Great Police Work Leads to Arrest in Rape/Murder of Queens Jogger Karina Vetrano




The man arrested for the rape and murder of lovely Karina Vetrano last August has been identifed by police as 20 year old Chanel Lewis. His family says they’re in shock because he dindu nuffins. He does appear similar to the suspect in the police sketch.

This Saboteur365 post from August 17 of last year describes the efforts of Phil Vetrano, Karina’s father, to prod the world into helping him find his daughter’s killer. Both Phil and the girl’s mother have vowed Scilian vengeance upon their girl’s killer. I love their attitude. This is one g*ddamned Negroid killer who isn’t going to get a hug and forgiveness from the family.

We should all be ecstatic that a subhuman maggot has been removed from the streets. Many thanks to Phil and the NYPD for their unceasing efforts to solve this case.

karina vetrano

New York Daily News

The got him.

Cops made a long-awaited arrest Saturday in the savage slaying of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano, police sources said.

Detectives were grilling the suspect — a Brooklyn man who was linked to the victim through DNA recovered from her body — at the 106th Precinct stationhouse in Howard Beach after nabbing him Saturday afternoon, sources said.

Charges were pending but the man was expected to be hit with murder counts.

He was described as an East New York resident in his 20s who lives in public housing and had no history of violent crimes, sources said.

A law enforcement source said detectives zeroed in on the man after combing through stop and frisk reports from the neighborhoods near the scene of Vetrano’s killing.

The suspect was questioned last year after cops spotted him acting suspiciously in the area.

Detectives tracked him down in recent weeks and obtained his DNA — leading to his arrest, sources said.

The NYPD was expected to hold a Sunday news conference announcing the high-profile arrest.

“I’m literally shaking right now,” a close friend of Vetrano’s said after rushing over to the family’s Howard Beach home. “I want to see his face. I want to see if I know him.”

The 30-year-old Vetrano vanished on the night of Aug. 2 after leaving for a jog through Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach.

Her father found her lifeless body facedown amid towering weeds about 15 feet off the desolate path while helping police search for her.

phil vetrano

Vetrano was raped and strangled after putting up a furious fight, authorities said.

The slaying sparked a massive manhunt that yielded few clues.

In the days and weeks following her killing, Vetrano’s parents Phil and Cathy made a series of impassioned pleas for someone to turn in the perpetrator.

NYPD officers were posted outside the Vetrano home Saturday night. Reached by phone, Phil Vetrano refused to comment.

Police recovered the murderer’s DNA from Vetrano’s body, but the sample didn’t match anyone in either New York or national DNA databases of convicted criminals.

Cops also cobbled together a sketch of a “person of interest” seen in the park around the time of the murder, but it failed to produce a break in the case.

Earlier this week, NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce revealed that investigators had a “strong lead” in the case.

“We’ve had many strong leads as you know, but they haven’t made any progress in the investigation,” said Boyce. “That area … where Brooklyn meets Queens, we’ve looked through every summons, every arrest from the 106 Precinct right into the 75 and 73 (precincts).”

Vetrano’s family and the NYPD used the case to push for the state to allow familial DNA testing, which would create partial matches with the killer’s relatives.

“This is a powerful investigative tool that we want made available to the NYPD and the public,” Deputy Chief Emanuel Katranakis said in a Daily News interview on Jan. 26. “There is clearly a public need for the victims and the victims’ families to bring closure in some cases and to fight crime.”

The State Commission on Forensic Science was expected to review the request next week.

Phil Vetrano called familial DNA testing a “no brainer.”

“He can grow a beard. He can cut off his genitals and become a female,” Vetrano said on Thursday as he marked the six-month anniversary of his daughter’s death. “That will not matter, because he cannot change his DNA.”

As detectives began the search for her killer, Vetrano’s family put together a GoFundMe page to collect donations that would be used as a reward.

By Saturday night, the family had raised more than $287,000.

Hours after news reports surfaced of the arrest, a neighbor walked over to the Vetrano home and shook the hands of the cops posted outside.

“These are the heroes. Nice job, guys,” he said. “God bless them and God bless the NYPD.”

Even if you never give up, you still might not prevail in your search for justice. That’s just a fact of life.

But every family that has an unsolved murder in their history should be happy that this case was solved. Now it’s up to the prosecutors to build an airtight case. It’s also up to a judge and jury to dole out the strongest penalty the law will allow. If only that penalty were death, but New York has banned the death penalty.

