Richard Spencer’s Mentor Paul Gottfried Explains the Left’s Permanent Outrage and Their Hatred of Us

BERKELEY, 1960s.


The women’s marches, the topless protests, the riots wherever MILO speaks, the violence toward Trump supporters–all this and more will NEVER stop unless modern Marxism is totally eradicated from the West.

Hell, the weak Republicans in America don’t have a clue about how to fight Marxist tyranny because they’ve bought into Marxist egalitarianism.

(((Paul Gottfried))), the original mentor to Richard Spencer, explains the tactics of today’s Marxists:

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

There is no way that the Left can retreat from what it has achieved in transforming society without the entire edifice of change being imperiled. This corresponds to Trotsky’s formula that if the revolution is made to retreat from stage D to stage C, then the entire march toward the new society could be reversed. Therefore the march out of the gloomy repressive past must be continued unconditionally, and any retreat from it is tantamount to counterrevolution — or in the leftist fear-mongering phrase, having women forced to have abortions in back alleys, re-imposing racial segregation, and jailing homosexuals. This kind of thinking makes perfectly good sense if one begins with the assumption that one is in an “all or nothing” situation. It also doesn’t matter that President Obama stopped flights to the U.S. from Iraq in 2011 or that Bill Clinton spoke in a State of the Union address in 1994 about stopping the presence of illegals in the U.S. Nor should we notice that Donald Trump’s predecessor opposed gay marriage at the time he was elected to the presidency. It is our duty to protect whatever revolution is underway in its most advanced state. Any retreat from the present into the past, even the recent past, should be seen as an attempt to undo every bit of Progress that’s been gained until now.

Anyone who threatens the still fragile, reversible process of change must be dehumanized. There can be no honest disagreements with those who either by design or because of dangerous ignorance are working against “hope and change.” One is, therefore, justified in condemning these reactionaries as the lowliest and most malevolent of beings. Like the Communists, the current Left, particularly in Western Europe, characterizes its opponents as “fascists.” Note that for the old Left, “fascism” had a quasi-scientific meaning. It referred to the defenders of a form of late capitalism, which had already reached a point of mortal crisis. “Fascists” repressed socialist revolution by creating right-wing nationalist dictatorships. In the process, phony “fascist” revolutionaries drove real leftist revolutionaries underground.

For the multicultural Left, by contrast, the once meaningful Marxist term “fascist” has been reduced to a smear. It now signifies those the Left is combatting, that is, those who disagree with all or some aspect of the Left’s social agenda. Those who oppose this agenda may or perhaps should be attacked as Nazis and even Holocaust-deniers (which an acquaintance of mine recently called me for voting for Donald Trump). If the people under attack don’t deny Nazi crimes explicitly, their view of “social justice” is so hopelessly negative that presumably, they would have enthusiastically endorsed Hitler. What else should one think of someone who is trying to push us back into the Dark Ages, perhaps as far back as 2008?

Before I read this piece, I had slowly come to the conclusion that the war on the white race, the war on decency, the war on tradition, and so forth would not stop short of an ethnic cleansing of the leftist Jews (Soros, his puppets and his puppet masters, etc.) who foment agitation and control the press, using it for some really ludicrous propaganda.

Buckle your seat belts because the insanity from the left has NOT reached peak insanity yet.

9 thoughts on “Richard Spencer’s Mentor Paul Gottfried Explains the Left’s Permanent Outrage and Their Hatred of Us

  1. “Trotsky’s formula that if the revolution is made to retreat from stage D to stage C, then the entire march toward the new society could be reversed.”

    This (((IQ95))) thinking is why the Soviet Union was a failure. Mistakes were never admitted and those that pointed them out would be executed as counter revolutionaries or German spies etc.. So moving to Stage D and Stage E usually made things worse and not better.

    Things that worked very well like the New Economic Plan (NEP) were wrongly said by the (((Commie rat bosses))) to be failures and ended about 1928 or so. The leader of that brilliant idea was later executed in the bullshit show trails of 1938, Bukharin (not a Jew). The NEP allowed some private enterprise and it worked too well!

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  3. “If the people under attack don’t deny Nazi crimes explicitly, their view of “social justice” is so hopelessly negative that presumably, they would have enthusiastically endorsed Hitler.”


    Seriously though, it’s kinda right, these libtards and the (((people))) behind them won’t stop for anything short of destroying our race.

