Exclusive: British Speaker of the House of Commons, (((John Bercow))), Who Wants Trump Banned from Speaking to Parliament is a LITERAL CUCK Whose Wife Sexes with Naggers


The wicked hand of the Jew in stirring up s*** against President Trump is reavealed here once again.

Excerpt from leftist rag The Guardian today:

John Bercow spoke for Britain. If the government wishes to grant a state visit to the bigoted megalomaniac who currently inhabits the White House, that is technically its right. But the speaker has the right to intervene on who gets to address parliament. To coin a phrase, Speaker Bercow took back control. Last year’s victors in the EU referendum promised parliamentary sovereignty: they cannot object when it is now exercised. Given Bercow’s commendable efforts to combat sexism and racism in politics, it would have been hypocritical not to speak out.

It is Bercow’s reasoning – that Donald Trump’s sexism, racism and attacks on the independence of the judiciary disqualify him from a parliamentary visit – that have led some to criticise the speaker for abandoning political neutrality.

Excerpt from The Sun, February 4, 2014:

SALLY Bercow has attempted to brush off snogging another man in a nightclub saying: “I have nothing to be ashamed of”.

Sally, 44, outspoken wife of Commons Speaker John Bercow, was exclusively pictured in The Sun throwing herself into a passionate kiss with a clubber.

Witnesses told how she clung to the muscular mystery man during a boozy night out with friends.

But today Sally claimed the man was “a friend” and insisted her marriage to MP John was not in danger.

Stormfront thread from 2014.


The Daily Mail reports that Sally also had an affair with Bercow’s cousin in 2015.

John Bercow has decided to give his marriage ‘one last chance’ after his wife Sally’s astonishing affair with his cousin.

Friends of the Commons Speaker have revealed for the first time how he dealt with the shock of discovering in May that Sally had had a relationship with lawyer Alan Bercow.

The affair – revealed by The Mail on Sunday – progressed so far that Alan, 57, even moved into the Bercows’ £1.2 million flat in Battersea, South London, while the Speaker was away campaigning in his Buckingham constituency.

The speaker is an idiot, as noted in the comments at the DM. Once for marrying the snogger and a second time for taking her back. Actually, who knows how many one night stands she’s had. He may be a cuck and an idiot a thousand times over.


15 thoughts on “Exclusive: British Speaker of the House of Commons, (((John Bercow))), Who Wants Trump Banned from Speaking to Parliament is a LITERAL CUCK Whose Wife Sexes with Naggers

  1. It’s hard to know who is the worst in this situation. Is it the royal-cuck, the slut-whore wife or is it the regular people who still somehow accord undeserved status on these garbage and who refuse to even see what is happening to everyone, including to them. The same goes for those among our own people who think that jew-garbage on the TV is doing no one harm.
    “80 For millenniums, human life was a precious thing because it was so hard to get into existence and keep alive. It was rare, like diamonds. This led to what is now called “humanitarianism,” the worship of something “special” about anything with two legs that can mumble or grunt a few words. Then, in the first half of this century, science made more progress than it had made in all the thousands of years previously. Literally millions of methods were discovered to prevent death in adults, and to promote the birth and growth of the young.

    81 This was no catastrophe in Western, civilized nations, where the human beings thus increased were of a high and productive type.

    82 But with the advent of intellectualism in the 18th and 19th centuries, and its cancer-like growth into the disease of “liberalism,” conceited little minds began to tell each other that the world had passed the stage where we had to obey the laws of Nature. “With our modern science,” asserted these sophist, liberal snobs, “we master Nature and control her!”

    “116 When Whites were being massacred in the Congo, we must not forget that A. Philip Randolph, James Farmer, Dorothy Haight, Roy Wilkins and even Whitney Young (of the less-violent Urban League) all demanded of the President, in writing, that the U.S.A. keep “hands off” in the Congo, to let the savage Blacks slaughter – and eat – the Whites.

    117 It must be remembered that the Whites who were being slaughtered were mostly White missionaries and liberal fatheads who went to Africa to help the Blacks.

