We are all Nazis Now


The lunatic left isn’t just calling everyone who disagrees with its insane lies by the smear word “Nazi,” but is also successfully assaulting people and destroying property, without any arrests being made by police.

Meanwhile, the incitement to assassinate President Trump has come from a significant number of very visible people in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Where will it end? When the president employs the weapons at his disposal to stop it. And when the white man says ENOUGH.

Excerpt from Takimag.com

I guess calling everyone a “racist” doesn’t work anymore. If it did, Trump would have lost.

As a result, we are all Nazis now.

Milo Yiannapoulos is a gay Jew who can’t seem to go more than five minutes without mentioning that he loves sucking black cock. He has openly and repeatedly disavowed white nationalism, especially the “14/88” crowd.

Doesn’t matter. Posters preceding his recent appearance in Denver tagged him as a “Nazi” and encouraged punching him.

When he attempted to speak last week at UC Berkeley—which abandoned any pretense of supporting free speech long ago—a violent riot erupted, and authorities canceled the speech. Fires were set, windows were smashed, a female Trump supporter was maced while doing a TV interview, and Trump supporters were beaten unconscious in the streets. There was a million dollars in property damage yet only one arrest—for misdemeanor failure to disperse rather than, you know, felony assault or felony rioting.

While condemning the riots, California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom smeared Milo as a “white supremacist.”

As of February 3, at least 12,000 calls to assassinate Trump had been logged on Twitter. So far, the Secret Service has visited a grand total of two people over the threats. London Times columnist India Knight has openly called for Trump’s assassination. So has Ted Kornblum, CEO of a guitar amplifier company. Last week an Irish magazine called Village featured a cover with crosshairs focused on Trump’s temple and the headline “Why Not.” Rapper Big Sean recently cut a track where he talks of murdering Donald Trump with an icepick. The publisher of Germany’s Die Zeit suggested “Murder in the White House; as an effective method of taking out Trump. CNN produced a fantasy video where Trump gets assassinated.

There is a peculiar sadism at the very root of the leftist mindset, one made all the more foul because it’s buried underneath a fraudulent veneer of compassion and tolerance. There has been next to zero violence coming from the right, but leftists are justifying all their mob violence by saying Nazis want to exterminate everyone, so they’re just preemptively preventing another genocide. That’s a transparently false excuse, and they’d be hard-pressed to point to a single person they’ve attacked who advocates violence, but I realized only a few years ago that truth and facts simply do not matter to these cultists. But when it comes to violence, they should be very careful what they ask for.

There are laws against rioting. There are RICO laws. There are laws against assault. There are laws against destroying property. There are laws against blocking someone’s forward progress. There are laws against sedition and domestic terrorism. I hope the Trump Administration bulldozes these assholes with those laws. He even suggested defunding UC Berkeley, which currently milks federal funds for more than half of their revenue.

In contrast to Berkeley’s “stand down” orders to police during the riots, 231 people were charged with felony rioting in DC on Inauguration Day. If found guilty, I would like to see these “black bloc” assholes put away, where they’ll be forced to deal with a “black bloc” who hates their guts merely for their skin color. I would love to be a fly on the wall when a scrawny rich white “anarchist” inmate tries explaining to his cellmate, a member of the Black Guerrilla Family, about how he empathizes with his cause and has been fighting racism all his life.

11 thoughts on “We are all Nazis Now

  1. Militant Marxists always have their labels. Now they attempt to turn to violence. They would have in any case sooner or later, but they need to be disbanded and eradicated while they are not strong enough to be an overtly major danger. They can call true American people NAZI if they want to, but if they try a laying on their hands, they will find real Fighting Irish, Germans and others to chase them back into their international Marxist dens.

    Here is a story you will want to see, Paladin. The New York Times, owned by the rich Mexican jew, Carlos Slim, seems to have been possibly buying click-views, or having some type of artificial traffic from China, to prop up their numbers in order to sell their ads to subscribers who think that their traffic is legitimate and is from the US. It makes them look like they have a strong and growing subscriber base when they are, or may be, actually losing ground. I haven’t studied the data deeply enough to say more than that, and the site is having trouble downloading fully to my machine, but one of the charts showed a heavy percentage of increase for China to them, but not to other papers listed for a certain time period.


    • A while back I saw an article on how bloggers could buy clicks. I think it’s fairly common with some of the big, less ethical sites. I believe clicks cost about a penny a piece, coming from he Philippines, as I recall.

      • I think it is less than one cent each in Eastern Europe. An old age Ukrainian pensioner gets just over $1 a calendar day from his Govt. 100 clicks per day would be a fortune to such a person. Many of them would not have a computer, but most could use a computer belonging to their kids or grandchildren. Maybe Ukraine can have a click led recovery. Does this absurd activity count as GDP? Probably yes. A lot of GDP as measured in the West is utter bullsh.

  2. “Doesn’t matter. Posters preceding his recent appearance in Denver tagged him as a “Nazi” and encouraged punching him.”

    They’re just trying to discredit the opposition and also build a controlled opposition. If they call someone they control a nazi and promote him over anyone else, then what he says and believes will be perceived as the movements says and believes. At least for the TV/mass media sheeple in any case.

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  4. Trump needs to stop being a nice guy. He should have chosen David Trump for VP, if that is legal or possible. I wonder if he could still do this? This would reduce the chances of Trumps assassination a great deal.

    Trump should close down the CIA and get the FBI to charge any US citizen advocating the assassination of the President. A few jail terms of say 6 months would stop others. Force Facebook to cooperate with lawmakers following up on these death threats.

    Anyone that threatens on Facebook to kill either cops or Muslims is immediately arrested.

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