Slain Jogger’s Family Hurls Ferocious Abuse Against Accused Subhuman Ape While His Family Says He Dindu Nuffin



So many of these stories play out with the family of the accused rapist and murderer of their loved one forgiving and even hugging him in court. Then they come to this site in response to my condemnation of the killer and say, “You are what’s wrong with this country, you fucking racist.”


In contrast to these pathetic indoctrinated losers we have the family of raped and murdered jogger Karina Vetrano, Sicilians I believe, going full bore after the subhuman monster who stole their daughter from them.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The father of murdered jogger Karina Vetrano has labeled her accused killer a ‘piece of s**t’ and a ‘loner loser’ in a seething update on Monday to her online memorial fund.

Former FDNY vet Phil Vetrano wrote he was in no doubt that the man who raped and murdered his daughter six months ago had been caught and said ‘he will pay for his crime’.

Vetrano, who discovered her body in a Queens park six months ago, then added that the $288,000 collected on GoFundMe as a reward to catch her attacker will now be donated to her favorite charities.

He also raised the possibility of a scholarship to her high school in her name to honor his daughter, who was a writer and published poetry online.

This comes one day after her mother hurled abuse Chanel Lewis, who police say has confessed to raping and killing her daughter on Sunday as they came face to face for the first time in court.


Cathy Vetrano was joined by her husband Phil and dozens of relatives and friends to watch Chanel Lewis, 20, be arraigned at a Queens Criminal Court court on Sunday night.

‘Now your nightmare begins,’ she screamed as Lewis was formally charged with murdering Karina in Spring Creek Park on August 2.

Mrs Vetrano, who has maintained an active public profile since her daughter’s murder, earlier deemed him a ‘savage’ and a ‘demon’ who ‘must get his justice’.

She and her former fire fighter husband vowed to attend all of Lewis’s court appearances after news of his arrest spread on Sunday.

NYPD detectives arrested Lewis, an unemployed 20-year-old, at his mother’s house in East New York, Brooklyn, on Saturday after matching his DNA to traces found under Karina’s fingernails.

Police say he has made ‘detailed’ confessions about raping and strangling Vetrano since being taken into custody.


I’ll bet there will be plenty of guys in prison willing to kill this ape for Phil and Cathy Vetrano. The justice he deserves is not a comfortable cell with TV and snacks, but rather a shiv in the gut.

His family, as usual when the suspect is black, are talking about the police having arrested the wrong man.

Lewis was staying with his father at the time of the murder and had gone to the park ‘angry’ on August 2 because there were too many people in the house, sources told New York Daily News.

He had never met Karina before when they crossed paths, but sources say Lewis had a ‘deep seated aggression’ towards women.

The Queens District Attorney’s Office would not comment on the theory on Monday morning, telling ‘It’s an ongoing investigation.’

Detectives honed in on him after reviewing a 911 call from May last year, two months before the murder, which reported a man acting suspiciously near the park in Howard Beach, Queens.

He is facing one charge of second degree murder with more likely to be brought as the District Attorney’s investigation continues.

The NYPD scratched around for leads for six months before their first contact with Lewis on Thursday.

The news that he had been arrested came as a shock to the Vetrano family who said it was ‘too early’ to say how they felt on Sunday.

‘We hoped to get to this point one day.

‘We didn’t know if or when it would happen.

‘We can’t even really respond to how we feel, we don’t know yet,’ Mr Vetrano, who was supposed to have joined his daughter running on the night she died, said.

The couple commended the ‘magnificent’ NYPD which they said had worked ‘tirelessly’ to solve their daughter’s murder and also gave themselves credit for keeping the case in the public eye.

Lewis’s father, retired elementary school principal Richard Lewis, however said his ‘humble’ son couldn’t have been involved with such a violent crime.

‘Chanel would never have gone to do what they say he has done. He hasn’t had a fight in his 20 years,’ he told The New York Post.

Mr Lewis rushed to the 107th Precinct in Queens on Sunday where press had gathered after his son’s Saturday night arrest.

There, he told proudly how Chanel was an honor roll student at Martin De Porres High School in Far Rockaway, Queens, and said he had been the victim of muggings.

The suspect’s father said that while he was sorry for Vetrano’s death, he believes his child is innocent.

In a plea to the jogger’s parents, he said: ‘I’m sorry to hear about [your daughter], but I’m sure that [Chanel] would not be a part of that.

Theresa Forbes, his half-sister, said she believed he was being framed because he was black.

‘I think the cops framed him because he’s a black person.

They couldn’t find anyone else to pin this on, so they pinned it on my brother.

