Unceasing Turmoil is the Democrat Party’s Goal Now

I don’t know the source of the above revelations about the Democrat party. I saw it on Microchip’s Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Unceasing Turmoil is the Democrat Party’s Goal Now

  1. Turmoil and continual pressing of the buttons to the left has been the Democrats role for many years. The supposed “conservatives” within the higher echelons [Rockefeller Republicans] of the Republican Party have always followed their lead, moving their base further leftward so that “conservatism” in America now looks like far left communism from earlier viewpoints.

    Each time the Democrats moved further leftward – so did the Republicans, all while abandoning their true conservatives in the process. That has been a repeated strategy among both “Party’s” [working as one] for at least 40 years. They have worked together as one to invoke that strategy, and the media uses a similar process to keep each cycle in the repetition moving ever leftward.

    America has years of indoctrination to attempt a recovery from.

    Here, at least, is some good news for all of us here at Saboteur’s.

    More bad news for the Soros channel – Netflix is crashing.

    Terrible news for the race-baiting Netflix Series “Dear White People.”

    First, their writer stupidly tweets “F&ck White People” and got destroyed, and NOW they are getting destroyed in their ratings, with over ONE MILLION dislikes on Youtube.

    More explanation at the link, and as one commenter there said:

    “Remember When…….. 8 Track Tapes = NETFLIX………..So Done……. Toast !”


    • Great observation about how they pushed us to the left. I used to tell my students I was a Reagan Republican until I realized that aside from his patriotic talk and a few other things, he was too far left for me. Picking Bush as his VP almost cost him his life.

    • Marxism 101. Used to be called “Agitprop.” Saul Alinsky reformed it. These Jewish agents bringing down the West have been at it for 2 centuries now; they got it down to a science…

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  3. Paladin, I left some links with comments which I bungled and some links at your post below, which you will want to see.


    Yes, I agree with you. The leadership of both Party’s are heavily controlled, and there’s really not a dimes difference between them. They each have their assigned role which they play and their real job is to provide theater for a cover as NeoCon and Extreme Capitalist jewry steals our country away, and networking jewry uses our military force for the jew’s battering ram against the rest of the world, especially against those whom Israel deems to be either an enemy or an easy target for international jewish money-making scams. We are providing World Communism to the entire world, while our people are being told that we are fighting against communism. American blood is being needlessly spilled in order to do that. That is why they are so intent upon propagandizing our American people. That is why Americans are no longer taught that wars should not be fought except for vital American interests.

    Instead, we have the intense propaganda that “Israel is our friend”, even when they murder our own military men as happened with USS Liberty, or try to create false-flags to involve us in wars for jewish interests having nothing to do with America’s vital national interests.

    • Actually, that “fighting against communism” has more recently been replaced with “terrorism” – replacing the old tem communism. It is jew-guided America who, along with Israel, who are creating the conditions for terrorism and instigating the wars overseas, and the globalist jew corporations and financiers are making sure that the victims from the wars they create are miraculously transported into America and Europe to compete against the better quality, but higher-priced, White American workers. The jews use those immigrants, who are more imported than actual “immigrants” once they are imported here to split our former White country and our citizens so that jewry will have secure positions within and over our society.

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