“Submit and Obey:” The TYRANNY of WOMEN Over MEN

The analysis of America today by Eric Peters laid out below has three dimensions:

1. We are slaves to an all-powerful evil government.

2. The bureaucrats who control us are petty, tyrannical women.

3. Sports are a tool of the Deep State used to deflect our attention from our slavery and to dissipate our manly rage, which would otherwise explode in violent rebellion.

Given the obsession with yesterday’s Super Bowl, the timing of Peter’s essay is impeccable.

Excerpt from Eric Peters Autos

These games – a new one to keep people busy almost every day, year-round – are not so much “bread and circuses,” as they are often called. They are the vivification of the fictional Two Minutes’ Hate in Orwell’s 1984. A means by which the passions – the frustrations and anger of men in particular – are diverted and dissipated.

In order that they aren’t directed at anything important.

Such as the ever-increasing control exercised over men by the state.

In red giant stage America, the average man has little meaningful control over his life. He does as he’s told – from driving the speed limit to paying “his” taxes. In the land of individuality, collectivism and conformity is the rule.

He must Submit and Obey. He must never raise his voice to question authority.

This stifling of independent action, punishment of deviation from any official orthodoxy and relentless suppression of independent judgment and self-reliance… this systematic thwarting of a normal man’s inclination to be a man. . . well, the pressure builds.

The movie, Falling Down, captured this brilliantly. Unfortunately for Michael Douglas’ character, he wasn’t interested in “the game.”

The demand that men submit and obey is also hammered into today’s boys – usually by women.

Orwell got one thing wrong. It is not Big Brother.

It is Big Sister.

Everywhere, there are short-haired, pants-suited termagants vested with power; the sort who in a better time would have been spinster librarians and generally harmless. Today they infect bureaucracies such as EPA and DOJ and many others besides.

We encounter them at the doctor’s office and DMV.

The beetle-like little men that Orwell described abound, too. But they tyranny of our times is not a masculine tyranny such as Stalin’s. Note that in the Soviet Union, people were still largely free to partake of petty vices such as booze and cigarettes. Soviet power didn’t limit the size of sodas or force people to wear seat belts. It enforced political conformity only.

Maybe that’s why fuhhhhhhttttttball was never a big deal in the Soviet Union.

America’s tyranny is the tyranny of the elementary school marm over grown up men.

These days, a man can’t even paint his own house without first begging permission from the local Gertrud Schlotz-Klink. . . and if he doesn’t cut his grass when ordered or erects a shed unapproved…

As the essay draws to a conclusion, Peters notes that sports dissipates the male anger and outrage at being lorded over by petty female tyrants.

I’d rather stay in touch with my rage, live in reality, and ignore sports. How to deal with petty tyrants is still a difficult question, one that has no easy answers.

My own inclination is to sabotage the System (legally) every time I can.

18 thoughts on ““Submit and Obey:” The TYRANNY of WOMEN Over MEN

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  2. Re that quote by Wilde. This man was a homosexual and above all a pedophile who buggered boys. I read a biography of the man which was not ashamed to estimate he may have buggered as many as 3,000 boys. They were poor boys from the slums who accepted small sums of money from him. This did not make his buggerising legal.
    This is not a person whom we should listen to his quotes.
    He was a slime ball who sued a man who told the truth. The Marquess of Queensbury, the father of Bosie whom Wilde was sodomsing. In the UK the truth is a defense against slander or libel allegations.
    Because Wilde was lying he lost the civil case. Hooray for British Justice. Due to his own stupid action in suing an innocent man, Wilde was charged with “the horrible crime of buggery”. (Like the Fag-Right Milo Phukinopolis).
    The Turd Burglar thereafter spent two years in Reading Jail and died a broken man in France soon after.
    Good riddance to a monster. Ok, he wrote some goof things but his private life was terrible. Had there been AIDS then he may have infected all or most of these boys – who would later have fathered children.
    Ironically, women love Wilde, who detested women!
    He wrote “Two men look out from behind the same bars. One sees the mud and the other the stars”. This dipshit obviously saw the mud and could not take his own advice.

    As to the quote above there is a lot of truth in it. The Soviet Union was dominated by small, weak and weedy Jews lording it over much bigger and stronger men. Lenin and Trotsky were physical weaklings. Stalin was a midget as was Trotsky. Lenin 5 feet five same as the runt Churchill.

    “Harry Truman once commented in Life “I was surprised at Stalin’s stature – he was not over 5 feet 5 or 6 inches tall. When we had pictures taken, he would usually stand on the step above me. Churchill would do the same thing.””

    • Sometimes I have to separate the message from the messenger. There were no good quotes buttressing Eric Peters’ point about women tyrants. Thus, I went with Wilde, knowing his background, which you’ve accurately laid out.

      One of the best people I ever worked with at the university was a 4 foot 9 inch middle aged Mexican woman dynamo. She was easy to work with, reasonable, and got the job done. Interestingly, the white women were often bleeps and bleeps, petty bureaucrat tyrants just like Peters describes. The USA is full of them now. They should not be holding jobs where they have power over boys, whose lives they love to ruin. Boys have been demonized in the US and drugged as a result.

    • I did not read your post till now.

      In my experience it has been gay men who cry the loudest about female tyranny. They cannot have kids without women and they secretly hate this. They hate women because women protect their kids from buggery and this they believe is tyrannical.

      Tyranny to gay men is STRAIGHT women who are onto their DL lifestyle and their encroachment of government jobs. Talk about parasitical. These gay men are ensconced all throughout DC and expect their fugly wives who act as ‘beards” to cover their tracks with regards to mooching off the taxpayers.

      Gay men believe they are above women and straight men. They call us breeders. We are tyrants because we actually want to be with men and procreate with men that like fucking women. Sorry if that is tyrannical, but that is just the way it is.

      Nope, the REAL tyrants and the TRUE threat to the West is the DL faggot.

  3. I believe Oscar Wilde was gay. I do believe that there may be some gay men who feel oppresse by women.

    Everyone has to submit. I have submitted to authorities in the past and sometimes submission leads to freedom and then mastery over one’s perceived master.

    No one rules over me. I choose to suffer or not to suffer.

    I do not give anyone or anything that much power. I CHOOSE not to do so.

    • In San Antonio government employment, we have the phenomena of the “officious” Mexican woman employee. They are know it alls and insufferable. Similarly, there are Mexican males with this attitude. White women sometimes have it too. Rarely do I meet a white man with it. I had a small encounter with an “officious” Mexican male cop last week, who informed me I was breaking the law when I wasn’t. No ticket or written warning. I’m easy to get along with, so I did as he asked. I pick and choose when to fight.

  4. This is basically true…and like all of ‘our’ ills, is warned of in the Bible. In the book of Isiah, the Word warns us that when we reject God and his laws and statutes, that ‘children will oppress us and women will rule over us’.
    Wake up folk…

  5. Hey you anti feminist Nazis will love this article. It’s about women in the care of the state.


    I highly recommend heretical.com, there is so much top quality hate there, my only disappointment is that I’ve read it all.

    It’s a real treat for newcomers. Pal, you should do an article on it. The site owner was arrested for antisemitism and escaped to the US to seek asylum. The (((US authorities))) sent him back. He did his time, and now he cranks out high quality legal hate.

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