Shocking Paul Joseph Watson Video: The Truth About Popular Culture

In slightly less than 17 minutes, PJW exposes the sick popular culture that we rail against here. In one day, it’s already gotten 235,000+ views. Don’t expect PJW to call out the Jews as producing the filth that he exposes. In spite of that oversight, the video is highly up voted.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Feb 5, 2017

Why is popular culture so incredibly vulgar?

Before anything else can change, we have to change the culture. Culture begets politics and economics. Our political and economic system are also in deep trouble.

4 thoughts on “Shocking Paul Joseph Watson Video: The Truth About Popular Culture

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  2. Let’s see what Julius Evola, “the world’s most right-wing thinker”, has to say about this:

    “Another, similar phenomenon, is the taste for the ugly, vulgar, and slovenly in clothing and hair-styles, which has also become fashionable in some circles: workers’ or cyclists’ jerseys, farmers’ jackets and pants, shirts untucked and tied in knots, and so on, together with long and dishevelled hair, and the careless and coarse manners and attitudes that American films have taught a boorish youth, with its whiskey shots and “double gin.” The most prodigious phenomenon of this kind is the fashion, which has not yet waned, of blue jeans for girls, and even for ladies: blue jeans being, as we know, work pants. The passivity and tolerance of the male sex is, in this regard, astonishing. These young women ought to be put in labor and concentration camps; that, rather than luxurious existentialist apartments, would be an appropriate place for them and for their “practical” outfits, and might bestow upon them a salutary reeducation.”

    Please read the rest of this incisive article:

  3. Its a symptom of where we still are in the propaganda war that the mention of Jews, no matter how self-evident, will still see you consigned to the lunatic fringe of conspiracy-land. They’ve done it well all these years, pretending to not exist while simultaneously making everything all about themselves.

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