Jew Psy Op? New York City Subway Swastikas Cause Liberal Panic

Naturally, they blame evil Nazi Donald John Trump:

We can’t be sure that Jews didn’t put up the swastikas in order to exploit liberal paranoia. They probably were responsible for this psy op.

If Jews were responsible, it may backfire on them by normalizing the idea that the swastika is cool and Jews do belong in the oven.

ABC7NY has the story covered, although there’s not much to it beyond what you see here.

jews did this gif

23 thoughts on “Jew Psy Op? New York City Subway Swastikas Cause Liberal Panic

  1. I also find it rather peculiar to be honest. I doubt the subway could get “covered” in swastikas otherwise.
    Wouldn’t be the first time jews, blacks or muzzies do things like these either.

      • Might be. Just like those morons who claim they were victims of racist attacks just for vanity points, only to be proven later that they were the ones who did it to themselves.

    • These sorts of incidents have happened in the Eastern MASS are many times. When the news first broke the media went into a nonstop feeding frenzy “these unspeakable hate crimes must stop, etc,” vowing to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law about some BlackLiesFecalMatter banner of jewish sin-o-gog having Nazi graffiti spray painted…..

      As soon as it was found that the perp was black, jew, muzzie, gay etc the news disappeared never to be heard again

    • Chelsea Clinton is turning into a nasty little bleep. She’s all into whacking Trump. She’s probably not as smart as her “parents” (Bill ain’t the Dad), so she better watch herself or she’ll be made a fool of over and over again.

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  3. Yeah a Jew did that.
    Nazis are more concerned with saving the white race than cooking Jews these days, for sure.

    The perp will not be arrested.

  4. False flag. False news. Notice how nobody ever sees the Nazi bogey man.

    We have the same thing in Britain. Some kid draws a swastika on a litter bin, the lefties and (((media))) go ape shit. So more kids do the same.

    The same (((media))) that told us Hillary was way ahead of Trump in the polls and the remainers were ahead of the Brexiteers in the polls. They are full of shit.

    • Yes it may have been kids. So adults, Trump voters who would not even like these kids, get the blame. Personally I hate graffiti and wonder why young scum can buy and steal spray cans of paint so easily. Sydney is awash with this nigger shit “tags” – aped by whites and near whites.
      Irony is that lazy young bums who are bored at school work for free 10 or more hours a day (usually at night) destroying property and vandalising. When caught, they are never jailed (in Sydney Australia).

      • Mexicans love “tagging” too. The city calls it an art form, arising organically from the grass roots Mexican culture. I think they paid Mexican teens hundreds of thousands of dollars to “tag” on specific urban locations, which they’ve dubbed a “community” park so some such shit. It’s hard to keep up with liberal stupidity.

      • I think Nazis would never write on top of useful public transport maps and timetables that people need to use. This is a sure sign of scum and bad eggs. Nazis essentially love discipline and public order. Defacing maps and timetables is the exact opposite – it is anarchism.
        So definitely a swastika defacing a useful map is done to discredit Nazis. Or Trump voters, Alt-Whateverists, take your pick.

        The guy cleaning it up is highly suspicious – he probably did the graffiti, and it was easy to clean because he used a non permanent marker!!!! . Most people behave like sheep on public transport and would never lead others to remove nazi symbols – or any other symbols. I have never seen one such incident in my entire life. The cleaner leader was 100% a Jew and a bad egg.

      • Everything is blamed on Nazis by the intolerant left, these days. Notice how nobody ever sees these Nazis marching down the street or whatever. So their word needs to be taken.

        Nazis = bogey men.

    • Reply to PB …. is right. Look (((who))) gains and there’s your culprit.

      The media is whipping people up into a frenzy. Further deaths will be the result.

  5. The person who initiated the cleaning was not Jewish. The MTA already has a possible suspect in the vandalism. I have been riding the subways since I was about 10 years old and people are not sheep on the subway. I once was dizzy and my fellow riders helped me off the train and called for help for me. These people did a very decent thing that day.

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