Mississippi Considers Firing Squad for Executions

Years ago when reading the economic literature on crime, I read a good bit of research that concluded that the death penalty deters crime.

Mississippi has the death penalty. The state may also have a lot of crime, but it also has a lot of blacks, who are known to commit crimes at multiples of the white crime rate.

The question here is whether Mississippi should use firing squads to carry out executions. I would argue the state should not because using firing squads will just inflame liberals even more. I fear that the Supreme Court will rule the death penalty unconstitutional one day. Liberal states have already outlawed it.

I also fear that firing squads would encourage liberals to do more gun grabbing. Liberals have already made scarce the drugs used to effectively carry out lethal injections. That’s why Mississippi is considering firing squads.

Sky News

Death by firing squad, electrocution and gas chamber are being considered as new execution methods in Mississippi.

At present the only execution method in the state is lethal injection, but a shortage of drugs has led lawmakers to propose new options.

The bill has passed the state’s House and will now move on to the Senate for further consideration.

The proposals are a response to lawsuits claiming the substitute drugs that Mississippi plans to use would violate constitutional prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment.

The state currently has 47 people on death row, but a scarcity of the current execution drug means the last death by lethal injection was carried out in 2012.

Some inmates have spent decades awaiting execution.

There are 33 states in America with the death penalty, all of which have lethal injection as their primary method of execution.

Oklahoma and Utah also have firing squad as an option, eight states have electrocution as an option, five have gas chamber as an option, and three have hanging as an option.

Hanging would be a better alternative in my opinion.

6 thoughts on “Mississippi Considers Firing Squad for Executions

  1. I’ve read books that say death penalty doesn’t deter criminals. In some cases it has motivated criminals.
    Firing squads are kind of cool though.

  2. Bring back the rope. I suppose public crucifixion has no chance of winning popular support? People are way too soft these days.

    “scarcity of the current execution drug means the last death by lethal injection was carried out in 2012.”
    What nonsense, it is a refusal to supply by the (((drug companies))). Insulin is hugely available, and cheap, and any doctor (or nurse) could kill one of these convicts with a single injection.

    The States should retaliate against drug companies that refuse to supply these drugs for the death penalty e.g. no drugs from that company will be paid for, or subsidized. by the State for any purpose. Or cancel their business license.

    Refusal to supply the national Govt might be treason e.g. “we will not sell you drugs, rope or bullets if you might legally kill someone with them”.

    Why are Govts so soft cock?

  3. Rope is traditional, effective, inexpensive, readily available, reusable … and it comes from a sustainable source.

    My personal opinion is that a convicted criminal should be kept in prison just long enough to be cleaned up and cleaned out and then executed in a way that does as little damage to the body as possible. Once executed, the carcass should be harvested for as many transplant parts as possible. What remains should be treated as medical waste and disposed of accordingly. The execution may or may not deter other criminals but it will stop repeat offending and the transplant parts will save the lives of other citizens and probably lower the costs of the surgery. The recipients need not know the source of their transplanted organs.

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