Totally Insane Foul-Mouthed (((Feminist))) Liberal Professor Screams F U Rant at Republicans

Meet Rebecca Goyette (surely not her real last name?), a complete lunatic who has always been unhinged but who is now suffering even more crazies since the election of Donald J. Trump as president. As the folks at youtube have suggested, make a lampshade out of this Jew.

The costuming you’ve seen constitutes academic work, which the university rewards handsomely. All of it is worthless garbage that Jewish critics praise as “genius,” etc. The genius is the scam. Why should taxpayers be paying this turd with a vagina a six figure annual salary to produce repugnant junk?

Let’s take a quick break from photographic documentation of life at today’s feminist run universities and see Rebecca Goyette melt down over a talk by Gavin McIness at NYU. McIness is a mild Trump supporter married to a nonwhite woman, with nonwhite children and a libertarian hipster mindset.

It’s a nice short video showing a minute of pure HATE for America, men, free speech, and other things you value.

Professor Trigglypuff, as the publisher of the video calls her, is an example of why you should NEVER donate money to any university.

More pics of our favorite feminist professor, who actually teaches students at NYU. Can you believe that?

There’s more I could show you, but you get the idea.

28 thoughts on “Totally Insane Foul-Mouthed (((Feminist))) Liberal Professor Screams F U Rant at Republicans

  1. Wow this country is in real trouble. Looks like this one is a total nutjob, no wonder young people are so socially retarded! Disgusting pig ..can we deport this ugly?

  2. Why are all these weirdos pug ugly? Makes you wonder if they are simply broken, misfits with a beef at the world before they discovered a ’cause’ to mask their self contempt.

  3. Why do these feminists all look like wet dog turd?

    I went to school with some of them. All fat, hairy, covers in moles, and thought their “art” was so clever.

    And don’t you love how they act like they’re so underpaid?

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  5. This is at least as horrible as the British comedy TV show “Little Britain”. The two men in Little Britain look just like this woman. They are horribly ugly, one is tall, Jewey and dark, and the short man is blond and fat and very ugly, more like a monster than a human.
    So they dress as women, how funny!
    Their schtick includes a woman who invariably pisses herself in the supermarket, complete with loud splashing sound and a huge amount of yellow liquid spreading everywhere!
    Such hilarity and such respect for women.
    At least they are men.
    What excuse does this woman have for demeaning women? By supporting her, the University is demeaning women – I no not understand why a lefty University supports misogyny?

    Here is an idea. Big pay cuts for all artists who teach, about 50%. A man who teaches plumbing can get a well paid job as a plumber. A professor teaching art can do nothing else – nobody buys art, relative to the number of dickheads making art. Same with rock music. 100 performers for everyone willing to buy a CD. All the arts and humanities faculties should get a lot less salary – and they woudl not resign!

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  7. In the face close up, “she” looks like a man. In the tits on the beach blue lobster photo “it” looks like a real woman.
    professor of madness eh? In a Socialistic country, she would get huge grants from the Govt to make this mad “art”.
    She desreves credit for trying hard. Maybe too hard.
    In an ideal world Govts would never pay for art – only private buyers. That way less shit would be created.

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