Anti-White Netflix Series “Dear White People” Creates Whitelash

Definition: A whitelash is a backlash by white people.

Haha. The Daily Mail reports that the short preview below has 17 times more dislikes than likes.

Make this the most disliked video on youtube. Then, cancel Neflix.

6 thoughts on “Anti-White Netflix Series “Dear White People” Creates Whitelash

  1. Re world bosses and the tip of the pyramid.
    Who pulls Soros strings?
    Who ordered Nixon to appoint the sleazy unelected Jew Kissinger as Secretary of State? (Somebody must know the answer to this, maybe Pat Buchanan does).
    Who wrote the list of 5 Jews presented to Obama to choose the new head of the “Federal” “Reserve” counterfeiting machine?

    The Rothschilds, some dude with a Masonic apron, an alien, some guy in a cave somewhere?

  2. R., Soros is a Rothschild Consortium [international jew bankers] puppet.
    David Rockefeller imported Kissinger to the US and had him placed as S of S.
    I don’t know on the list for the Fed, but I highly suspect Rothshild Consortium again.

    I had never heard about Soros being controlling shareholder of Netflix, and I never see it, but I’ll continue with my boycott of all jew media.

    I came here to give a link to Paladin if he wants it. A mixed-race mongrel below and victims unidentified.

    “Furious woman spits at baby after being asked to make way for a pram [baby stroller].

  3. I am from the deep south USA. Mississippi, no less. 55 years old and I have never seen a white person dress up like a black. Not at Halloween or any time. Ever.

    Netflix can kiss my ass. I am cancelling my subscription.

  4. Even newspapers and MSM cable outlets are bleeding with heavy losses, but they keep getting bailed out as they no longer operate for profit, but as propaganda arms for Globalist Marxism. As long as they are up and running, our people are being targeted and brainwashed…

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