    118 That didn’t matter. They were White, so they got tortured, slaughtered and eaten! They were in Africa, not as “imperialists,” but for the usual “humanitarian” reasons.

    119 These liberal jerks are going to have to learn that you can’t give limitless “humanitarian” aid to savage, half-ape beasts, without aggravating the problems you started with.

    120 But since liberals won’t learn, the massacres and uprisings will get more frequent and more brutal. The Blacks will mass against South Africa and Rhodesia, and the rest of the world will sit by mouthing platitudes while the Black Plague tries to wipe out or enslave the Whites of two entire nations, while Jew-led nations help them.

    121 Do not gasp that it just couldn’t happen!

    122 It is happening, right now, in Mississippi, Alabama and other parts of the South, and in our big cities, where the Blacks, nearing a majority, are aiming to be masters of the Whites through mass and bloc votes, and guerrilla warfare, while the foolish Whites will continue to play “Democrat” and “Republican,” etc. If our people had the will to resist, they could do it. But they keep hoping there will be some “easy” way, and do nothing at all (except to damn the few of us who oppose this insanity as “agitators” -“OUTSIDE” agitators!).”


    • Excellent link. Highly recommended. Where I live the blacks are small in number but still have power. San Antonio has a black female mayor even though the city is only about 5 percent black. The Mexicans here seem to be allies with the blacks against the white minority.

      Here, the real analysis that needs to be done is to do something similar to Rockwell’s points, but applied to Mexicans.

    • Just read this and i think that the biggest problem we are facing now is also liberals that keep thinking that we the west need to solve all of the world’s problems.
      And looks what happened when we tried to solve the fatality rate in africa.
      It’s population exploded and it’s unsustainable, in no small part because even if they are many, the niggers are still very primitive and can’t even practice agriculture. But they still have a lot of kids, because that’s what their genes made them do for thousands of years. Have a lot of children to compensate for the mortality rate.
      Maybe it’s cold or something, but i really think that we should mind our own business and let others mind their own. Only on very few occasions we should help and only those that can actually contribute to the world (like for example some asians).
      We should have stayed the hell out of africa. But the jews just needed to get slaves to the USA so they won’t have to hire whites instead.

  2. “John Bercow has decided to give his marriage ‘one last chance’ after his wife Sally’s astonishing affair with his cousin.”
    Jews behave just like blacks. Yuk.
    This man dares to criticise Trumps private life?

  3. Pal, you need to check your sources for accuracy. This article has an error.

    I couldn’t see the clubber in the third picture, only a seal.

    • Wikipedia for Bercow. Romanian Jew. As to the wife, I didn’t look her up nor do I claim her ethnicity one way or another. The general procedure I use when it’s not obvious (goldstein, silver, etc.) is to type the name in a search engine search box along with the word Jew. Then see what pops up. There’s a site called Jew or Not Jew that often has information, although it’s not always reliable. Wikipedia will often have the info too.

      • Jew or not Jew says horrible Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz is not a Jew. He looks very Jewey indeed. They claim heroes as Jews and deny villains. Hitler gets 0 as does Mel Gibson. They even deny the Jewey Ringo Starr is a Jew.

  4. This guy is a kike cuck. Or, is he a cuck kike? Inquiring minds want to know. What a pathetic douche though, speaking out against our God Emperor.

  5. UK Parliament Speaker Bercow thinks enforcing borders is racist, xenophobic, etc etc:


    And here, same day, same paper, reflecting that bias for laxity of controls, we have an invert “originally from Colombia and was a single gay man with a preference for young dark-skinned men” being murdered by another hostile alien who “came to Britain in August 2014 when he was found hiding in the back of a lorry”, neither of whom should ever have been in the UK in the first place and in the case of the murderer appears to have been left to roam at will despite illegal entry. This latter point is particularly troubling since if it does not reflect UK Government policy it may reflect subversive actions at ground level by non-ethnic British immigration officers not enforcing the rules.


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