Fear Rises in Taco Bender Hearts and Minds as ICE Retakes Enemy Territory Held by Mexicans

Officially, there’s 11 million Mexicans in America. Unofficially, it’s probably much higher than that.

So, there’s a lot of territory to be reclaimed from the enemy invaders. The few hundred detained over the last week is a pathetically small number. But the Mexicans are fighting to keep every one of them in the U.S., claiming that they have a right to be here because the whole continent is theirs.

The tears are already flowing like rain.

Los Angeles Times

Sweeping raids by U.S. immigration officials in recent days nabbed hundreds of individuals believed to be in the country illegally, spreading alarm among immigrant rights groups as they scrambled to gather information and warn people in communities nationwide.

Through social media and pop-up legal clinics, immigrant rights groups have doled out around-the-clock assistance, even as federal officials pushed back against the notion that the detentions reflected a vast overhaul of immigration law enforcement ordered by President Trump.

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents had conducted “targeted enforcement operations” focused on detaining people with criminal backgrounds in cities across the country. Officials described the operations as “routine.”

kiss goodbye tears gif

Nearly 200 people throughout Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina were arrested last week during raids, according to a preliminary tally provided by ICE’s Atlanta field office. In the Los Angeles area, more than 150 arrests were made in a weeklong operation, ICE officials said.

Chris-crocker-crying gif

And in Austin, Texas, ICE officials did not provide a total number of arrests but did notify the Mexican Consulate General of the number of Mexican nationals. A spokesman from the consulate said Saturday that nearly 50 arrests of Mexican nationals had been recorded since Thursday. On average, the consulate is notified of about three each day. (The Mexican government last week urged its nationals in the U.S. to “take precautions” amid a “new reality” for the immigrant community.)

“ICE conducts targeted immigration enforcement in compliance with federal law and agency policy. ICE does not conduct sweeps or raids that target aliens indiscriminately,” Bryan Cox, ICE’s Southern region communications director, said in a statement Saturday.

So many tears and it’s only the beginning.

San Antonio’s Doug Sahm is crying:

South Texas Freddy Fender is crying too:

12 thoughts on “Fear Rises in Taco Bender Hearts and Minds as ICE Retakes Enemy Territory Held by Mexicans

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  2. Aaahhhhh, get out! Illegals have no rights American citizens do! The best part is when these illegals tell Americans what we should do and how they hate white people and never assimilate. We should,at this point in our economy, purge all illegals and don’t let anyone from anywhere in till we get this country under control.

    • “We aint’ goin’ nowhere, jew stinkin’ gringo.”

      Actually, the word of choice here is “Anglo.” I’m a Celt though as far as I know. There’s also “white boy” that’s used a lot.

  3. As a half-beaner myself, it warms the cockles of my heart to see ICE finally doing its job and hopefully soon on steroids bigly. Think I will make a run for the border myself, uh, that is Taco Bell.

  4. Old Freddy would get trampled by all the wetbacks trying to get back to Mech-he-co if he hadn’t died about 10 years ago. San Benito where he was born [real name Baldemar Garza Huerta] is right on the way back, and many of the illegals got here by coming past there. That old beaner had his share of drug problems and spent 3 years in Angola.

    The jews had by a prearrangement (something the jews do often and are very skilled at, but they aren’t often, if ever, caught doing it after making sure a bit of time has passed) called for, and caused laws to be passed that the public busses in Texas had to stop to pick up anyone who was waiting on the side of the road, including illegals – anywhere in Texas – even after they got through or went around the Border services at Falfurrias Check Point, and even if it was obvious they were illegals. I found that out after filing a complaint with the state after one instance where I saw a van drop off a group of 13 of them with their milk jugs for water bottles about a mile before it, and then observed them circle around inside King Ranch, avoiding the checkpoint and getting onto the bus about a mile or two past it. They would travel on to Corpus Christi or Houston and get dispersed from there all around and over the country. I had not believed the bus company when they informed me about it, but I couldn’t stop it. It happened that way all the time, several times a day – and that was only one method and at one checkpoint.

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