19 Rabbis Arrested While Protesting Travel Ban Outside Trump Hotel

Muh racism. Muh Islamophobia.

Oy vey! That Trump is a MEAN man. And all dem matzo baaaaaallllls.

Excerpt from Huffington Post

A group of rabbis, cantors and Jewish activists were arrested Monday night while protesting President Donald Trump’s executive order restricting immigration.

About 200 Jewish religious leaders and activists marched through the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Trump International Hotel and Tower on Columbus Circle. More than a dozen of the demonstrators staged a sit-in and blocked traffic. After multiple warnings from the New York Police Department, officers said, 19 protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Soros money at work?

jewing intensifies gif

10 thoughts on “19 Rabbis Arrested While Protesting Travel Ban Outside Trump Hotel

  1. WTF? Don’t these sorry fellows see that they are under seize in their own homeland by these same migrants? Now, what would these same fools say if Trump cut off the military aid to Israel, and let the Jews go it alone? The stupidity of some people boggle me!

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  3. Only 19 out of 200 arrested. Too bad, not enough. Sick of the whining by all the libtards!

    This (((group))) is counting on their socalled diaspora as the excuse & guilt-trip (which is not working!) to force this refugee crap. Well, take it to Israel, you dummies, & welcome your refugees there.

  4. Practically the entire Internet is suing Trump re his immigration PAUSE, it’s not even a permanent BAN, though I wish it were…

    From Gateway Pundit yesterday, with my 2-cents on some of them I recognize…

    2/6/17: “Here’s the Full List of the 97 Companies Suing POTUS Trump Over Temporary Refugee Ban”:
    1. AdRoll, Inc.
    2. Aeris Communications, Inc.
    3. Airbnb, Inc.
    4. AltSchool, PBC
    5. Ancestry.com, LLC
    6. Appboy, Inc.
    7. Apple Inc. > > Curse you Apple!
    8. AppNexus Inc.
    9. Asana, Inc.
    10. Atlassian Corp Plc
    11. Autodesk, Inc.
    12. Automattic Inc. > > WordPress!
    13. Box, Inc.
    14. Brightcove Inc.
    15. Brit + Co
    16. CareZone Inc.
    17. Castlight Health
    18. Checkr, Inc.
    19. Chobani, LLC > > Ugh! I do like their Greek Yogurt.
    20. Citrix Systems, Inc.
    21. Cloudera, Inc.
    22. Cloudflare, Inc.
    23. Copia Institute
    24. DocuSign, Inc.
    25. DoorDash, Inc.
    26. Dropbox, Inc. > > Never used it.
    27. Dynatrace LLC
    28. eBay Inc. > > RARELY shop there, less than once a year.
    29. Engine Advocacy
    30. Etsy Inc. > > Never use it.
    31. Facebook, Inc. >> Never use it.
    32. Fastly, Inc.
    33. Flipboard, Inc.
    34. Foursquare Labs, Inc.
    35. Fuze, Inc.
    36. General Assembly
    37. GitHub > > Shame on them!
    38. Glassdoor, Inc.
    39. Google Inc. > > Ugh, no surprise!
    40. GoPro, Inc.
    41. Harmonic Inc.
    42. Hipmunk, Inc.
    43. Indiegogo, Inc.
    44. Intel Corporation > > Let’s all throw our computers out the window!
    45. JAND, Inc. d/b/a Warby Parker
    46. Kargo Global, Inc.
    47. Kickstarter, PBC > > It’s the young techie freak guys doing this.
    48. KIND, LLC
    49. Knotel
    50. Levi Strauss & Co. > > Florida is too hot to wear jeans.
    51. LinkedIn Corporation > > Not a professional so who cares!
    52. Lithium Technologies, Inc.
    53. Lyft, Inc.
    54. Mapbox, Inc.
    55. Maplebear Inc. d/b/a Instacart
    56. Marin Software Incorporated
    57. Medallia, Inc.
    58. A Medium Corporation
    59. Meetup, Inc. > > Is that still around?
    60. Microsoft Corporation > > Puke, as always.
    61. Motivate International Inc.
    62. Mozilla Corporation > > SHAME ON MOZILLA!
    63. Netflix, Inc. > > I never rent movies. No big loss.
    64. NETGEAR, Inc. > > Never bought a modem from them.
    65. NewsCred, Inc.
    66. Patreon, Inc.
    67. PayPal Holdings, Inc. > > Never use Ebay so don’t need PayPal.
    68. Pinterest, Inc. > > Have never used it. They suck & block their photos anyway unless you join, so screw them.
    69. Quora, Inc. > > No great loss. So they have a Q+A site that you cannot read in full unless you join. Screw them.
    70. Reddit, Inc. > > Never use it.
    71. Rocket Fuel Inc.
    72. SaaStr Inc.
    73. Salesforce.com, Inc.
    74. Scopely, Inc.
    75. Shutterstock, Inc. > > Who needs it? Never used it.
    76. Snap Inc.
    77. Spokeo, Inc. > > Data buyers, privacy invaders, so screw them.
    78. Spotify USA Inc.
    79. Square, Inc.
    80. Squarespace, Inc. > > They still around? Blog platform I think?
    81. Strava, Inc.
    82. Stripe, Inc.
    83. SurveyMonkey Inc.
    84. TaskRabbit, Inc. > > Forget hiring anyone from them.
    85. Tech:NYC
    86. Thumbtack, Inc.
    87. Turn Inc.
    88. Twilio Inc.
    89. Twitter Inc. > > This one ouches. Attack @Jack.
    90. Turn Inc.
    91. Uber Technologies, Inc.
    92. Via
    93. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. > > Shoot yourself in the foot, nobody donates to you anyway.
    94. Workday
    95. Y Combinator Management, LLC > > Shame on them. I think Gary Tan formerly of Posterous is with those guys.
    96. Yelp Inc. > > No big loss, who cares about Yelp?
    97. Zynga Inc.