  4. No one can deny that this petition linked below against George Soros, “Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros”, is something which has long been needed. Despite being deficient in listing the many treacherous wrongs committed by Soros, this is a petition which needs to take hold and to have results. It may just be the start that has been so long needed to set America, and perhaps the rest of the world, on the path which is richly deserved.

    It “Needs 92,954 signatures by February 20, 2017 to get a response from the White House”, which really isn’t long enough to have the momentum which is needed. The leftists have an easier time to get these petitions through speedily because they are organized into activist networks and guided in their activities, whereas normal and regular Americans are usually activated on an individual basis. Can you think of a project which is more needed for our cooperative individual American efforts? Another one more clearly worded, and with a longer time range, would be better, but this is the one which is there now.

    Another problem of the past is that true Americans have been taught, through disregard by leftist led administrations, that their voices will go unheeded. It is time that was turned around, too. That will take a renewed involvement by all of us of White America, and a commitment to continue with a renewed hope so long as Trump is performing for us. The days of the “Silent Majority” are over, and we need to reverse the trend of swiftly becoming a minority within our own country.

    “George Soros is a menace to the free world and stands in the way of making America great again. He is guilty of the following crimes:

    1) Financially supports open sedition in major American cities resulting in millions of dollars of property damage as well as loss of life.

    2) Attempts to manipulate democratic elections by donating millions of dollars to his preferred candidates.

    3) Seeks to curtail American sovereignty. In his own words: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States … Changing [the] attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority.”

    4) Is a currency manipulator. Soros initiated a British financial crisis by dumping 10 billion sterling, forcing the devaluation of the currency and gaining a billion-dollar profit.

    You can sign the petition here [at the link below].
    Link obtained at:

  5. “Stop Operation Soros’ movement begins in Macedonia”

    “A new initiative, Stop Operation Soros (SOS), dedicated to countering the influence of American billionaire activist George Soros, has been launched in Macedonia.

    In a press conference on Tuesday, the founders of the group called on all “free-minded citizens,” regardless of ethnicity or religion, to join them in the “fight against one-mindedness in the civil sector, which is devised and led by George Soros,” the Vecer newspaper reported. The movement says it will first focus on uncovering ‘subversive’ activities by Soros-funded NGOs.
    Soros and his foundations have come under scrutiny elsewhere as well. In an interview with the internet portal in December, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that 2017 would bring about “the extrusion of George Soros and the forces symbolized by him.” Orban has accused Soros of undermining European borders and values by helping facilitate the flow of refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East and elsewhere. During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange also blasted the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, funded by Soros, for focusing “exclusively on negative stories about Russia and former Soviet states.”

    • Besides BLM, Soros has been busy funding other violent militant leftist groups. We learn that Soros was also supporting these: “Who Funded The Group Behind The Protest At Milo’s Berkeley Event?,

      “The group’s biggest donors is the Tides Foundation, which is a non-profit funded by billionaire progressive George Soros. AfGJ received $50,000 from Tides. The city of Tucson and the United Steel Workers labor union are some of the biggest donors.”

      • “Undercover journalist James O’Keefe’s organization has published numerous undercover videos this year showing that Soros-backed organizations in America have been responsible for all sorts of riots, protests, and illegal behavior during the 2016 election cycle. Based on that it would be silly not to think the Antifa in America- like those protesting the last two days in Washington- are, to significant degree paid for directly by Soros and his ilk.

        Similarly, we have this ‘Women’s March’, which has been shown to have similar roots.”

      • It thern should be possible to both prosecute these groups criminally, such as Tides, and also to sue for compensation. If the damage is $1 million, the sponsor groups should pay the entire $1 million.
        It should be,and probably is, unlawful to fund any violent demonstration in a free country. Funding any demonstration at all is anti democratic and common in shithole Third World countries. If people must be paid to attend then the demonstration is fake. The media reports all demonstrations as real. Though they ignore all protests which are pro right or pro life or anti Coon etc.

  6. Here’s The Full List Of The 231 People Arrested At The #Inauguration Riots In DC”.

    These Antifa thugs are internationally trained leftist terrorists who were trained in communist subversive techniques which were honed in Europe, and probably supported there by Soros and other jewish leftists. They are treasonous recruiters of young people whom they indoctrinate into violence. They need to be treated for being what they are – agents of foreign philosophy which are clear dangers to American people who are exercising their true rights under a system of freedom.

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