Inspirational Quote of the Day: Henry Ford on War and the Jews

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: Henry Ford on War and the Jews

  1. I have spent the last 25 years of my life telling all and sundry this simple remark; may God give us the wherewithal to allow this great man’s claim a bed to rest in…

      • P.J. .Your comment that you “had a natural suspicion of the enemy” gave me a lot of food for thought. Could it be possible that we all have such suspicions,even the deluded leftists,and perhaps all it takes is someone skilled enough to wean the majority of us off the kool aid. That will take quite some man (woman perhaps?)though . I wonder..

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  3. It is worth studying the ruthless tribal tactics that the Jews used against great men like Ford, and anyone else that dared to criticise them. Thomas Edison was in competition to the Jew movie and camera plans. So in the end they crushed him, by creating a monopoly power of both film production and distribution and movie theaters – which still exist everywhere to this day, even in Australia. Monopoly is illegal but that never seems to bother US regulators as long as the Jews run the monopoly.
    Walt Disney invented a popular cartoon character, so the Jews stole it, Then Walt started again with Mickey Mouse. All of Walts life the Jews made his life hell. In the end they stole his business and have now run the Disney brand name down from number One in the world to about number Six. Lego is now Number One. A white man business still owned by the same white family.
    Jews are destroyers and pirates, not builders.

    • Ford Motor and the Ford Foundation are a long way from Henry’s belief system. Once in a while I would teach a class in anti-trust economics. I no longer have my books on that subject. I do recall various anti-trust decisions by the courts, including one in the late 40s that stripped ownership of theaters from the studios.

      Here locally, a Mexican owned the big string of theaters. It was called Santikos theaters. I’m not sure but I think when he died the chain was sold, probably to Jews. He may have been a Mexican Jew. Mexicans love to go to the movies.

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