Allegation: Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Linked to “Nazi” Richard Spencer



Who cares if (((Stephen Miller))) and Richard Spencer worked on a guest speaking project while students at Duke University a decade ago?

This story is simply red meat for the SPLC, ADL, and DNC to use to raise money.

Excerpt from Electronic Intifada

An email obtained by The Electronic Intifada confirms that Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to Trump, worked directly with Spencer when the pair were at Duke University a decade ago.

In October, Spencer told Mother Jones magazine that he had worked with Miller to organize a debate on immigration sponsored by the Duke Conservative Union.

Miller sought to undercut the story at the time, asserting that Spencer’s “claims are 100 percent false.”

But Peter Laufer, now a senior professor of journalism at the University of Oregon, sent The Electronic Intifada a 26 March 2007 email from Spencer that corroborates Spencer’s personal connection to Miller.

Laufer was invited by the Duke Conservative Union to debate Peter Brimelow, an anti-immigrant activist who runs a website that frequently publishes work by white supremacists and anti-Semites.

Spencer’s email was addressed to Laufer and Brimelow and contained logistical details about their campus visit for the debate.

“Dear Peters,” Spencer began, “Your day will be free tomorrow until 5:00 pm. At that time, I’ll pick up both of you at the entrance to the Washington Duke Inn.”

The email specified plans for Laufer and Brimelow and their wives to be taken to dinner at Vin Rouge, a restaurant in Durham, North Carolina.

Then, Spencer wrote: “At 6:45 Stephen Miller and I will leave early to do more set-up.”

Clearly, the two ultra-conservative Duke students worked closely together to make the immigration debate happen.


The rest of the piece goes on to demonize Spencer as a Nazi and then tar and feather Miller via guilt by association.

In a university you work with a lot of different people on a lot of different projects. For example, I co-wrote a paper with a Latina feminist who hates white men. My coauthor on my books is a globalist neocon, I think. He may even be a Jew. I have no idea. You work with people on various projects. That’s life.

Miller’s connection to white supremacists such as Spencer and Brimelow becomes all the more important in light of Miller’s central role in authoring Friday’s executive order barring entry to nationals of seven countries, which many are calling a “Muslim ban.”

Trump had promised a ban on Muslims entering the US during his campaign.

Miller’s co-author on the executive order that has generated lawsuits, mass protests across the US and around the world and objections even from senior members of Trump’s Republican Party, is presidential adviser Steve Bannon.

Bannon previously headed Breitbart News, which was, in his words, “the platform for the alt-right” – the euphemism Spencer gives to his white supremacist movement.

Miller embodies the affinity between white supremacism and support for Israel’s ongoing dispossession of Palestinians.

As The Electronic Intifada reported last month, Miller traveled to Hebron and other parts of the occupied West Bank with Rabbi Ben Packer, an unabashedly racist settler and supporter of notorious anti-Palestinian Meir Kahane.

Packer styles himself the former “rabbi on campus” at Duke, though the university has denied he ever had any formal position.

“Stephen Miller is not just my friend, he’s not just our friend, he is us,” Packer wrote for the extremist Israeli website Arutz Sheva. “He is part of that new proud generation, no longer relegated to the fringe. His appointment is spectacular news for the Jewish people and he should be blessed with everything to do great things.”

Israel and Rabbis always turn up in these stories. I suppose if the focus of the story is a Jew, then that’s going to happen. The very Jewish Stephen Miller seems to understand the dangers of Islam better than any Democrat. In fact, the DNC is embracing Islam to such a degree that you can’t easily deny that Democrats prefer Muslims over Christians and Jews. Ironically, Jews prefer the Democrat party rather than the “racist” Republicans.

3 thoughts on “Allegation: Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Linked to “Nazi” Richard Spencer

  1. When I see the word “Nazi” (even though its not a word), I don’t think of National Socialist Germany, I think of Hollywood fabrications of what this made-up word is supposed to represent. It makes as much sense as when a lily-white Eastern European whines about “anti-Semitism” as though it somehow relates to them.

    • They want us to think that Spencer and by extension Trump wants to kill 6 million Jews and start a new world war. Spencer is pretty mild. Trump loves Jews. But they still love to scream NAZI.

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