Black Footballer Boycotting Visit to Trump White House After Super Bowl Victory


You knew this was coming.

Sky News

A Super Bowl winner says he will boycott a victory trip to the White House to celebrate with Donald Trump.

The New England Patriots have won the competition for the fifth time but tight end Martellus Bennett said he would snub any invitation to visit the new President.

Bennett told the Dallas Morning News: “I’m not going to go. It is what it is. People know how I feel about it. Just follow me on Twitter.”

He later tweeted: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.

“If you want a world full of hate be hateful. If you want a world full of love be loving. America was built on inclusiveness not exclusiveness.”

He also tweeted: “If we plant seeds of awesomeness and love that’s what we will grow.

“If we plant seeds of ignorance and hate that’s what we will grow.

“Planting seeds is the easiest part of growing a garden tending to it and weeding that garden is the hard work.”

Bennett’s tweets come in the wake of the controversial travel ban against seven majority-Muslim countries imposed by Trump before being halted by a US judge.

Bennett said he was not concerned about possible punishment for a Trump snub from Patriots owner Bob Kraft or star quarterback Tom Brady, who are both friends and supporters of Trump.

He said: “I’m not really worried about that. I’m not worried about it at all.”

Politics is not a locker room topic for the Super Bowl champions, Bennett said.

“You just don’t bring that to work. We all have our beliefs. We accept people for who they are.”

We need to appreciate our conservative blacks and our blacks who support Donald Trump. They have an intelligence and ability of discernment that people like Bennett do not have. His Tweets show an extraordinary naivete. He must think that Muslim terrorists won’t behead him because he’s projecting “love” and inclusion.

Where was this jughead when Obama was murdering thousands of Muslims, including women and children. Obama talked love and inclusion too, but never delivered.

16 thoughts on “Black Footballer Boycotting Visit to Trump White House After Super Bowl Victory

  1. I saw a photo in the media today of Lady Gaga gagging at the Supatoilet Bowl feetsball and she looks 99.9% like a man, a tranny.

  2. Re this Coon.

    “The New England Patriots…….
    “If you want a world full of hate be hateful. “”

    This blacks is not being a Patriot at all. It is extraordinary to boycott a visit by his team to the White House. This guy is not a team player and he should be kicked out. Team members do not get to pick and choose which events they go to as part of the team. A lot of it is about money – sponsor money. Would he dare to snub his team sponsor? How about him saying “I’m not going to that fund raiser because Mark Cuban is Jewish”. That will sadly never be heard in the Jew S of A.

    This black man is a hater who hates the voters who elected Trump. He wants blacks and whites who voted for Trump to hate him.

      • The pats should demand martellus’s number back and kick his black ass off the team. I’ve read a few articles that claim a lot more nigger feetsball players are going to follow martellus’s example

        Also as an aside here in Marxist mass, hard leftists and demoncraps want to start an investigation into the New England Patriots almost miracle recovery and win at the Tidy-Bowl. Some claim Trump and Putin rigged the game for the 11th hour recovery and win. one article said that Trump predicted weeks in advance that the Pats would win

  3. “If you want a world full of hate be hateful. If you want a world full of love be loving. America was built on inclusiveness not exclusiveness.”

    Isn’t that kinda hypocritical, to claim that you don’t want the world to be hateful and full of love, but at the same time denying trump’s invitation because he doesn’t like him?
    But i guess i’m asking too much from a talking monkey, to actually possess some self-awareness.

  4. And honestly pj that picture at the end was not needed i think… rather sickening. well i guess it works for the shock factor.

  5. I am angry because Trump has no lesbian Eskimo women in wheelchairs anywhere in his administration. The nerve! Has it ever occured to this African Ball carrier that people are hired, generally, based upon talent and ability? That maybe blacks aren’t represented because, maybe, there are none talented and capable enough to mean the criteria? It’s not other people’s fault they are brighter than him and his homies.

  6. Inclusiveness? Yeah he’ll be glad when we are all inclusively living in poverty, these talking apes don’t EVER think before they open their unnaturally large mouths.

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