Wanted Spree Killer William Boyette Dead, Companion Mary Rice Captured

Wanted fugitive William Boyette has saved the taxpayers a significant sum of money by killing himself.

There will be no trial, no lengthy imprisonment, no visit from the hangman.

Defiant to the end, Boyette waved at the cops through the motel window where he was holed up before putting a bullet through his brain.


A multi-state killing spree that left three women dead and one still fighting for her life ended in a standoff in Georgia Tuesday evening when suspected killers William Boyette shot himself and Mary Rice was arrested.

A tip was called in around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday that the pair were spotted at the West Point Motel in West Point, Georgia and soon after, Troup County law enforcement had surrounded the building.

Deputies set up a perimeter around the hotel and just as SWAT was preparing to enter, Rice came outside and surrendered, according to Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff. Moments later deputies heard a single gunshot and when they entered the motel room, Boyette was found dead.

A clerk at the motel told deputies that Rice checked into the motel Monday night under her own name. Deputies confirmed there were people inside the room because Boyette and Rice opened the curtains periodically and waved at law enforcement. They also found the white Chevrolet Cobalt that was stolen from the pair’s last alleged victim Monday morning.

The pair had reportedly been on a killing spree in Florida and Alabama for seven days before they were found in Georgia Tuesday, and local authorities had largely been searching a wooded area around Beulah in Escambia County where the pair had last been seen Monday.

In a press conference Tuesday morning, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said Boyette knew that wooded area ‘like the back of his hand’ and authorities believed he had grown up around there.

The week-long manhunt for Boyette, 44, and Rice, 37, involved authorities including sheriff’s offices in all three states, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Florida Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Marshals, and State Attorney Bill Eddins’ office.

Authorities said numerous sightings and tips were called in to police, and social media platforms were flooded with misinformation and speculation so heavily during the search that Morgan held a press conference Monday saying that posts were becoming a disservice to the investigation. Though, Morgan did ask community members with information, no matter how small, to report their knowledge to law enforcement.

SRSO issued a missing person release on Rice Saturday saying she may be in danger, but by Monday police had upgraded Rice’s status to a suspect and believed her to be a willing accomplice. The connection between Boyette and Rice has not been established, nor have authorities confirmed exactly when Rice became involved in Boyette’s crime spree.

Let’s pick up the story at Heavy with a brief excerpt to more fully understand what a bad guy Boyette was.

Boyette and Rice had been on the run since January 31, when police say Boyette killed his ex-girlfriend, Alica Greer, and her friend, Jacqueline Moore, at a Florida motel.

Police say a third woman, Peggy Phillips Broz, was killed during a carjacking in Alabama three days alter and a fourth woman was critically wounded in a shooting in Florida on February 6.

Before they were caught, police put out dire warnings about the danger the couple posed to communities across Florida and Alabama.

Boyette’s criminal record goes back to at least 2002. He was in constant trouble with the law, engaging in one act of violence after another. No one was safe while he was around. The world is safer now that he’s dead.





Killing himself is the only decent thing that Billy Boyette ever did. May he burn in Hell for eternity.

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