Musician Temporarily Suspended from Twitter for Punch a Nazi in the Face Video

Twitter is a leftist cesspool, also frequented by wacky blacks looking for attention.

If someone posted a video “How to punch a Nigger in the face,” that person would be permanently banned.

I’ve never heard of the so-called musician in this story. Do you know of Thor Harris?

The Independent

Thor Harris was briefly banned from Twitter this week after he posted a video tutorial where he demonstrated how to ‘punch a Nazi’.

The musician and former Swans member was seen describing what to do if a person found themselves in a situation where they felt the need to resort to physical violence.

“Punching a Nazi… or any other member of the Republican party… don’t do it,” Harris says in the video. “Peaceful protest is better. But if you have to do it, please get someone to film it.”

Harris then proceeded to demonstrate how to throw a proper punch.

The video was reported by some Twitter users and caused the social media platform to temporarily suspend Harris’ account.

In solidarity, Californian band Xiu Xiu reposted the video to their own Twitter account, writing: “Dear friend Thor Harris was suspended from Twitter for posting this how-to punch Nazis in the face video. Here you go!”

Harris’ Twitter account was since reinstated, and he thanked fans for their support.

The ‘Punch a Nazi’ meme began after a video of white nationalist Richard Spencer being punched at Donald Trump’s inauguration was shared hundreds of thousands of times across the internet.

As a result of the incident, people began sharing images of famous fictional American heroes – including Captain America and Indian Jones – punching Nazis in the face.

The sheep like this.

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