12 Elite Soldiers are Hiding in This Photo: Can You Spot Them?

Click on the above photo to enlarge it. Study it. See if you can spot the camouflaged British soldiers, 12 in all.

Once you think you’ve got them spotted, then click on the “continue reading” button below to see the 12 chaps circled.

The story of the photo can be read at metro.co.uk.

Click on the photo below to see the circled soldiers more clearly.

How many were you able to spot?

9 thoughts on “12 Elite Soldiers are Hiding in This Photo: Can You Spot Them?

  1. TBH, the first picture is rather small and not that clear and even in the last one where they’re circled they’re not that noticeable, not all, but a lot of them.

    • You can click on either pic. When I do so each picture fills my 15 inch laptop screen. I could only spot a few of them even with the first picture enlarged. I guess if I were an enemy soldier they would have blown me away.

      • well i have a 24 inch screen and 1080p. not that big of a resolution, but the images were small and kinda hard to spot. i don’t think i got more than 3-4 on the normal image and maybe 7-8 on the one where they are circled. couldn’t tell if there were any soldiers otherwise

  2. Found 3 helmets. After carefully examining the enlargement that fills my 24 inch screen, without and with the circles, it’s impossible for untrained civilians to say with 100% certainty there’s anything there except flora. I even used a magnifying glass.

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