Leipzig Apartment Dwellers Build Fence to Keep Out Violent, Thieving Parasites

Prior to the fire that destroyed it, my house was in a gated, guarded subdivision. A $35 a month guard fee per household secures the subdivision.

I can appreciate the motivation that the residents of a German apartment complex have in building a fence around their apartment homes. We deserve to feel safe in our beds at night.

If your country won’t keep you safe from maurading Muslims, then you improvise.


RESIDENTS at an apartment complex in Germany have erected a 1.63 metre-high fence around their building in anticipation of a new refugee shelter opening in the area.

More than 300 asylum seekers will move into the new shelter in the Grunau district of Leipzig next month, following a renovation project that cost £5.2million (€6million).

But locals in an adjacent block of flats are fuming with the development and have built the fence in an effort to keep the migrants out.

he residents of Weissdornstrasse decided to build the £17,000 (€20,000) barrier at their annual meeting last summer.

But now the fence is up, some German citizens living in the building have complained they feel trapped in a “ghetto”.

One resident said: “We feel like we are in the ghetto.”

Another said the elderly struggle to reach their flats because they must now take a “detour of 300 metres”.

The resident continued: “This is an impertinence, especially for the elderly people.”

Leipzig is required to take 13 per cent of all refugees seeking asylum in the federal German state of Saxony.-

Government reports confirm refugees committed 200,000 crimes in Germany in 2015.

And in the first three months of 2016, migrants were linked to 69,000 would-be or actual crimes, according to police figures.

gif muslim jihadi boom kill you

2 thoughts on “Leipzig Apartment Dwellers Build Fence to Keep Out Violent, Thieving Parasites

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  2. Hmm,reminds me of the secure complexes we see in South Africa. Razor wire ,electric fences,armed guards,cameras all around. Problem is,you still have to go to work”outside”,and use public services. I wonder for whom the Germans will vote in this year? Ah,whom am I fooling,Merkel of course!!

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