Why Dindu Pupils are Suspended in Dangerous Charlotte, North Carolina

Colin Flaherty’s analysis of black violence in one public school system in America.

Some comments from youtube showing disgust with an out-of-control black race:

My daughter is a first grade teacher in a bad neighborhood there …..she says the 5 and 6 year old kids are very disrespectful , violent and sexual suggestive in many of the kids ….she is leaving after one school year .

White teachers are stupid trying to stop black teens from killing each other.

I live in Fayetteville NC. I have lived from Hawaii to Florida. The black women here are so very racist towards white women. There are local stores of name brand clothing I will not ever shop in again in Raeford and Fayetteville . Blatant rudeness by employees at our local Rue 21. It is a shame.

ONE of the reasons is that low IQ people have a very short fuse. If your IQ is hovering around 84/85, it will take literally no to modest significance to trigger the person. Aggression and violence are directly at 85. Semi-rigorous self-control/discipline is not taught by the parent who herself has no filter and no comprehension. Pity those kids! They will end up in jail. When you look at their faces when they are standing in a courtroom in their orange jumpsuits, you know that there is nothing going on inside that head. It is the same tedious merry-go around of Mom popping out another kid to add to her brood, and three-quarters of them will be jailbait. I call for birthcontrol for all low IQ people.

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