Do blacks really believe this nonsense or is it some kind of collective mental instability that makes them think that they are NEVER guilty of anything?

The DNA evidence against Chanel Lewis is probably bulletproof. Maybe he shouldn’t have picked an Italian girl to kill. Revenge is just around the corner.


28 thoughts on “Slain Jogger’s Family Hurls Ferocious Abuse Against Accused Subhuman Ape While His Family Says He Dindu Nuffin

  1. As sorry as I am for the family, I have great respect for them for being what they should be. It is so good to hear these sorry no good scum condemned, and the criminality continues from the blacks day in and day out, and it’s past time that victims and their families learned not to accept it and excuse it. The bigger problem is that most people rely on the jew for news and the jews lie about the scale and severity of it. The jews also try actively to allay reasonable fears and to promote more policies which increase and excuse the blacks, the coloreds and all people who don’t belong in America – and it is killing our people, beginning slowly but picking up steam all the time. There is a good report out about one aspect of how the jews continue to do that, by Eric Striker.

    “The Jews Behind Pro-Globalist Super Bowl Advertisements”

  2. Hello there, Did you know the quote on revenge is by a founding member of the Jewish defence league? Thanks for all you do by the way. It’s much appreciated.

  3. The family shouting at the accused in court and other like things, may prejudice his trial in the yes of the law. Many guilty people, including murderers, are released without trial because the media, especially, has told most of the population that the accused is guilty. So how can an unbiased jury be found? I am not saying this is right, it is just how it is.
    Southern Europeans are passionate but on average not so smart, calm and calculating as Northern Europeans. OTOH Northern Europeans rarely join violent drug dealing gangs – on average. Much of this activity is done by “ethnic” folks.

    Though Sicilians especially know a lot about revenge. From urbamdictionary….
    ” Revenge is a dish best served cold
    Old saying from the Mafiosi in Sicily. Tells that the best payback is the one that comes with planning, and that brings the most horrendous pain to your enemies when they are not expecting and are just enjoying the fruits of all the dishonor they brought upon you. One must wait so he can really inflict pain to those who wronged him. Careful planing is necessary so your enemies will suffer terribly, but you won’t be harmed by the Law or by your enemies’ allies. “

  4. The parents of this beautiful young lady minces no words about the hatred they feel about this piece of shit that murdered their daughter. I would not be surprised if they try to attack the black bastard in the courtroom. Makes a refreshing change from many weak minded whites that forgives black killers of their loved ones. Karina was murdered in the same Italian, Howard Beach neighborhood in Queens that those Italian young men chased down and beat to death that negro teenager 30 years ago. Evidently they were outraged when the negro boy was in their hood harassing their women. It warmed my heart that finally , white men were willing to protect their women from the black savages. Our women have been slaughtered long enough by this fucking race. Blacks seek out our women and our elderly to prey upon like predators on the Serengeti. The New York papers were up to their old tricks trying to downplay the racial motivation of this murder. Writing how the killer has a deep seeded hatred of women because he wanted to stab all the women in his high school. Bullshit! This kid is from a black and Hispanic area in Brooklyn. So why is he in an all white neighborhood in Queens? To look for a white woman to attack. Also, an Affirmative Action, mulatto columnist wrote some shit crying about the NY papers with a picture of the suspect with headlines describing him as a demon and beast. Saying these are racially charged terms. Then he blatantly lied saying tens of thousands of white men have raped black women in this country and never get called these things. Anyway the media will bury this story as quickly as possible.

      • Well said, Jack. That is why so many non-whites are being imported into the US (and into Europe) at the same time that the jews and their media, assisted by their loyal Freemasons have earlier set the stage for the blacks and minorities to be looked upon as being something special. Paladin recognizes that purpose. It is to disempower and kill White people. Someone else who knew the intent of the jews and the nature of most blacks very well, George Lincoln Rockwell, had earlier told us something about that.

        “4 There you have the Jewish-Communist program in a nutshell – the USE of the backward, childish and savage Negro race to destroy the White Race, which stands between the Jews and their mad goal of world domination from Israel.

        5 To make a mutiny – which is what Communism is -you need mobs of raging and savage people. The Jews, comprising only a fraction of one percent of the world’s people, are too few to produce their own mobs, and they are too un-fond of physical violence to provide any large amount of their own “muscle.”

        6 They need vast numbers of peanut-brained, violent but robot-like “troops.”

        7 The Negro race is perfect for the needs of the Jews in fomenting their mutiny. But before the blacks can do the Jews and Marxists any good, they must first be placed in position and conditioned.

