Trump Shocks with “Do you think our country is so innocent?” During O’Reilly Interview

O: Do you think Putin is a killer?

The full interview is going to air at 3 P.M. Central Time USA just prior to the Super Bowl.

Published on Feb 4, 2017

Bill O’Reilly Says Putin is a Killer to Trump , Trump Reply: Do You Think Our Country is so Innocent

The MSM is playing this in their usual sh*tty way. They’re claiming that Trump defends murderer Putin.

The truth is that there was no moral content in Trump’s statement. He was simply saying a fact. Facts are free of morality.

The press is attempting to inject an immorality into Trump’s statement that was not present. Again, what you need to understand is that the press takes everything and twists it into a pretzel in order to delegitamize Trump.

As someone who was smeared by the press myself, I know a smear job when I see it. Virtually all press reporting on Trump is slanted in order to smear him.

8 thoughts on “Trump Shocks with “Do you think our country is so innocent?” During O’Reilly Interview

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  2. “Do you respect Putin?”

    “DO YOU?!! WHY!!??”

    Was that really necessary? Why can’t so-called journalists just ask the questions, record the answers, and leave it at that?

  3. I have always hated O’Reilly because he is a bully. It is worse because he is tall. Most tall men are not bullies, this is the province of the little man. Or the average phsyical weakling man like bully Hitler at 5 feet 9 inches.

    “O: Do you think Putin is a killer?”
    “O: When did you stop beating your wife?”
    “O: When did you last use cocaine?”
    “O: Do you think Obama is a killer?”
    O: Do you think Merkel is a killer?”
    “O: Do you think I say whatever Jews order me to?”

  4. A very important, essential even,
    concept has dropped from White sight,
    sound and speech, lexicon. and internal dialogue.

    KKKryptoReich in every, and all engagement’s with
    Pan-niggerism, what used to be known as talmudic, rabbinic, pilpul.
    Or jewfag schiff-syph.

    Portnoy,weine/,caiaphas/ kafka/ chompchimpsky/ gladys illyitchysyph getyerrtousersoff etc, and the triggly well poisoning puff’s.
    Sought by alligator rapist’s anywhere a pederastagogue or call to attract the imam/
    by farting East, to beguile the beast.
    Ugly as all sin,
    stinking like a Patton emetic.
    as popular as typhoid (((mary)))
    at an Eagle Bear cage” menorahmorial.
    Sydney Poitier in (((guess hoos cooning to dindu)))
    Or the light pawed rape-ape in (((rod steiger’s))) (((Porn Broker))) who .
    dissappoint’s the mad sad kiddy fiddling flimflam bacon dodging by behaving like pre-exsistence Cthulhu..
    Mongo-froid driven,
    inbred ghettoshtetl,
    judas the ripper,
    mandrill rage,
    at the realisation,
    that playing up to white Humans’
    anthropomorphic indulgence,
    throws into Empirically based contrast’s,
    their innate LACK!

    Which i contend derive from the largely inborn dysgenic sodomite,scatalogical tendecies, apparent in bob crane/
    mykoh kang/mohommod population’s.
    Over and underground.

    Offset by exception’s, and weird beardery in (((death))) closet’s,
    that as exeption’s support my case.

    All three kinta k++ty based “gibs me dat” mimic’s,larper’s,
    composing the morlock/Moreau,
    “Exterminate all the brutes” rainbow,
    are, or appear to be,
    devoid of ANY White qualities.
    In Any Sphere!

    Faith, Hope, Mercy, Shame, empathy, honesty and Charity.

    Short of this word, we are confused by the malice aforethought,
    deaf/dumb/blind, demonic HATE,
    forming the ABYSS these NON-WHITE self congratulatory,
    assortment of verminous jackals,
    lexicon thieves,
    scam artist’s, ingrate hater’s of Womenkind, Mankind,nature and God.

    Never too busy to self-praise, or like marx, levy,
    to munch the devil’s fecal matter.
    Endless horror, suffering, and blight wrapped in the
    White misunderstanding of tikkun olan jewberish, time-bomb
    and its “reel in my mindt” solomon morel evil.

    The word is CANT!

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