Foolish Mother Trashes Trump for Noting Her Daughter’s Murderer a MUSLIM



A white British mother of an Asian daughter has sent an open letter to American president Donald Trump, trashing him for observing that her daughter’s killer was a Muslim.

This poor mentally deficient woman actually defends “immigrants” as innocent, while claiming that observing their backgrounds is somehow improper.

This kind of weakness, which is especially prevalent in white women, is destroying the West. Mom had already proved herself a traitor to the West by giving birth to a mixed race child. She’s now stabbed Trump in the back, along with Western civilization a second time.

Sky News

The mother of a British backpacker who was stabbed to death in Australia has hit out at the White House for classifying her death as a “terror attack”.

Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 21, and fellow Briton Thomas Jackson died at a Queensland hostel in August, following an attack which police said was not terror-related.

However, the 21-year-old’s death has been included in a White House list of 78 “under-reported” attacks allegedly “executed or inspired by” Islamic State.

In an open letter to Donald Trump, Miss Ayliffe-Chung’s mother Rosie said she would not allow her daughter’s death “to further this insane persecution of innocent people”.

Mrs Ayliffe told Sky News: “We’ve had a letter from the head of Queensland Police saying that they’d ruled (a terror attack) out really early on.

Australian authorities lie about such things. It’s so sad that a mother would not comprehend, with all the alternative news sources available online, that the globalist agenda includes downplaying the Muslim connection to murder.

This mother should understand that her daughter was not wearing a burka, which is enough to set off some Muslims into a killing spree.

“I can’t believe they were so gung-ho about the facts. Right from the start I wasn’t prepared for her death to be used in that way.”

She added: “For me it is complete anathema that her death has been used in that way.

“I think we are at an all-time low in terms of our attitude to immigrants and to an extent I think Mia and Tom’s deaths were part of that disregard for other people and for travellers abroad.”

Frenchman Smail Ayad, 29, was charged with two counts of murder after the stabbings.

The White House published the list following claims from the President that “very dishonest press” had failed to report terror attacks across the globe.


7 thoughts on “Foolish Mother Trashes Trump for Noting Her Daughter’s Murderer a MUSLIM

  1. Sometimes i think people are more in denial than stupid. Like, they just HAVE to deny it, even in the face of facts, otherwise it would mean that their whole identity would crumble. The only way some people can cope with it, in the face of huge emotional shock (like this woman had), is to keep spouting the same thing as before, since it’s the last thing she can hold on to, otherwise she’d just break. Just imagine her actually thinking that muzzies are criminals and that she should have warned her daughter about it. Maybe she would still have survived if she was taught differently. Obviously she won’t be able to handle that.

    • Great comment. Your analysis is more reasonable than mine. I get disgusted by the weakness I see and sometimes fail to factor in the points you’re making here. I still have a strong issue with her attack on Trump, however. She could have just kept her mouth shut rather than write her open letter. Or she could have sent it privately to him.

      • I’m not saying i agree with her or that i’m not disgusted by some of them (especially of that faggot in germany i think, where his daughter was killed by an invader, but he still gathered money at her funeral for “refugees”), just that it’s a way that humans cope with loss or when their whole perception of the world for decades was wrong.
        Even the letter i can understand. She wanted to have a very strong response to trump in order to even further convince herself of her moral superiority.

  2. A quick Google of the paper headlines at the time will reveal that” a British tourist was killed in Australia by a Frenchman ” Hidden away in those articles is mentioned that the” Frenchman” yelled Allah Akbar. The distraught mother probably only sees that her girl was slaughtered by Frenchman,not a Muslim bent on Jihad. Remember a dog was also killed in the attack,and Muslims hate dogs second only to pigs(and us non believers). As mentioned above,if only she had guided her daughter about the dangers of Islam….if the daughter would listen mind you..

    • I recall seeing the story last year, but didn’t run it here. I though I recalled the “Allahu ackbar” part. It doesn’t surprise me that the media would claim the girl and what I recall as her boyfriend were killed by a French man.

      • Should have been the fucking mother. How can your ideology overcome the just love of your own daughter? This woman is scum…

  3. For your information, Mia is actually half white half Asian (hapa), not full Asian, according to most sources I see.

    In my opinion, Trump’s Muslim ban here in the US should last much longer than ninety days.

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