Proof that Russia and Iran Want War

Sourced from Washington’s Blog via Lew Rockwell

9 thoughts on “Proof that Russia and Iran Want War

  1. Indeed. How exactly Russia is the aggressor, when USA and NATO are building bases and amassing troops around it’s border is beyond me.

    • The problem I have is that for at least since the early 2000s I’ve been hearing that Iran is just around the corner from having nukes I believe that’s a lie. Anyway, Americans should not be fighting Israel’s wars for her.

      • Iran probaly does want nukes but as of right now wants to consolidate power over the other hajjis. Sometimes direct control, sometimes covert but for the next generation or so their focus is on being kings of the hajji world

        Which isn’t a call to kick the can down the road but they are longer term thinkers then the West

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  3. All those military bases. What for, where is the threat? Some future imaginary Green military which wants to stop the flow of oil and thus starve 6 billion people?
    Those maps may represent the last gasp of the power of the West. No country full of Coons can continue such an expense.
    It is necessary for the USA and its stupid white allies to retreat militarily just to feed and clothe and house all the non working Africans. Whites will have nothing else to do except feed these large cuckoos in the nest, plus the billion breeders still unlucky enough to live in Africa. Except build prisons for them and hire police, psychologists and social workers to solve all their mental issues. Plus hospitals and above all birth and baby clinics to keep the billions of blacks healthy. Forget the schools and Universities. Most blacks are too dumb to need them. Why educate people who will never work?

    Meanwhile China can take over many Western nations, and will, without a shot being fired.

    Curious to me that Iran and Russia are the baddies. (((Who))) decided this? Is China OK because it is run by Communists, i.e. a gang of thieves?

    Canada, Australia and the USA are not filling up with Russians, but with Chinese. Most Asian immigrants are ethnic Chinese, regardless of which country they come from e.g. Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines. Almost all such people immigrating to Australia are ethic Chinese – which is monoculturalism!

    Millions of Chinese are already in Australia and they will soon dominate that bleeding heart cuck nation. They will own and run it before 2100.

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