Sob Story I: First Illegal Mexican to be Deported Under Trump’s Policy Draws Protests and Nationwide Attention

This story is breaking like wildfire on every major news outlet as midnight central time approaches.

Mexicans have been stirred up in Phoenix, Arizona, by the order to deport an illegal Mexican woman with a felony conviction, a husband, and two children in the States.

To clarify the title of this post, it’s not entirely clear that Guadelupe Garcia de Rayos is truly the first to be deported under President Trump’s executive order, but symbolically she’s the face of Trump’s allegedly cruel policy of breaking up families.

The rest of her brood would have no trouble joining her in Mexico, but it’s a pretty safe bet that’s not going to happen. This is only the first of many sob stories that will be coming out of the media, portraying El Presidente Trump as a mean man.


PHOENIX – Protests erupted in Phoenix Wednesday morning, when a Valley woman was ordered to be deported after showing up for a routine immigration check.

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was arrested in 2009 for impersonation as part of a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office raid. She was charged with a felony, but her attorneys say that raid was later ruled unconstitutional.

Court documents obtained by ABC15 also show Garcia had previously been ordered to self-deport.

Garcia reported for a regular check-in with Immigration Customs Enforcement Wednesday morning, but never came out.

According to Garcia’s attorney, she is now facing deportation as part of President Trump’s executive order focused on removing undocumented immigrants with a history of arrests.

Garcia’s husband and teenage children joined protesters outside ICE headquarters, as the family now faces being separated.

“I’d ask him ‘why he would want to take her from me?’ She hasn’t done anything wrong and I’m not scared of him,” said Garcia’s daughter Jaqueline, of what she would ask President Trump if she could.

Garcia’s attorneys say they are trying to buy the Valley mother more time in the U.S., but no one knows for sure how that will work. Garcia is among, if not the first, Arizonan to be deported under the President’s new executive order.

“It’s extremely disappointing to walk in with a beautiful loving and caring human being like Guadalupe and not be able to walk out with her,” said Ray Ybarra Maldonado, Garcia’s attorney. “She is stronger than I am, when she heard she was going to be taken in, she took a deep breath asked what the next step that would happen and she went into custody.”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released the following statement in regards to Garcia’s case:

Ms. Garcia De Rayos is currently being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) based on a removal order issued by the Department of Justice’s Executive Office for Immigration Review which became final in May 2013. Relevant databases indicate Ms. Garcia De Rayos has a prior felony conviction dating from March 2009 for criminal impersonation.

19 thoughts on “Sob Story I: First Illegal Mexican to be Deported Under Trump’s Policy Draws Protests and Nationwide Attention

  1. We’ll see a lot more false sympathy but it is curious how they never have sympathy for the working class Whites who pay the big gets economic price of the taco bender invasion

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  3. One little thing about mexiturds and other latrine lifeforms is they use extreme overacting to their advantage; wailing in some 3rd world monkey babble, wild flailing about and beating of breasts gets the attention of the controlled talmud mass media where they air it in endless loops until the dumbed down goy fall to their knees and repent of being white.

    There are many jewtube ans worldstarflipflop vidoes out there where some negro rapist/murderer/butcher has just been sentenced and 3 generations of his ghetto homies storm the courthouse, totally disrupting the trail, but the (((corporate))) media will always spin these courtroom chimpouts to the groids advantage.

    • Bingo. When I first moved to San Antonio I heard a family of Messcans screaming in K-Mart about their baby. I thought it had been killed by a falling shelf or something. It was just the typical overreaction you describe. Nothing of importance had happened. The baby wasn’t spouting blood or anything. I think it pooped in its diaper or whatever.

  4. Why do these morons announce they are deporting someone? Deport them back to Tacoville then hold a press conference to tell everyone the process has begun! No one knew this Burrito Baker existed until they were tossing her ass out. If she had been deported without fanfare she’d still be an unknown and no crowd smelling like chili powder would’ve shown up! In fact, check the crowds creds and see if you can find her company for the long ride home!

    • Most Government workers are left wing. I.e. Democrat voters. So they woudl have leaked like a sieve to the Jewsmedia. Also the choice of a woman would have been deliberate to make Trump look bad. They could have chosen a male murderer due for release from prison – but no, that was never going to happen. Many such men would have been deported under Obama with no fanfare at all.

      So all in all this deportation was an obvious libturd stunt to make Trump look bad. He needs to kick arse and fire whoever chose this woman to be first cab off the rank.

      Trump needs to deport a minimum 1000 illegal Mexicans a day. If he does that they still will be having more babies than deportations! Without the babies, it would take 30 years minimum to get them all out. So, 10,000 a day is a better target if Trump wants to get things done. Bring back the Army from 80 or so countries and get them arresting Mexican illegals and taking them to the border.

      “One deportation is a tragedy, one million is a statistic”. paraphrased from “Uncle” Joe.

      The reverse applies too – the media always show refugees as women and children, not the reality of the 90% plus young adult males, ready for action of any kind except work.

      • Thanks
        Trying to figure out if my son in law should take a position there

        Mostly trying to figure out how hard it would be for them to find a place to rent that takes pit bulls
        Everything else is easy to pull off the Internet but so far no resources on the bully breed front

      • If he would be working on the north side of San Antonio, he should consider looking at the map of the area.

        There are small towns near SA where life is better. Check out Boerne, Comfort, Welfare, all of them along or near I-10. I’m less familiar with U.S. 281 and the outlying communities there.

        My house before it burned down was along I-10 near the Fair Oaks community (high buck). That area was semi rural back when I moved in. Now, it’s traffic, fast food joints, big apartment complexes and all the things I hate about cities. I stick to the small town where I currently live and rarely go into San Antonio anymore because of the traffic.

        If you have more specific questions, I will try to answer them. I’m mostly familiar with the “north west” area, but also have explored other parts of the city. Certain Mexican areas you avoid at all costs as there’s lots of crime.

      • He would be going to work at that Samsung plant in North East Austin.

        In general it would be a good area for my daughters personal training buiness but statistics don’t really show much for quality of life

  5. well, its a start… make it 1 million tho and then we’ll be getting something done! Typical (((media))) ; proposing a felon as a victim and getting the snowflakes all in a wad. The only justice is that the snowflakes are losing their jobs and daughters to the brown tidal wave of criminals! However, the innocent – i.e. the rest of us – suffer too. 😦

  6. 1 [one] down and twenty million or so to go. It won’t take that long. Those illegals can leave just as fast as they came in, and hopefully much, much faster. Just let the American people do it!

    We would have done it long ago except that the Feds made clear that they would have massively fired upon us. I can remember when almost everyone in America was so eager and when almost no Americans supported letting them in. Raping and killing at ranches all along the Southern border was rampant, driving many ranchers away. That was as recent as the 1990’s. The Congress, and the jews who were pressuring them, just kept passing the laws to get the illegals certified as being “legal” and Americans kept rejecting them – until the illegals kept being imported in full disregard of law [that is what it really is, for the benefit of the jews and for their bigger global corporations – and to assist jewry in obtaining predominance over White American people and over our society, and even those who are termed as being “legal” often are not. The laws kept happening so often, reintroduced recurringly, that people just finally gave up for the most part on resisting it, mostly because the the globalists and the jews (samey-same for the most part) continued introducing and creating new and different problems in order to split the American people’s attention, and to further split and divide our society.

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