Netflix Dear White People Writer–“F*ck White People”

The upcoming Netflix show Dear White People reveals the openly hostile attitude toward the white race by the (((entertainment industry.)))

Since the trailer broke yesterday, there’s been pushback from white people who don’t like to be demonized by the Jew. As usual with these slimeballs, they denied any malevolent intent.

Then, due to the work of Internet sleuths came a direct declaration of hatred toward whites from one of the show’s writers.


Sure, this tweet is from months ago, sent in fact on the night Hillary lost (it would have likely come right after it was obvious Trump was president) but wow … this is kinda, sorta racist, right?

Jack Moore writes politics for GQ Magazine and is also a writer on the Netflix original series called, “Dear White People”.

Guessing Moore doesn’t have the most optimistic or positive opinions on white people in general.

Just a guess though.

The pushback against this sort of dangerous talk includes a call for boycotting Netflix.

The homosexual gentleman who created the show describes it as a love letter to his WHITE boyfriend. Nice trolling by muh nigga, but does the ape really think his crap is going to build a bigger audience.

The Huffington Post story on the series is essentially fake news, claiming many white writer/critics love the show.

Hey dumbass HuffPo. They’re JEWS!!!

7 thoughts on “Netflix Dear White People Writer–“F*ck White People”

  1. I believe in dialogue. I believe in hearing what people have to say. When ANY network closes it’s doors and contact info to it’spaying audience it IS time to pull the plug. I enjoyed giving ESPN some of it’s first space in the early years of Cable TV with the engineering and follow up. Now due to the racist views against my people who cannot help their lack of skin pigmentation and the open assault against those of us who did not enjoy the gay experience but are hated because we are mostly white and straight it REALLY IS time to pull the plug and hope for some peace and quiet. So Netflix is history, as is ESPN, CNN and the other paid for biased news and entertainment groups out there promoting racism and hatred with NO CHANCE for face to face learning about pain and suffering or dealing with the bad in the midst of the “good” labeling. +

    • There is no good which comes from listening to traitors who are out to destroy your country and your race, and who have proven it over long periods of time. The biggest traitors are white-skinned jews who are in opposition to everything which true Americans and real White people support and care for, which is one reason that the (((media))) is foremost in the attempt to destroy us and everything which our ancestors worked so hard to build..

  2. Let’s send a list of unacceptable costumes and bad behavior for blacks.

    Blacks whitening their skin. We’re proud of our skin colour and don’t like being mocked.

  3. I’m slow, but this is the gist of what these entertainers would have me believe: “White people owe black people. Blacks aren’t racist because they can’t “deploy.” Black comedy bashing whites is not racist, deployment nor is it a trigger. Only whites can “deploy” and only blacks are affected by “triggers”. Do I have the basics? Good. Now, I have to get back to the real world, Science Fiction is for nerds (and liberals)

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