Jeff Sessions Confirmed Amid Rumors Blacks and Gays Will Soon be Gassed

Jeff Sessions of the great state of Alabama is now the nation’s prosecutor.

Let the draining of the swamp commence.


The U.S. Senate voted to confirm Jeff Sessions as attorney general on Wednesday night after the contentious final hours of debate about his qualifications.

The Republican-controlled Senate voted to make the GOP senator from Alabama the United States’ top law enforcement official after a day of partisan wrangling. The chamber voted 52-47, largely along party lines, to confirm Sessions.

Sessions, 70, is an immigration hard-liner who starting serving in the Senate in 1997 and was among the first members of Congress to endorse President Donald Trump as a candidate. He previously was Alabama attorney general and a U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Alabama.

Democrats have raised concerns about racism accusations that partly cost Sessions a federal judgeship in the 1980s, as well as fears that he could try to restrict voting rights or fail to check Trump’s policies if they test the bounds of the law. Republicans have defended Sessions’ long history as a public official, arguing that he defended voting rights and saying racism accusations are unfounded.

The rule of law now has a chance to be restored. Here are some positive reactions to Jeff’s confirmation. The negative ones basically show the fear of liberals that Jeff will enforce the law.

12 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions Confirmed Amid Rumors Blacks and Gays Will Soon be Gassed

  1. This great mind has been so polarized by the Judenpresse that even in my country, women at work today were throwing tantrums about the return of concentration camps—yes, no exaggeration here. I told them simply: “Who else is willing to do such dirty work?” They ran away from me. Privilege of being a shop steward and SV at a medical facility… Ha!

      • You don’t understand the jews if you think for a second that’s going to happen. They’ve been imprisoned, expelled and slaughtered for 4,000 years yet they persist and control everything today. If we were as devoted to OUR race as they are to theirs, we could have destroyed them centuries ago. They are everything we are not.

        Can’t you see the jews are just throwing us bones, like they did when they PUT Ofuckma in office????

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