decades ago, but I cannot remember where I read about it. No, the animal will just stare at you with a dumb, thick look in its eyes without really connecting its pain to something it has done. Making skiffs that can be loaded with about 7 or 8 thousand of them, then putting them out to sea, then capsizing them is still a recommended option to deal with this problem…

      • But we don’t want information from them, they have nothing to say that we need to hear. Torture takes time and debases the torturer. Roundup and deportation to Africa is all they need, and while incarcerated and waiting, zero tolerance for monkeyshines. We need less ships that way.

  2. Here is a tip to PC Plod in Victoria. iPhones and simliar devices can be traced even when they are turned off. So how about arresting some of these violent apes you Africoon loving wallopers?
    Or would that be bad publicity for the diversity loving politicians in your State?

  3. A Zimbabwe “acrobat” was sentenced to 9 1/2 years for deliberately infecting his girlfriend with AIDS in Australia. The High Court then quashed the conviction, maybe because he is a Holy Nigger.
    Australia then deported the piece of shit to his home African country. With one years supply of retrovirals at tax payers expense. He says he can not get more of these drugs in Zimbabwe and is demanding Australia reimport this foreign man so he can be treated for ever. plus bludge on welfare, while infecting more Aussie girls. Naturally I suspect that the tax payer is paying for this appeal and Jew lawyers will be getting richer off the tax payer fighting for a diseased man to come here an infect more Australians.
    So our High Court is just as sick and corrupt as the Jew Supremacist Court of the USA.
    A lot of Africans have AIDS and none of that sick and very dangerous group should be allowed to ever leave that continent.

  4. I didn’t know what a Muslim was when growing up, until during high school, when I was threatened by someone who befriended Muslims outside of school. He warned me that if I criticised them, they would “cut my head off, and chuck me into the drain”. And now we also have the African experience. What genius thought it was a good idea to bring in these groups?

  5. So solly, but I have no empathy for the white Eloi anymore. They will not defend themselves against the Morlocks, so they deserve to be eaten by them. Yes, their politicians and police betrayed them as did ours here in America by bringing in the Morlocks and then protecting them above their own citizens. Survival is a choice. Fortunately, for right now, here in Texas we can carry firearms which I do everyday (though I wish we could eradicate all colored minorities/POC and then not have to carry). I will not be victimized by vibrant diversity. I will defend myself. I had to do it once before and will gladly do it again. Good comment above about torturing the Morlocks. I prefer a final solution for them. BTW, are we now prohibited from using the term nigger?

    • In a way the whites are now the Morlocks, slaving away using machines growing food to feed the lazy bum Eloi Coons who prance, dance, eat and reproduce like mice. But at night the black Eloi rampage and become dangerous. The hard working white Morlocks must hide underground lest the ungrateful parasites rob them, rape them and kill them.
      Perhaps cannibalism is the only solution to the African plague sweeping the entire earth.
      Stop feeding all blacks.

  6. These incidents sadden and anger me to no end. I was on an aircraft carrier on our way back home after 9 months online in the Tonkin Gulf yacht club. We stopped and spent 2 weeks in Australia and another 2 in New Zealand; what beautiful and friendly countries (they were almost totally white and spoke English…my my!

    I do remember Aussie women having a fixation about negro men (forbidden fruit etc) and the ones who didn’t heed our warning paid dearly for their entanglement with feral groids from the US

  7. Australia has gone into to garbage importation business.Pehaps we should look at letting people with a higher IQ come into the country.Violence is the only way for these sudanese.As contritbuting to society is not in their vocabulary.Both major parties in Australia are scared of the UN.Its time to ignore the UN and close our borders.Deport the garbage.And those you can’t should be put in chain gangs.Could you see this crime issue occuring in Singapore ? In the mean time the leftist jewish lawyers are making a fortune at our expense.If either party cannot manage the affairs of our country install a facist government that can and will.

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