Mass Arrests of Armed Refugee Invaders in Vienna

Muslims again!

As usual, the authorities deny any terrorist motive for Muslims having weapons.

New Observer Online

Police in Austria arrested 22 Muslims from Chechnya, who were pretending to be refugees in Vienna, and seized a machine gun and two pistols in the process.

According to a report in the Krone newspaper, a large number of the fake refugees were noticed gathering in Vienna’s Floridsdorf district, late on Friday, February 3.

Local residents noticed the group on the city’s famous Danube Island, and alerted the police, who swooped on the crowd unexpectedly.

The large crowd immediately dispersed, and the police were only able to detain 22 of them.

On the spot, thrown down in the snow, police discovered the discarded weapons, along with a large knife.

All of the arrested are “refugees” from Chechnya, living off the welfare provided by the Austrian state.

Police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger told the Krone that when his “colleagues arrived at the site, the group immediately split up. Four to five men spoke directly to the police officers and told them that they were only going for a walk or to a wedding.”

The police have, however, only been able to link one of the pistols—to one of the Chechens arrested. Another Chechen was held for an unspecified immigration offence, and police were then forced to release the remaining 20 after holding them for 48 hours.

The Austrian Interior Ministry denied that the incident was terrorist-related, saying that it was “linked to criminality among the Chechens” and a brewing violent dispute over the Chechen President Ramsan Achmatovich Kadyrov.

I agree with releasing Muslims under these circumstances. At 30,000 feet over the Mediterranean Sea.

7 thoughts on “Mass Arrests of Armed Refugee Invaders in Vienna

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    • How about the Iranians? And don’t forget that the Afghans drove the Russians out with the help of American weapons.

      The differences in the variety of Muslims is not my expertise, but I have no doubt that the whiter skinned Muslims are smarter and more rational than the darker ones.

      • Way complec topic, way simple answer

        Never tangled with Iranians but my impression is they want to play like the Russians which is a great way to get most of your guys killed but they don’t have the man power etc to really do that larage scale. Plus they are a rather fractured people

        The Afghans don’t win they just don’t loose long enough and folks go home. They aren’t a threat to the West, they aren’t particularly good, but they ain’t half bad and get lucky rather often. . Russia is kind of a shit army, all strategy, great big picture thinkers, better then anyone else in the West at that stuff; they shit tactics which totally fucks their rather grand poltical and big picture stuff because they are shit at all the small stuff so it comes down to how many bodies they want to loose.

        I could “win” the Afghan war in 3 years but it would be genocidal for them, then political with limited aims

        By comparison, the West is shit at the big picture stuff but mostly get all the small stuff right. Which adds up to a huge advantage and a lot of battlefield wins. Being shit at the political and big picture stuff means the wins don’t count for much in the long run

        Which is an inherent flaw with our political systems and changing out leadership every day years or so

      • Hope that makes sense, like I said very complex topic and a quick short answer…. while both my little ones are flipping their shit over who knows what

  2. It really does look like the end of Europe as we knew it. They released these guys and didn’t even manage to arrest most of them! How crazy and suicidal is this?

    Vienna, once so beautiful, like a jewel, spotless and clean. The fairy tale like pictures I saw of it and didn’t believe were actually a reality in ’72. I was only a teen but when I saw pictures before I went I thought it couldn’t look so clean and beautiful, but it was. :-///

    I found a book of my parents on Islam and am going to start reading it slowly. It was written by a topmost authority after 9/11. There is a chapter on their hatred of America.

    Sent from my iPad Julie


  3. Chechens are bad eggs, dangerous, criminals, gangsters, killers and mercenaries (e.g. in the current Ukraine fighting). They love fighting and killing and hate going to work 9 to 5. Yet they also are genuine refugees from a war, though it is not current so far as I know. How come Sudanese, Somali, Afghan and Iraqi killers are welcome in the West, but not Chechen?
    Teensy bit of hypocrisy. maybe Chechens are too white. They are bad, but if this keeps them out why not keep out Afghans also?

    No Ukrainians are welcome in Vienna as refugees even though they have a hot war in progress. Millions of white refugees have been displaced and none of these white Christians are allowed in to Europe as refugees. Dark skin Muslims and black Africans only – “Nie Blanke”, as in the Apartheid days of S.A.

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