        8 In Africa (and in the rural South) the Blacks have neither the means, the spirit nor the tools to be of service to the Jewish schemers. They are so closely akin to unthinking animals, and they are so childishly satisfied and lethargic that there is no hope of making any successful mutiny with them. Voodoo, chicken-stealing, watermelon, razor-waving, dusky-sex, singing and dancing and other primitive pastimes keep the rural and forest Negro sufficiently satisfied (or at least unthinking about his lot) so that it is quite impossible to turn any significant number of such black men into a raging mob with any staying power for a revolution.

        9 To make a revolutionary animal of the Negro, you must first force him into a situation where he loses his normal ability to enjoy his primitive releases and pleasures, teach him to know and enjoy the luxurious pleasures and vices of urban civilization, (such as heroin and White women) teach him that he has a right to those pleasures, force him into competition with White men for those pleasures, and then, when he fails, whisper to him that he is not really failing in that competition, but that “WHITE EXPLOITERS” ARE KEEPING HIM DOWN!”.

  5. The myth that all criminals are Italian mafiosos with immediate family ties to Sicily is hilariously overplayed.

    But sometimes, I wish there really was a shadowy group of intelligent and honorable Nordic Italians willing to break the law and sabotaging the (((government))) while profiting from it, who always rescue normal white American folks when they need it most. It’s like a dream at this point.

    • Good quote, Robert, and unfortunately it has been made to happen. We need to get the ones who have done it out of power and out of our White countries. The primary ones who promote and allow illegal immigration (and who control the LEGAL immigration, which is almost as bad) are a part of an entrenched network operating as a mafia.

      “You have published a fourth book on Judaism, a volume of 400 pages. Why another? Haven’t you said all there is to say?

      Hervé Ryssen: I thought so too! But Judaism is a very closed world, very secret, thus after all these years of study, one still learns new things. This time, I explored the criminal world operating within the international Jewish community, and what one discovers there is, strictly speaking, incredible. The fact is that the Jewish Mafia is the main Mafia that exists today on this planet: racketeering, prostitution, drug trafficking, arms trading, contraband diamond smuggling, traffic in works of art, murder for hire, organized swindles, armed robberies, etc. Pornography, casinos, and discotheques are also largely held by Jewish gangsters.”

      • “The Jewish Mafia”, by Carlos Porter, (Translator), Hervé Ryssen (Author)
        “5.0 out of 5 stars
        An Excellent Read
        Byfelixnolaon October 3, 2016
        Verified Purchase

        Well worth the read. If you want a book that names – names and is chopped full of footnotes to back up the writer’s assertions; this is the book for you. Proves that orthodox/religious jews are more prone to crime and graft than previously imagined. If you want a book that has the evidence to back up the title; you need look no further.”

      • Dr William Pierce tells some about how the jewish mafia works.

        “…[T]he Jewish gangsters are portrayed by apologists for the Jews as being barely Jewish, Jews with no real consciousness of being Jewish, while the Jewish religious establishment is portrayed as being a pious bunch of rabbis, especially the Orthodox Jewish establishment. Actually it was in the Orthodox establishment that the gangsters formed their most useful connections.”

  6. This is 100% racist. This guy is 100% innocent. I’m fuming with rage that another black brother is most likely going to spend the rest of his days rotting at Shawshank.

    When white right wing individuals are questioning this then you know something isn’t right.

    This is the sketch of the original suspect

    This is Chanel Lewis the man charged with murdering Katrina Vetrano

    They look nothing alike.

    The guy in the sketch has a full grown beard. Also the witness didn’t see any actual crime being committed.

    Look at how he reacts when shown to the media.

    He’s unaware and non-cognizant of what is going on. He walks out smiling (not happy smiling but more of a child-like smile) like he doesn’t understand why the cameras are there and what the people are saying. All I saw was a frightened possibly mentally impaired or learning disabled person.

    He’s clearly not guilty.

    How could he have committed this and stayed hidden, no slip up at all, for 6 months without understanding that this crime is very bad?

    He commits the crime, finds his way home, with no one witnessing anything ? And he manages to hide it for months and months ?

    I would think if he did something like this (and he’s never done anything like this before) that he would be somewhat stunned (given his apparent mental capacity) and would be easily found out by someone.

    The only way that wouldn’t happen was if he were some kind of cold hearted psychopath where he doesn’t feel any empathy at all

    Something is off. They keep saying he confessed. He confessed to what exactly ?

    Cops have a way of making non-innocent people feel like they committed the crime and no matter how many times they deny it, cops keep going. Depriving them of food. Depriving them of using the bathroom. Depriving them of water. Depriving them of sleep and then getting real personal and mentioning family members.

    They talked that boy into that confession.

