Will Lady Gaga Pull A “Nasty Woman” Stunt at Today’s Super Bowl Halftime Show?

One rumor circulating on the Internet has Lady Gaga doing her performance in a burka to protest President Trump’s travel ban. Gaga, like the rest of Hollyweird, sees Trump as a Nazi racist who hates women, LGBT, and all nonwhites. She’s going to be very tempted to pull something.

If she doesn’t, then great. I still can’t stand her butter face and anything else about her. This CNN report claims that her show will be using hundreds of drones at halftime. For dramatic effect or as a political statement since Obama used drones to kill thousands in the Middle East?

The Guardian and many others speculate that the Gaga will go political on Trump Sunday.

The singer revealed little of her plans for the 13-minute concert but indicated that it would include support for the principles of equality and tolerance, rather than barbs directly targeting the occupant of the White House.

“The only statements that I’ll be making during the half-time show are the ones that I have been consistently making during my career. I believe in a passion for inclusion, I believe in the spirit of equality,” Gaga said, adding that she feels that America’s essence is “love and kindness” and “my performance will uphold those philosophies.”

Gaga was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the campaign, speaking and singing at the Democratic candidate’s final rally on the eve of the election. In the hours after Trump’s victory she was pictured standing on a sanitation truck outside Trump Tower in New York holding a sign that read “Love trumps hate”.

To understand these people you have to know how they think. This excerpt from a piece by Linda Harvey on the Women’s March on Washington analyzes the belief system of the anti-Trump leftist, feminist woman.

Excerpt from World Net Daily

They hate authentic marriage, law enforcement, capitalism, Republicans, American patriotism, Western civilization and, of course, Donald Trump and his family.

These females hate modesty, humility, sacrifice. They claim to be “survivors of sexual assault” and desperate for “dignity.” So what better way to express dignity than to flaunt vulgar nicknames for female genitalia, via hats?

These people seem to be mostly frauds and posers, let’s just be frank.

There are things they love. They love Marxism and Islam. One organizer, Linda Sarsour, is a pro-Palestine, hijab-wearing advocate of Shariah law. Another was the Muslim advocacy group Dearborn-based Access Michigan. Even CAIR – the American establishment arm of patriarchal Islam – was a sponsor. This is lunacy. Islamic ideology proudly opposes freedom for women.

But Satan loves intentional self-destruction, especially in the name of “progress.”

These women love sexual excess, lawless borders, people who label themselves “LGBTQIA,” big-government funding, racism politics, neopaganism and attacks on Christians.

Among the Women’s March partners were activists for toplessness. Yes, “Free the Nipple” promotes women organizing topless demonstrations, which they believe reflects human rights. And of course, no women’s march is complete without menstrual activists. One co-sponsoring group, Got a Girl Crush, is all about female monthly cycles.

And the major media take these people seriously.

These women don’t know much but have a lot to say and expect to have their demands met, now.

In other words, flagrant childishness. Ironically, intentional child corruption was also incorporated into this march. March partners GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, and Genders and Sexualities, the new name for the GSA Network, advocate homosexual behavior and gender rebellion among children. Their propaganda has ruined the lives of thousands. The same is true for the Human Rights Campaign, another co-sponsor.

21 thoughts on “Will Lady Gaga Pull A “Nasty Woman” Stunt at Today’s Super Bowl Halftime Show?

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  2. I am cynical towards such terms as “authentic marriage” and “sacrifice”. I am also cynical towards humility and modesty. I despise law enforcement and I do not worship Donald Trump. I am pro pagan and pro nudity that does not involve defilement. I am part of half of the country that DID NOT VOTE.

    Instead of slamming the Marxists, maybe we should examine why people like me who at one time DID BELIEVE in these aforementioned tenets do not vote anymore and who are choosing not to engage anymore?

    THAT is the REAL crux of this whole Fall of The West and the piece that everyone refuses to examine.

      • I have three moron.

        Anyway, really does this story matter? American Football is cloaked homoeroticism with “white” men watching black men bending over in tighties.

        Lady Gaga is REALLY not the issue

      • Robert, just get “nasty”. It is all good. Do not sweat it. Have fun. Smile. Most women really just want to be your friend.

      • I would get nasty with you GermanicSlav. can’t believe you didn’t vote though, you really would have preferred Hillary to Trump? I know Trump is not a European Nationalist but at least he spoke out about third world immigration and may be genuine in trying to do something about it.

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      • You are a generous and busy man. I like Dominos. I should go to Hollywood Blvd and check out their dumpster, haha!

      • Little Caesar’s throws out so many because of their “Hot and ready” policy. When they make too many, they have to throw a lot of them out after they sit awhile. The best I’ve done with them is one night at closing time they threw out 27 pizzas. The deer like pizza too. So the deer ate well that night. I had a small herd that hung around my house before it burned down.

        A woman who used to comment here regularly was a professional dumpster diver. She made some amazing hauls.

  4. I used to party on the Sunset (early 90s) when things got fresh. When we tossed into Echo Park however, we usually realized that things started getting crazy… People got lost…

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