Tampon Terrorist Arrested: Fat, Ugly Feminist Shoved Bloody Maxi Pad in Pro-Life Protester’s Mouth

I reserve the words “fat and ugly” for feminists only. I wish I could double down on this one.


A woman in Ashland, Oregon, who allegedly assaulted a pro-life activist by shoving a wet sanitary napkin into his mouth has been arrested.

Valerie Starushok, 21, approached the pro-life activist on January 27, the day of the March for Life, in front of a Planned Parenthood facility and “struck him in the face with a wet sanitary napkin,” says an Ashland police report. Starushok also allegedly yelled profanities at the activist as the video shows:

Eat this [expletive] pad, you c**k face!” Starushok allegedly shouted at the activist.

The pro-life activist is heard in the video saying he would have to call police. The activist said the woman caught him off-guard and “shoved her bloody maxi pad into [his] mouth.”

NBC affiliate KOBi5 reports Starushok turned herself in to police and was lodged in the Jackson County jail on one count of harassment.

The ugly turdette needs to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon if she’s got any diseases. Or simple assault otherwise.

There’s more pictures and commentary in this two minute video. I left a triggering comment on youtube: Gass this Jew. I’m not sure that’s wise, but she’s such a good example of Jewish contempt for Christians, why not?

4 thoughts on “Tampon Terrorist Arrested: Fat, Ugly Feminist Shoved Bloody Maxi Pad in Pro-Life Protester’s Mouth

  1. That is a human biological substance. In New Zealand if youths spit at cops they are automatically charged with attempted grievous bodily harm. Spit can carry nasty diseases.
    So could that slut’s pad.

      • If it was the other way around and the pro lifer shoved something (oh lets say a communion after) in the fat feminazis mouth he’s be up on attempted murder charges.

        The Bible does hint that the time will come when darkness is light and light darkness, sour is sweet etc etc. We seem to be in those times now when no one will listen to sound doctrines.

        I’m sure that many others who frequent this blog notice that these enlightened, scholarly, moral high ground sjws cannot complete a sentence with half to 3/4 of the words being f*** this f*** that.

        My dear old Dad abhorred profanity and during the 60s when profanity became common, he said that profanity and foul language is a strong way of expressing a weak mind.”

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