Nonwhite Boyfriend of White College Girl Zuzu Verk Arrested After She’s Found Dead

Missing college girl Zuzu Verk’s remains have been found in a shallow grave near Alpine, Texas, where she was a student at Sul Ross State University.

Her olive-complexioned boyfriend, Robert Fabian, has been arrested.

Verk joins a long list of white girls featured on this site who were found dead where a nonwhite boyfriend or husband was charged in connection with the death.

Our mission is to keep warning the girls and prodding parents everywhere to teach their daughters about the dangers of interracial relationships.

Fabian appears to be a Mexican. The stereotype of the Mexican wife beater is grounded in fact. Sometimes facts are “racist.” The truth is that by pairing off with a Mexican, a white girl is at least 4 or 5 times more likely to be beaten up or killed than if she had paired off with a white boyfriend or husband.


Texas police arrested the boyfriend of missing 22-year-old woman Zuzu Verk after unidentified human remains were discovered on Friday.

The Alpine Police Department in Alpine, Texas, said in a press release that they had arrested 25-year-old student Robert Fabian at 9 a.m. on Saturday on a warrant for tampering with or fabricating physical evidence by concealing a human corpse. It is not known if he has retained an attorney or how he pleads in relation to the charges.


Police found the still-unidentified remains in a shallow grave in Sunny Glen, an area northwest of Alpine, according to an early police department Facebook post. Officials wrote that the remains were sent off for identification while the search for Verk continues.

Fabian was the person who first reported Verk missing after he had claimed that he had not seen her for two days. He was named a suspect two weeks after her disappearance, according to the The Dallas Morning News. He did not speak at a grand jury about his girlfriend’s disappearance in December when he was questioned about his version of events, KOSA-TV reported.

Verk’s parents, Lori and Glenn Verk, moved to Texas to search for their daughter, according to The Washington Post. Her mother described Verk, who was a student at Sul Ross State University, as being known in the community for her conservation work, according to the newspaper.

The Alpine Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I expect that as the story develops that Fabian will be charged with murder. If he’s an illegal immigrant, the press will cover that fact up. Since Fabian has not cooperated with police up to this point, he’s unlikely to reveal his motive, assuming he’s charged with murder. In my own experience, many Mexicans can’t hold their tequila and turn violent when drunk. It’s too bad that Zuzu Verk didn’t study the truth about Mexican culture before coming to Texas.

11 thoughts on “Nonwhite Boyfriend of White College Girl Zuzu Verk Arrested After She’s Found Dead

  1. Looks like her home town of Keller Texas, near Dallas, is 88% white. In this environment she likely thought vibrants were just exotic talking animals. She was into wildlife management I see. Obviously one of her animals turned on her.

    This spic looks like the type my old man hired occasionally to chop cotton on his farm out in West Texas.

    My experience around girls like this is that if a white boy approached her she’d most likely laugh and spit in his f***ing face. I can’t feel too sorry for her. After all she was free, white, and twenty one. Perhaps the old beaner saved us a batch of mexlets or even niglets down the road.

    Her mother seems to be the “citizen of the world type”.

    • Some girls want to live dangerously, around bad boys. The Mexican looks dangerous to me. I knew a girl who only dated bad boys, but white ones only. She liked motorcycles, tats, and drugs.

      I suspect Zuzu (the name says a lot about her parents) was a druggie.

  2. He looks ugly next to her. Was she being PC dating a beaner? He looks a bit like a Native American, i.e. an Injun. The Bandidos/Comanches were a pretty cruel bunch by white man standards.

    “Sometimes facts are “racist.”
    Fact are innocent, M’lud. Facts are facts, like 2 plus 2 equals 4. Racism (Trotskyite idea) implies intent, bias, hostility or other such emotions. So how can any fact be racist?

    “”SubSaharan” (i.e. black) Africans have an average IQ of 67″. So this factual statement is not racist, even if Hitler says it.

    • His ugliness is noticeable. The darker Mexicans here locally were part of some Indian tribes that were around when the Spanish arrived. There are I believe 7 old Spanish missions in the San Antonio area. The most famous is the Alamo. Indians worked the fields for the Spanish priests.

      Amren posted a Daily Mail article on the Comanche a couple of years ago. I sent them the link. The atrocities show that the local Comanche were genetically cruel. Their ancestors who live among us as Mexicans still are.

      • Have you ever heard about the Karangas, Paladin. They were more feared than the Comanches, as bad as those were. They ranged primarily between Brownsville and Corpus Christi and were very tall and ferocious cannibals. A Spanish ship became disabled by a storm off of what is now South Padre back in the late 1500’s, and the survivors got eaten after being invited onto shore. They laughed at everything, so I guess they must have been disarming. They went the same way as the Comanche, absorbed into their surrounding populations until they finally disappeared.

        There are a lot of jews in that area, too, most who are now mestizos except for their ruling classes. Many of them are true Crypto-jews. One of the biggest ranches in North Mexico was owned by a Crypto-jew family, the Carrajavals is how I think it is how that family name is spelled. The ranch included all the City of Brownsville and most of the RGV area on up past King Ranch I think, and at least one entire State in Northern Mexico. Most deeds in that area still refer back to that “Spanish” Land Grant. I have a link which tells more about it if you want it, and if I can now find it. That jew family is still around by the way, and today includes branches in England and other places, all of whom are of “important” political status..

      • When I said “laughed at everything”, I should have explained that that is how they communicated – with each other and I suppose with others, if anyone else could understand them, since they didn’t have another language.

    • Ah, interesting theory. Maybe she wanted an abortion and he didn’t. Mexican guys often want their babies to prove their manhood. Alternatively, he may not have wanted to pay child support, so killed her.

  3. They never learn until they are gasping out that last breathe and everything is going dark that all political correctness will get you is a 3 x 6 x 6 hole in the ground.

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