Migrant ‘stabbed girlfriend 30 times and beheaded her during ritual killing’ in Germany

An African kills a woman. Not much news value.

But an African knifeman stabs her multiple times, cuts off her head, and then ritualizes it? That cuts through the news clutter.

The mental illness excuse is being offered in this case to make sure that muh migrant doesn’t have to spend any time in prison for his barbaric act of murder. It’s not nice to put nonwhite migrants in prison, you see. It’s not multicultural to imprison one for following his cultural script.

What the Germans don’t understand is that the Negroid race acts this way in the normal course of daily life, as any factual observer of Africans can tell you.


A REFUGEE who has been accused of stabbed his girlfriend 30 times, beheading her corpse and then decorating her dead body during a horrific ritual killing in Germany.

The Congolese migrant had been seeking asylum in Berlin when he is alleged to have carried out the bloody attack.

The man, identified only as Yve M, is accused of using a knife to stab his girlfriend 30 times before beheading her corpse.

He then cut off her left arm and the little finger on her right hand before decorating her body.

Police were called on June 10 last year by a neighbour reporting an unbearable stench coming from the apartment.

When police found the victim, identified by police as Tunay G, her body had already begun decaying.

Bizarrely, the woman’s body had also been decorated with stones, feathers and string – leading investigators to suspect a ritual killing.

The coroner determined the victim, aged 39, had died of blood loss. The murder weapon has not yet been discovered.

The brutal killing took place sometime on May 15 or May 16 last year. The suspect, also aged 39, was arrested on June 11.

The prosecution are calling for the suspect to be committed to a psychiatric ward as they believe he is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

The pair met in 2015 when they were both living in temporary accommodation. They then moved in together in the Berlin neighbourhood of Mariendorf a month before the attack.

Once again, as another post documenting “refugee” criminality is published, there’s not a word about deporting the mud back to Africa where it belongs.

Meanwhile, Western women should beware of the black as coal African.

3 thoughts on “Migrant ‘stabbed girlfriend 30 times and beheaded her during ritual killing’ in Germany

  1. “The coroner determined the victim, aged 39, had died of blood loss.”
    So whether you are shot or beheaded is not the case of death, but blood loss is? Why not say death is caused by heart stopping due to shortage of blood?
    Cause of death “living with a Coon”.

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