Women Assaulted by Antifa at Berkeley Tell Their Stories to Stefan Molyneaux

The first woman’s husband is still in the hospital with broken ribs.

This second woman was wearing a red Make Bitcoin Great Again hat when she was attacked.

As Stefan notes, having the police stand down created a dangerous situation. Strong police action is going to be required or else someone is going to be killed by the extreme left.

16 thoughts on “Women Assaulted by Antifa at Berkeley Tell Their Stories to Stefan Molyneaux

  1. Katrina is quite shaken up from the expression on her face and she should be. Police hiding out and I heard only one person arrested. Probably, because the police couldn’t see much of anything.

    I hear Sessions is being held up because he’s needed to vote for Devos as Secretary of Education, but we need him NOW!

    Anyone remember when I said Trump needed his Attorney General and the National Guard in place before he does anything. He might have fared better with his refugee executive order if Sessions had been in place and he could be investigation this violence.

    • Some of what’s going on with Sessions and De Vos is not totally clear to me. I hear Pence may need to cast a tie breaking vote to get her confirmed. Likewise, I’m not sure who is in charge at the AGs office right now.

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  3. Careful with liberals, as they use watered down dog shit which can cause BLINDNESS!
    It sometimes has a nasty bacteria that can destroy eyesight.
    This is 100% true and verified.

  4. “having the police stand down created a dangerous situation”. Is this legal anywhere, any time? Ordering the police to allow criminals to commit crimes is itself a crime. The police should have legally refused this criminal order.

    When Cheney ordered the US Air Force to stand down on 911, he committed one of the greatest acts of treason in US history. He should have got 20 years for it. If there were no planes – well that would have been embarrassing if rock solid reliable eye witnesses (young and very fit and alert fighter pilots) could confirm this. Hence the stand down.

    When Johnson stood down the Navy fighters on their way to save the USS Liberty, he should have been impeached if not charged and executed for treason. I also think the Senior Commanders who obeyed LBJs treasonous order were also traitors. The pilots were too low level in rank to disobey such a direct order. Day of shame!

    As Nuremberg showed, obeying illegal orders in wartime is not legal, ever, and can be punished by death by a court made up of (((enemy non combatants))) who make up their own rules and laws as they go along.

    • The Negress mayor of Baltimore also ordered the police to stand down and let the rioting commence during those riots.

      On youtube, I noticed that some comments suggested that the ladies have a lawsuit against the police for allowing them to be assaulted. These things are hard to win and expensive to fight.

    • “As Nuremberg showed, obeying illegal orders in wartime is not legal”

      That kangaroo court never really showed that, but ostensibly the record shows that it did so fair comment.

      Only the losers got punished though, and many were innocent anyway.

      No war crimes charges for Stalin, Churchill, or Eisenhower. What about Kaufman, Hooton et al calling for genocide?

      Eisenhower’s camps would be on TV every night now if they had Jews in them.

      So would the firebombs on Dresden, Hamburg, and Tokyo.

  5. At 12:00 she said both sides kind of hate the government and seem to have a lot in common.

    The problem she has is that she doesn’t understand white genocide. If you read the recently leaked anarchist project plans they make the same complaints we do. EXCEPT they are driven behind the scenes by a hatred of whites.

    This girl is a lesbian too, so she has no hope for the future. She is already a lost child of the left, from a brainwashed and genocided line.

    OK, I stopped listening after that, she has nothing worthwhile to say.

    Here is the file from David Brock who is a major leftist organizer. Reading it, you will be struck by the fact that most of what he says could come from this site or any “racist nazi hate” site. The left is tapping the same font of discontent that our side does. The difference is we want to save the white race, they don’t.


    • I stopped listening a little while after the lesbian stuff came out too.

      The first woman was more “based,” to use a popular term. The second one was interesting for how unaware she is, as you suggest.

  6. The National Front in NZ told me that they used to get attacked by anarchists all the time. One was attacked by anarchists and he fought back, smashed a few heads. He was arrested and charged with assault. He pleaded self-defense and said the leftists were trying to kill him. He got off 100% of the charges. Just bullshit from the police.

    The media would smear them too.

    THEN they started using the MANTRA : “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide.

    Guess what? No media anymore. No anarchists. No opposition whatsoever. Now they get the silent treatment. Strange?

    No, not really. That message is like a cross to a vampire. They HATE it. They don’t want white people even hearing about White genocide!

    They shrink from the accusation like a cockroach in the light.

    The Mantra WORKS!

  7. At the 18 minute mark Katrina in the first video talks about how the police seem to always side with the leftists.

    That does seem to be a pattern. It does encourage them.

    She got sprayed because of her blond hair, but she’d probably call me racist if I told her that!

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