Rape Me — Emily Youcis (Video)


Emily Youcis is the White Nationalist, politically incorrect girl who was fired from her job hawking peanuts at Phillies baseball games because of her views. I did a post on the story of her termination. I also did a post on how she got Gavin McInness to almost say the 14 words.

In this video she sings. The words are pro-white and will enrage feminists.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Feb 3, 2017

A fashy parody of Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me.” Written by Great Ape Niggy and Psycho Sacco, performed by Emily Youcis.


Right Wing Death Squads please come quickly
We need White Sharia real, real bad
Rape, rape, rape the childless Left
Put on your jackboots and come rip off my dress
Rape me
Give me your Alpha baby
Breed me
Make me your war bride whore
Oh please teleport in
I really want White Space Marine White Sharia Rape Gangs
To rape me
Fill me with your based master seed
Give me Aryan Alpha babies
Save me from my stupid self
I’m just a clueless THOT and I need your help


3 thoughts on “Rape Me — Emily Youcis (Video)

    • I don’t particularly like that aspect of it. I had this thing in my drafts for a week and then finally decided to post it. Emily Youcis likes to do crazy things. Good for her. We need her on our side.

      • Its being ironic for the most part goys. Still gave me a boner though. And even the notorious feminist Germaine Greer admits that rape plays a role in many womens sexual fantasies. Just saying

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