35 thoughts on “Great Police Work Leads to Arrest in Rape/Murder of Queens Jogger Karina Vetrano

  1. Persistence pays off! And one more black rapist/murderer off the streets. But…

    Very much can be gleaned from the photos. The very low cut sleeveless shirt in the first photo, the ‘come hither’ pose and attire, short skirt with a reversed V pointing up to her privates, legs apart – easy access, very low cut camisole, long hair hanging over her eye ala Veronica Lake, and the pouting lips in the second photo…a slut, a prostitute.

    No, she wouldn’t wear a skirt when jogging, but was she dressed in a similar manner? Feminists would say it doesn’t matter what women wear, so don’t even think of looking at us with lust in your eyes.

    But, she IS sending a message in those photos. Most men, certainly White males, out of decency will look but not touch. Here comes a horny black male who probably hates Whites, seeing a White female who looks like an invitation proceeds to rape her, then murders to cover up his tracks.

    In case some don’t get my point…she may have been asking for it, most likely her jogging clothes gave the same message as the one in the photos.

    • We usually agree but on this one I have to disagree, Wullfe. Recall Sophia Loren and Gina Lolabrigida (sp?)? Italian women dress sexy. It seems to be part of the culture. Italian culture clashes with Negroid culture. Italian men shout and cop feels. Blacks rape and murder. Without blacks, she’d be alive. The funny thing is I’m pretty sure Phil taught her the truth about blacks. Italians are very, very “racist.”

      • It all comes back to situational awareness doesn’t it, something that so many Whites have lost through constant exposure to fake, screen-based realities.

      • Sorry, I’m sticking to my original analysis regardless of studies. Maybe, Italians dress like this in Italy, but generally they don’t in US unless sending a message. I live in a community heavily populated by Italians. They do not dress like this murdered gal. I knew some when I lived in California, but they were on the make, openly admitting it. It doesn’t only apply to Italians. Too many women move to California hoping to be in the movies or land a wealthy man, the reason some dress in the ‘come hither’ look.

        Saw today a security camera video of her jogging just before she was killed. Again, she wore a skimpy top exposing the top of her breasts bobbing up and down, all of her midriff, as well as, very short and tight shorts. Just as I expected. The way we dress always sends messages.

        Lolobridgida and Loren were sex symbols in Hollywood, probably told by movie studios to dress that way to maintain that image. Very common in the day.

        Rapes are crimes of control and hostility. A gal dressed like this doesn’t give anyone the right to do either, but I think a black male would choose this gal before one dressed conservatively.

    • Roger, wulfe, I’m glad you pointed it out first; all the signals from the photos add up to: slut. The only reason a strumpet like that goes out jogging is obviously to strut her stuff; and in Queens, Long Island, no less—a place known to be infested with feral African savages. Tsk tsk. Moreover, she is not Aryan; the eyes are too oriental, nose too jewy, chin too pointed, coloration too swarthy. A Heinz 57 Varieties with a handful perhaps of Aryan genes drowning in the stew. Nevertheless, the munt saw her as sufficiently superior to warrant his resentment, and was therefore moved to degrade and kill her. Interesting, no?

      Interesting, too, is to note the differences in female sexual strategies between Aryans and untermenchen. In the latter case, the unterweibchen sees herself as a sort of honeypot, to be seen and sampled by all. A bottom-trawling strategy, in other words. In the former case on the other hand, the Aryan woman goes out and hunts down the Aryan male she perceives to possess the superior genes she wants, and then focuses her efforts entirely on him. Which strategy is promoted as normal and desirable by the Enemy media and educational establishments today? No wonder our race is involving.

      The poor girl was a victim, on multiple levels, of Enemy garbage culture. I sincerely hope her father gets the opportunity to exact his Sicilian vengeance.

      • Wow! That’s quite a description! I didn’t know you were a racial profiling geneticist. Where did you go to school? Do you do criminal profiling? If not, that would be a great job for you. Was genetics your major?

        Genetics is a sub-field within biology that is concerned with organism changes and trait transmissions. Bachelor’s degree program students can focus their studies on a genetics subject, such as genomics or evolutionary or molecular genetics.

        Programs that emphasize genetics are science-intensive, and they prepare majors for possible laboratory work after graduation. Additionally, many undergraduate programs allow genetics majors to participate in supervised scholarly research. A graduate of a bachelor’s-level program with a major in genetics might immediately pursue employment. Alternatively, the program might also be a starting point for graduate study and professional degree pursuits.