    They say she was raped but how is it that his DNA wasn’t found on her crotch area ? Not only that but they said he volunteered to submit his DNA. If he was guilty of killing and raping that girl why would he just up and volunteer to submit DNA?

    The girl was strangled and raped but the best they can do is find DNA on the phone ? Not to mention that the DNA match wasn’t familial DNA. It was “touch” DNA. He most likely came upon Katrina’s body, touched her, touched her phone, left it there and took off.

    This is some John Coffey – Green Mile shit.

    They said.

    “We found the suspect’s DNA under her nails but found no evidence that he raped her”

    Isn’t the normal course “it’s under investigation and we can’t discuss the investigation ?”

    It’s odd that they would let her father help search and he just so happened to find the body. Also she goes out jogging but her father only waits an hour or two to report her missing ? An hour ? F**K outta here.

    She is a grown ass woman. Not to mention he didn’t call 911 directly. But he called his off duty cop friend.

    She was raped and murdered as retribution for someone her father
    (Phil Vetrano) did or didn’t do. Gambling debts ? Pay back for a wrong ? Some Italian murdered and raped that girl. These Italians are some low-down evil people. There is so much corruption in the NYPD and in Howard Beach period!

    This sounds like the Central Park 5 frame up.

    The Vetrano name has long been associated with mobsters and gangsters, all the way back during the Frank Lucas days. The parents live in a multi-million dollar home, so most likely had income from “other sources.”

    Italians are known for going after kids to settle unpaid debts and they are also known for punching out teeth.

    But if people think Chanel Lewis is the killer, then the Vetrano family no
    longer has to worry about people sniffing around at their door, or having the mafia off them for beings RATS.

    These sick motherfuckers don’t even want justice for their own child if they allow this guy to be framed.

    The daddy’s alibi was weird, especially when it was said that he is always out jogging with her except that day. Coincidence?


    From what I’ve read she was a very strong woman and clearly in shape. She was into kickboxing, yoga, and jogging. This guy (Chanel Lewis) is no Jon Jones. He doesn’t look the strongest of men. She would have easily taken this guy on or ran off.

    It’s easy for black men to be pinned for crimes that we didn’t commit. They know that’s a ticket the public will always buy.

    After all, a young white woman was murdered and it just had to be a
    black man that did it. Right ?

    Too convenient

    • You make some good points, the multi-million dollar home and the Vetrano family’s style spell M-O-B easily. Haven’t read about the DNA issues but they’re also sounding very problematic. Italians don’t get targeted for the same reason jews don’t – neither is truly white and both have extra legal power to mete out justice, especially in the city of New York.

      This case stinks.

    • The famous Gotti family lives half a mile away and posted on social media about the case, claiming they should have been allowed to defend the neighborhood:

      The Italians are vulgarians but the Vetranos’ extreme and obvious style clearly suggest mafia.

      People should look away from this mafia shitshow. It’s far more likely that this was a hit than a spontaneous attack. Since NYPD and the mafia work together, the truth will never come out but odds are some dumb nigger didn’t kill this girl. Blacks reserve this kind of treatment for whitey’s women, by and large.

    • Wow just wow.

      Why would the arrested suspects DNA be under the victims fingernails?

      Your assumption that the accused found the victim already dead falls flat here. Analysis fail.

      Why do you keep using more then one pseudonym and talking to yourself? Totally makes you look insane and takes away from your argument and analysis which is lacking. I give a 2 out of 10 for persuasion. I gave you a 2 out of 10, at least you’re able to admit in a round about way the average IQ of African Americans is 85, so in affect calling this suspect cognitively deficient is about the only truthful statement you made.

      If anything you might of successfully argued the poor cognitively deficient accused was an unwitting accomplice. Which might prove to be the case, you never know.

      • So where do you think this family came up with $100,000 reward?

        That’s mob money, only lowlifes dress like this guido princess. Since the mob fakes everything, who knows if that fingernail DNA is real. The story surrounding the suspect sounds ridiculous and pre-fabricated. NYPD is an arm of the mob. Since when do niggers admit to hating white people when they confess? Since when do they confess to begin with? The City doesn’t have whites and blacks anyway. It’s got ethnic enclaves. Bloomberg looks whiter than these sicilian greasers.

        I’m not HipHop, BTW. I think he’s black.

    • Hey, Hippity-Hop, I’m so excited to meet you.

      “child-like smile”, “unaware and non-cognizant”, “doesn’t understand”, “frightened possibly mentally impaired”, “clearly not guilty”

      I think I’ve seen your reports on (((MSM))) – hmm: now which one was it?

      You must be the scriptwriter for all of them!

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