#Pizzagate: Are Nationwide Arrests Taking Place? New DHS Commercial With Pizza Shop


This post is made up of three videos that have appeared recently, all speculating that Donald Trump is draining the American swamp of pedophiles. Only when we see some big name arrests, such as Anthony Weiner, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and John Podesta, will the real culprits be removed from society. Right now, it appears that the spate of recent arrests are small timers.

Hundreds of pedos across the USA are being arrested.

Published on Feb 9, 2017

One of the claims made by #pizzagate researchers is that arrests will start taking place. Since then, there has been a string of busts in America and Haiti. Is this all a coincidence?

Some links to pedophile arrests:

John McCain’s manager arrested for molestation. Colorado Independent

752 arrests nationwide: abc7chicago

Former deputy arrested on child porn charges: abc13

Haiti: Reuters

Skip through the commercial at the beginning.

Published on Feb 6, 2017

Donald Trump is keeping his promises, now going after the disgusting pedophile elite that have had control of our nation.

BF – MB – TK – DF – JM – LG

Hmmmmmm wonder who they are?

Published on Feb 7, 2017

If anyone had any questions about Donald Trump’s commitment to doing God’s work on earth – and especially here in America – wonder no more.

I believe President Trump is committed to tackling THE most difficult of problem of them all – THE problem at the core of how crooked politicians are controlled – through pedophilia.

Don’t worry, this will NOT be an X-Rated report. And do know that I prayed fervently about whether or not to publish this report.

Pedophilia; I don’t even like saying the word. Evil surrounds it.
The abusing of innocent children as just another subset of prostitution? Difficult to imagine; impossible to justify.

But it’s time now. We will never have a better chance to defeat this horror that I now believe exists and is institutionalized as a way to control powerful people to support evil’s political agenda with the ultimate unspeakable prostitution ring.

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7 thoughts on “#Pizzagate: Are Nationwide Arrests Taking Place? New DHS Commercial With Pizza Shop

  1. Something I have been personally following since the early 90s. Anyone remember the “Finders”? They were a group of child kidnappers working for an international corporation that smuggled high end children around the world for big bucks. The Dade County police had to pass the dossier to the FBI when they found a warehouse with ritual murder rooms, computer labs, telexes with order forms from every country on earth, and a million dollars in gold bullion in duffle bags. The CIA then came in and “The Finders” disappeared. I believe this happened in the late 80s, and I have been obsessed with this industry ever since… It can be argued that children’s flesh is the currency that the Elite use at the top of the food chain. It is more valuable than gold and money; and most likely has something to do with Qi. We are dealing with Satanists. Our ruling elite believe in something, and they have been incentivized to continue believing in this something—whatever it freaking is…

  2. Just lost a lot of typing, did Satan do it? I hate that, and really should use Word and cut and paste here. Plus the spell checker here is awful.

  3. I saw that same report on BS’s channel. BS… haha. No BS there.

    Did I introduce you to (((Bill Still))) or did you already know of him? I can’t remember.

    Bill is the closest thing to an innocent Jew, if such a thing exists. He and Beth are Reagan-conservative Christians. His documentaries The Money Masters (1996) and The Secret of Oz (2009) are excellent examples of his work. Bill speaks very well and one can learn to speak better through this man (not surprising since he’s obviously of Jewish blood). He has only improved since opening his YouTube channel.

    I like (((The Still Report))), and I don’t like many non-Jew-wise Jews. Or maybe he is racially awakened, since his favorite topic is the Jewish end-game surrounding the potential economic collapse of the world.

    Uncharacteristically for his tribe, Bill uses his Jewish gifts only for good. Beth and Bill Still are genuine and honest people, as far back as I could research. They’re most likely on our side.

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