        A bachelor’s degree in genetics typically takes four years to complete. Prerequisites are a high school diploma with courses in math, chemistry, and biology.

        I took this test and only scored 45% accuracy, but then I’ve never been good at profiling sluts.

        What’s your score??

      • Agreed on some points.

        Sophia Loren overrated…..

        Michelle Pfeiffer, Christie Brinkley, Grace Kelly …..Aryan honeys that are solid gold.

    • I’m going to do more posts on this case. I’ve been waiting since August to have it solved. You knew it had to be a nagger. If you’re a race realist, that is. Phil knew it. He may pay a hit man to and torture kill the nagger in jail. This ain’t over.

  2. “”Vetrano was raped and strangled after putting up a furious fight, authorities said.”
    Then most likley the killer would have had visible scratches for a few days after the attack. To the face for example.
    The victim would also have had the attackers DNA under her fingernails in such a situation.

    • That skin under the fingernails may be part of the DNA the police found. I’m going to have more posts on this case as more is revealed. The nagger looks extremely dumb. The lawyers may use that to try to get him off.

  3. Women (or men for that matter) should not run or jog alone. The 6 o’clock news should convince everyone that is a bad idea. Especially if you insist on living in big cities where the stats should reveal it’s dangerous to attempt a run for milk! Predators are everywhere and they don’t wear badges or uniforms!

      • I got my “facts” from the article posted. Maybe you have read more elsewhere, which I have not seen……she disappeared at night according to MSM New York Daily News. This is not afternoon or daytime.

        “The 30-year-old Vetrano vanished on the night of Aug. 2 after leaving for a jog through Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach.”

        Maybe they should have said “She went for a jog during the afternoon at 5.46 p.m. and never returned.’ if she left in daylight she should have returned in daylight – unless she is some freak who runs for more than an hour or two.

        This girl was dead beofre sunset by your numbers, so the media should have said so. Maybe they wrote “night” because that is more titillating for the readers of their rag?

      • It’s called research and not relying on only one source of information. Grow up, Robert and quit whining whenever I point out the obvious.

      • She started her jog in late afternoon, but was not reported missing until after dark when she didn’t return home. I think that explains the confusion. Cartier needs to ease up.

      • Cartier McCloud, I only said she was jogging after dark. I never blamed the victim. Yet you bestow great admiration on a poster Axis Sally that says this victim was a slut based on profiling analysis. Are you insulting me because I am a man and you presume (or know) that Axis Sally is a female?

  4. “Robert
    on February 6, 2017 at 5:34 pm said:
    Cartier McCloud, I only said she was jogging after dark. I never blamed the victim. Yet you bestow great admiration on a poster Axis Sally that says this victim was a slut based on profiling analysis. Are you insulting me because I am a man and you presume (or know) that Axis Sally is a female?”

    You, as usual, misinterpreted what was ALL SARCASM in my reply to Sally. I don’t give a flat flying fuck if you are male or female. Now see, you made me say a bad word;P I’ve agreed with many of your comments and disagreed with others. If you can’t take the heat, snowflake, stay out of the kitchen.

      • You see Paladin, that’s why I don’t come onto your site that much anymore. It’s really tiresome seeing hateful posts like hers above. She insults anyone who likes Trump or disagrees with her. Why you put up with it, I’ll never know.

        Axis Sally made some good points. This is why people don’t like being around single women. They’re just way too bitter.

      • This is mild compared to the Daily Stormer, Zerohedge, and especially Twitter. I work on reining in the offenders but it seems not to have a permanent effect.

      • Yes, you’re right; I am too over anxious in my fear of our coming extermination and push too hard. Sorry for any banged up toes;)

      • Recall that the Biblical biache Jezebel was MARRIED and used it as faux status against women.

  5. Here is still another slime negroid removed from society and placed in his natural habitat.

    “A Waco man found guilty of harboring a 15-year-old runaway and charging men to have sex with her has been sentenced to 12 life sentences.

    “It was like he had a trophy,” the girl testified. “Like, ‘I have this white girl, and she is young and pretty.’”

  6. “Leave a Reply. Comments Policy Forbids Insulting Other Commenters.”

    Paladin, are you slipping. Robert pointed it out the other day and I’m joining him. There’s someone posting here who frequently engages in sarcasm, name calling, and rudeness towards other posters. Although, we experience this on other websites, I know you want to make your posters feel comfortable making comments without being harassed.

