LOL! Holocaust Survivor Lived Only Because Nazis Ran Out of Gas

In this 2014 story from the Daily Mail, a poor persecuted Jewish woman who had her 101st birthday celebrates by telling the goyim a nice story.

Daily Mail

A Jewish woman who escaped the gas chambers of Auschwitz is preparing to celebrate her 101st birthday

Klara Markus, 100, from Sighetu Marmaţiei, in Maramureş in northern Romania, survived three Holocaust concentration camps before the Second World War was over.

Mrs Markus, who had been imprisoned in Dachau and Ravensbruck before being sent to Auschwitz, survived the Nazi German camp in occupied Poland because the Nazis ran out of gas.

‘My mother and older sisters were taken directly to Auschwitz. I never saw them again,’ Klara Markus told a Romanian newspaper in 2010.

‘When I asked about them, SS members replied shortly: “Maybe, you should search for them in the smoke or ashes!” and they laughed.’

The mother-of-two remained in Budapest for another two years, before the Nazis ordered the remaining Jews in the city to march toward the concentration camps.

After a month-long march, Mrs Markus arrived at Dachau on October 20, 1944, and one week later she was sent to the notorious women’s’ camp in Ravensbruck, before being transported to Auschwitz.

‘I passed through all the camps on the German territory. The conditions were the same all over the places.

‘I was falling asleep with tears in my eyes, missing my mother, my sisters. I got accustomed with the hunger, but not with the pain in my soul.

‘Everyday we were humiliated, tortured, I was surrounded by death and lot of dirt, especially the one from our perpetrators’ souls,’ she said in the 2010 interview.

Shortly before the evacuation and subsequent liberation of Auschwitz in January 1945, Mrs Markus, then 30 years old and weighing around 70lbs (32kg), was sent to the gas chambers.

She said: ‘I was chosen towards the end of the day with a large group of other women and we were made ready for the gas chamber.

‘But when they put us inside and went to turn the gas on, they found they had run out.

‘One of the guards joked that it was our lucky day because they had already killed so many they didn’t have any gas left for us.’
‘God was watching over me that day.’

Mrs Markus says her narrow escape made her realise that she had nothing to lose and she managed to escape Auschwitz.

Excerpt from a rejoinder at The New Observer Online

The latest Auschwitz “Holocaust survivor” story about a 101-year old woman who “escaped the gas chambers” because the Germans “ran out of gas,” as published by the UK’s Daily Mail is a “colossal lie from beginning to end” and contradicts even the official Holocaust story, a leading holocaust researcher has pointed out.

Writing on his personal blog, Peter Winter, author of the best-selling The Six Million, Fact or Fiction, said that the article, which appeared in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, quoting a 101-year-old Jewish “Holocaust Survivor” as having survived being gassed because the Nazis “ran out of gas” is the perfect example of the psychology of mass deceit and lies which has come to typify this sort of “testimony.”

In addition, the unquestioning acceptance of the easily-disproved lies of the “eye-witness” by the Daily Mail shows once again how the mass media is directly complicit in promoting the Six Million Story, he continued.

The rest of the rejoinder provides specifics as to the holes in the old woman’s story.

I guess if you’re a Jew, you’re never too old to claim to be a “Holocaust survivor.”

11 thoughts on “LOL! Holocaust Survivor Lived Only Because Nazis Ran Out of Gas

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  2. Whoa, they ran out of gas in three locations! So lucky!

    What’s the point of wasting money and using gas, then wasting man power and more money and fuel to move the bodies and burn then, when you could just put a bullet in their brain over communal holes, just like the muzzies are doing with christians in the middle east?

      • It was a fairly common product in pre-war Europe. Used for de-lousing in the Camps. It leaves a residue in brickwork, which apparently it didn’t when it was used in the supposed gas-chamber, but did when it was used in the de-lousing chamber. The reports of an inward-opening original door are another problem with the narrative, among many others.

      • Def my forte here:

        Zyklon B was manufactured after 1921. It was a delousing agent; but what made it spectacular was that it destroyed lice eggs—very, very important. It was the only chemical agent to guarantee this. It also required a steaming mechanism for it to work as a soluble solution for clothing, where eggs could be buried deep inside various kinds of fabric that were difficult to manually clean. When Auschwitz ran out of it in June, 1945—at the beginning of the Typhus outbreak—it meant death to a lot of folk. It was too expensive to make and the war effort was reduced to bullets and gas. Of the 275,000 Jews that died during the war, 75% died in the last 6 months due to blood poisoning from lice bites. ABout 5 million Europeans died in total from Typhus in 1945-46. You become emaciated with a blueish skin tone. If people actually were somehow killed by Zyklon B—which is impossible in the manner we have been told—the corpses would have a bright pink tone, and if the moment of death was in a near standing position, there would be blotches of red especially around the groin, anus, mouth, eyes, and armpits. Almost identical to suicides that are committed by carbon monoxide poisoning. See forensic photos below. NOT ONE witness ever testified to seeing pink bodies—every other manner of colour, but not pink or red…

  3. The Germans have always been efficient – except when holocosting Jews. There they are remarkably inefficient. So many survivors and so few actually dead!
    If Auschwitz truly was a death camp there would have been no survivors – except the last train load maybe and a few loyal (to the Germans) hard working (((Capos))). Why would any death camp need so many huts for prisoners, and cooking facilities etc? Why cook for people who will not even get a single meal after arrival? Why build labor intensive factories at a death camp?
    The original number was 2 1/2 million dead then reduced to only 1 million dead about 1989 or so. That is probably also wildly inflated
    The huge bullshit number was based on the phoney testimony of the Camp Commandant at Nuremburg. They say he was trying to prove a hoax to later history detectives by inflating the numbers. Maybe he was tortured and had his family threatened. Maybe he was a Zionist who wanted to get the Holy Six Million number written in to history.

  4. Go to Daily Mail and red down tick all the schtick from the goy schmucks and schlemiels. Not one comment even doubts this woman – all such comments were “moderated” into the furnace like Winston Smith did for his paid job at the Ministry of Truth. Good news is that about one third of folks, and more, red arrow all the bullshitters.

  5. One “survivor” from Bergen-Belsen told this tale: Two German soldiers would turn cranks so that a conveyor belt would operate, upon which freshly born Jewish babies would be flung. They would then be conveyed up a slope whereupon, at the summit, a great wheel with hammers welded to it would swing, clubbing each infant in the head, thereby killing it instantly whilst tossing the innocent victim into a fire waiting below. One witness to this horrifying machine said that once, one of the soldiers got a bad case of the cramps and the conveyor was not in service for an afternoon, which saved the life of approximately 700 Jews.

    I kid you not. This is an actually testimony…

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