Inspirational Proverb of the Day: One by Native Americans

When you start looking at American proverbs, according to Google’s results, all the wisdom of the continent was created by Native Americans and African-Americans. Curious, that!

6 thoughts on “Inspirational Proverb of the Day: One by Native Americans

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  2. It is almost invariably women spruiking these bullshine quotes. Just check what people put on your newsfeed on Fecesbook and you will see what I mean. All this stuff about being positive. E.g. a lard arse woman constantly posts things about positivity – yet she can not stop stuffing her face with food. So much for the power of positive thinking.

    The card is from emilysquotes which fits my idea. White women speak with forked tongue, just to raise a few bucks from suckers!

    The image is silly, like a pamphlet from the Mormons (multiracial heaven with actual lambs and lions side by side). Buffalo do not like or trust injuns at all. What animal wants to be hunted, killed, eaten and their hide used for shoes and tents? The buffalo is likely to butt that injun in to the ravine. No red injun would turn his back on a buffalo.

    The genuine quotes you will never get to hear from indigenous peoples are probably very brief and often very cruel. Most of all, indigenous tribes hated each other much more than the invading white man, or black man as in South Africa. New Zealand was a rare case where the Maori tribes teamed up.
    Abos and injuns were both too stupid to do that.

  3. The poem Desiderata was written by a AshkeNazi Jew in 1927, Max Ehrmann. In the 1970s there was a widespread fraud selling posters with this crap, claiming that this bullsh was found on the wall of a Church In New England and was a couple of hundred years old.

    Desiderata is hippie shit written long before the (((hippies))) did their thing. If you read it carefully, it is a blueprint for whites to be passive and accept what is going on. No Jew would follow this nonsense – Jews only write this stuff and distribute it to the goys.

    Here is National Lampoons take:

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