  7. I don’t see why everyone is using insults here. She dressed too provocatively, nigger ape went “MUH DICK” and killed her after raping her.
    Pretty simple.
    Whether she was a slut or not i don’t know, but a woman going out alone (day or night), dressed rather skimpy on a path that is not used often by others a lot is not really a good idea.

  8. This is 100% racist. This guy is 100% innocent. I’m fuming with rage that another black brother is most likely going to spend the rest of his days rotting at Shawshank.

    When white right wing individuals are questioning this then you know something isn’t right.

    Original suspect

    Chanel Lewis

    They look nothing alike.

    The guy in the sketch has a full grown beard. Also the witness didn’t see any actual crime being committed.

    Look at how he reacts when shown to the media.

    He’s unaware and non-cognizant of what is going on. He walks out smiling (not happy smiling but more of a child-like smile) like he doesn’t understand why the cameras are there and what the people are saying. All I saw was a frightened possibly mentally impaired or learning disabled person.

    He’s clearly not guilty.

    How could he have committed this and stayed hidden, no slip up at all, for 6 months without understanding that this crime is very bad?

    He commits the crime, finds his way home, with no one witnessing anything ? And he manages to hide it for months and months ?

    I would think if he did something like this (and he’s never done anything like this before) that he would be somewhat stunned (given his apparent mental capacity) and would be easily found out by someone.

    The only way that wouldn’t happen was if he were some kind of cold hearted psychopath where he doesn’t feel any empathy at all

    Something is off. They keep saying he confessed. He confessed to what exactly ?

    Cops have a way of making non-innocent people feel like they committed the crime and no matter how many times they deny it, cops keep going. Depriving them of food. Depriving them of using the bathroom. Depriving them of water. Depriving them of sleep and then getting real personal and mentioning family members.

    They talked that boy into that confession.

    They say she was raped but how is it that his DNA wasn’t found on her crotch area ? Not only that but they said he volunteered to submit his DNA. If he was guilty of killing and raping that girl why would he just up and volunteer to submit DNA?

    The girl was strangled and raped but the best they can do is find DNA on the phone ? Not to mention that the DNA match wasn’t familial DNA. It was “touch” DNA. He most likely came upon Katrina’s body, touched her, touched her phone, left it there and took off.

    This is some John Coffey – Green Mile shit.

    They said.

    “We found the suspect’s DNA under her nails but found no evidence that he raped her”

    Isn’t the normal course “it’s under investigation and we can’t discuss the investigation ?”

    It’s odd that they would let her father help search and he just so happened to find the body. Also she goes out jogging but her father only waits an hour or two to report her missing ? An hour ? F**K outta here.

    She is a grown ass woman. Not to mention he didn’t call 911 directly. But he called his off duty cop friend.

    She was raped and murdered as retribution for someone her father
    (Phil Vetrano) did or didn’t do. Gambling debts ? Pay back for a wrong ? Some Italian murdered and raped that girl. These Italians are some low-down evil people. There is so much corruption in the NYPD and in Howard Beach period!

    This sounds like the Central Park 5 frame up.

    The Vetrano name has long been associated with mobsters and gangsters, all the way back during the Frank Lucas days. The parents live in a multi-million dollar home, so most likely had income from “other sources.”

    Italians are known for going after kids to settle unpaid debts and they are also known for punching out teeth.

    But if people think Chanel Lewis is the killer, then the Vetrano family no longer has to worry about people sniffing around at their door, or having the mafia off them for beings RATS.

    These sick motherfuckers don’t even want justice for their own child if they allow this guy to be framed.

    The daddy’s alibi was weird, especially when it was said that he is always out jogging with her except that day. Coincidence?


    From what I’ve read she was a very strong woman and clearly in shape. She was into kickboxing, yoga, and jogging. This guy (Chanel Lewis) is no Jon Jones. He doesn’t look the strongest of men. She would have easily taken this guy on or ran off.

    It’s easy for black men to be pinned for crimes that we didn’t commit. They know that’s a ticket the public will always buy.

    After all, a young white woman was murdered and it just had to be a
    black man that did it. Right ?

    Too convenient

    • Why is it among blacks they never are guilty of anything? It’s always the police or someone else? Blacks don’t commit crimes, is that it?

      During the second interrogation by police, he admitted he hit her over the head, then strangled her. Although, not mentioned here, elsewhere in the press, police report he gave up his rights to a lawyer before confessing.

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