  5. This is a report from Sweden, and this is the kind of news that those Rabbi’s want to see happen to White people in the US – and everywhere – except in Israel. I got this by using a translator at a Swedish site, Friatider (Free Time), so do the best that you can. It is primarily the fault of jews and the jewish-controlled media outlets in Europe that this type of thing is happening to White people there – and those jews know that it will happen here, too, if people let the imported “immigrants” in. “Refugee children” ‘with moustache’ – sexattacked 10-year-old girls – The sentence is 35 hours of youth service and avoid deportation.
    “Refugee children “with moustache” sexattackerade 10-year-old girls in the Cave Bath”
    Published 23 January 2017 kl 57 am

    A so-called unaccompanied refugee children attacked and streamer on the two terrified girls ten years old at gustavsvik bath in Örebro. Since he claims that he was only 15 years old will Afghan – which was presented as the moustachioed at perpetrators the opportunity – away with 35 hours of youth service and avoid deportation.

    It was the end of 2016 as 25-30 unaccompanied from the HVB-home in Skinnskatteberg visited the water park, the Lost City at gustavsvik in Örebro. When they arrived at the swimming area explained the staff – apparently in vain – for Afghan men in their own language that they didn’t get to paw at the girls.

    The mother of one of the two exposed girls discovered that the men threw nasty glances at the children and had them under close surveillance. But when she finally let the girls go a waterslide themselves took a refugee children to go to attack.

    When one girl skated past a cave set Afghan and waited for her. He threw himself over the girl, lay on her and began to caress her over her breasts and between her legs. When the other girl came to his friend’s rescue, he attacked her and tried to rip off 10-year-old her bikini.

    The girls, who were shocked and terrified after the incident took the direct contact with the mother. When they told their mother about what had happened, she asked them if they could point out tafsaren.

    “Yes, he is with the mustache, they answered, and Afghan could soon be identified by lifeguards.

    Refugee child, who came to Sweden in 2015, stated that he could not swim, and that he therefore seized hold of the girls to avoid drowning. However, it was a declaration that the Court completely could dismiss.

    According to Örebro District Court corresponds to the penalty for offences two months in prison. But because Afghan claims that he was 15 at the time of the crime, he comes away with a 35-day youth service for sexual molestation.



    Israel must open borders to all the people of the world.

    Hey Judaists, if you like anchovies, you have them–don’t force me to.
    So if you love 3rd world garbage, take them all!

  7. If you are NOT Jewish ,a westerner cannot immigrate to Israel. Period.I dont know what the criteria is for an Arab though.Why don’t these frigging rabbis go to Tel Aviv or Haifa and demonstrate there against their own damn immigration policy. Two faced slime balls…

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