Grateful Elephant Thanks Rescuers


It’s the African elephant that’s going extinct, but any news about an elephant’s life being saved is good news.

Kudos to the Asian Indian villagers who got to work and got the job done.

Daily Mail

A six-year-old female elephant was rescued dramatically when she fell 30ft into a dried-up farm well in Southern India.

Heart stopping footage shows the distressed animal trying and failing to get a foothold to climb out of the parched well, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

A herd of 40 elephants from the Udedurgam forest reserve had entered the village the night before.

As the herd returned to the forest the juvenile female slipped into the deep well and was unable to climb out.

The alarmed herd remained nearby as the female elephant called out for help but eventually moved off when they couldn’t find her.

The stricken elephant was injured in the fall which may have been caused from an electric shock delivered from a low hanging wire in the village.


‘During the whole rescue operation the elephant was taken care by forest officials and doctor by providing food like Banana tree bark, sugarcane and water.

‘All our team efforts saved the gentle giant’s life. I am glad that we could rescue the elephant successfully without any injures.’

After several efforts, the elephant finally came out of the well without having a scratch on her body.


You can watch a video of the rescue at the link. There are also more photos and comments.

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