Topless Protests in Argentina Draw Male Stares and Giggles

From slutwalks to the Women’s March on Washington, women with time on their hands are protesting something.

It’s a shitshow, tolerated by white males who have no time to stage a protest because they’re too busy working their asses off to keep the shitshow running.

Times Live

Scores of women took to the streets in Argentina Tuesday in a bare-breasted demonstration of solidarity with women recently confronted by police for going topless on a South Atlantic beach.

The demonstrations in Buenos Aires, in Mar del Plata and Rosario, were prompted by an incident two weeks ago in Necochea, 500 kilometers south of the capital.

Three women in bikini bottoms were ordered by 20 police officers to put on their tops or head out.

Many in Argentina, once one of the world’s wealthiest countries, were stunned.

Now used to struggling with economic woes and corruption, they are increasingly tired of what some see as the authorities’ overreach.

“There is this macho way of thinking that just has to end,” said a protestor named Noelia, 28, who declined to give her family name. “We are the owners of our bodies and we can show our bodies if we like. We are not consumer goods.”

As older men in suits and ties scrambled out of nearby offices during the protest, some stopped to stare. A few laughed or giggled.

“You can’t miss a chance to see a bit of tit, can you?” said one man, aged around 60, to nods from others.

“Get out, man! Get out!” some demonstrators chanted, with slogans painted on their skin in lipstick.

Some of the men took selfies with the demonstrators, perhaps not necessarily in solidarity.

The leftist politician Vilma Ripoll said, “All people want to see tits on television. The real ones bother you.”

Last July, thousands of women took part in topless protests across the country after a woman was kicked out of a public area near the capital for nursing her child, triggering widespread outrage

The white male and only the white male has the power to stop the shitshow dead in its tracks. A general strike by white males would lead not just to inconvenience but to severe consequences to women and nonwhites.

Imagine a world with no white male auto mechanics on duty, no repairmen to respond to breakdowns, no airplane pilots, no truck drivers, and so forth.

Mexican men and a few black males could take up a small part of the slack, but basically everything would stop for the duration of the strike, getting worse as time went on.

Alternatively, if women are oppressed by having to keep their clothes on, then can’t the same thing be said for men?

Let’s make our rallying cry FREE THE DICK!

Let’s start taking it out and giving it some fresh air at school, in restaurans, on street corners, in airports.


I’m joking. I hope.

9 thoughts on “Topless Protests in Argentina Draw Male Stares and Giggles

  1. Free the Dick? Damn,I can’t even take a leak at the urinal when there’s other blokes around! Funny how women can wave their stuff around without a problem. Some of then will surely give kids nightmares. ..

  2. “There is this macho way of thinking that just has to end,” said a protestor named Noelia, 28, who declined to give her family name. “We are the owners of our bodies and we can show our bodies if we like. We are not consumer goods.”

    But when a bloke whips the old fella out. CALL THE POLICE!!!! MOLESTER!!!! CREEP!!!! PERVERT!!!!!

    Even though it’s his body. I guess men are consumer goods.Oscar Wilde was right about the tyranny and it’s getting worse every day.

  3. Who cares. I support nudity. Maybe everyone will relax and not be so judgmental. The Powers That Be make money off of selling women’s bodies. This cuts into their non-righteous paycheck.


  4. These western women are begging to be raped by outsider male groups. They are testing the white male testosterone levels. It is biology. Young white men, stop being civil and give them what they want. Their DNA is saying: “Save us!” This is typical in-group testing. Give them hardline sexual grats. And Marxism will fade into the distance…

  5. Anyone recall a few years back the appallingly over-hyped “Day Without a Mexican”? Nothing of value was missed and traffic (in Southern California anyway) was spectacular!
    Anyway, I wonder how long we as the paler race would have to to catch a prolonged case of White-flu before the system started showing stress under its own weight?
    Spain seems to be benefitting well under a weak government.

    • I remember a power cut where I live and all the traffic lights stopped working.

      The traffic was amazing. Everyone just drove and there were no problems!

  6. That girl in the second last photo looks like an ugly nigger/indian/gypsy/Mexican/Bandido. She is not topless because everything is covered in paint. She has no tits at all. Look at the laughing topless man with hat in the right of the photo. He is mocking the females i think – not supporting them. Or is that actually a horribly ugly woman? Chest does look a bit feminine. Yuk.

  7. “Look at the laughing topless man with hat in the right of the photo.”

    I think that’s a woman of some kind, not a man. Look at the hips.

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