A White Male Reacts to Tonight’s Super Bowl Anti-White Male Agenda

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl so I can’t say whether the annual spectacle was anti-white male or not. Last year Beyonce did her Black Panthers worship during half time. Anonymous Coward wrote the essay condemning the big game.


I’m really realizing just how much this is not my nation anymore watching this Superbowl

Everything just seems to be them going out of their way to remind me that this is not the nation I grew up in. They changed the words of God Bless America at the beginning to add in “Sister” (Or “Sistahs”). All of the commercials are specific multiculturalism propaganda pieces. Lady Gaga was her usual travesty of a self.

The fact that they’re doing it during the SuperBowl, of all things, is really driving it home for me.

I think I really get the message. “Straight white male is bad”. This is not the America of the 80s and 90s. This is not the nation I grew up in. I’m the low man on the totem pole now. I worked hard to make it a better place. I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. I sacrificed and bled and now it’s “You piece of shit white male, this is not your home anymore”. Sure. I get it. Thanks guys. Done trying to wake people up. Time now to just watch the ship sink and shame my head in sadness. There’s never been a place like a America, and once the real Americans are purged from it, there will never be one like it again.

You all thought the “good guys” would win? Haha. You thought human freedom, decency and truth would win? Hahaha. So naive. It’s already lost.

Among the sympathetic comments was this one:

It is TOTAL anti white male propaganda. These demons need hunted down .
Quoting: Dontwastetime

Yeah we can’t even have football anymore. Straight white males can no longer find a little bit of solace in football, that’s how bad it is. Hunting them down won’t do anything though. It would just give them the impetus they need to wipe us off the planet (that’s what they’re looking to do). There is nothing we can do. We’re totally impotent. The main reason is because we don’t have the young women and we never will. The young women see whatever they see on TV and that’s automatically they’re god to them. They’ll do whatever it tells them. If it tells to stab their own people in the face, they will stab their own people in the face. In our case, it’s telling them the straight white male is a piece of shit, so they believe it and they always will 😦

15 thoughts on “A White Male Reacts to Tonight’s Super Bowl Anti-White Male Agenda

  1. I’ve been waiting and waiting for White males to stand up to this takeover. It seems they are wallowing in self-pity. Some will be shot down, but more must stand up. Many women on the right would join them. No different than a war with guns. Some will die, many wouldn’t, but together they can win if they put their minds to it. Wait until Jeff Sessions is put into place. Then protest, speak up!

    You guys better do something…

    • I understand NFL stands for Negro Felon League and don’t watch it, but on your comment about Jeff Sessions, what makes him so great? granted I’m not from the United States but I heard that when a bill was brought forward to recognize German American mistreatment during World War 2 he was the one who shot it down on behalf of the Jews?

      • Maybe he was trying to fly under the radar? Or maybe not.

        Yeah I don’t know what’s great about him either except he’s got a cool name.

      • Session has the best track record on immigration around, and one that goes way back

        Personally don’t much give a fuck about Germans being mistreated. They should be in Germany and not the usa but I would also vote down any of the snow flakes type legislation

  2. I was in a Sydney pub while this nigger ball fest was being played loudly on many TV sets – with a lot of people watching the shite. I did not watch any of it. One sports commentator on the TV had the most amazing and annoying voice. It was like a British comedy mocking American accents. Did any US viewers hear what I am talking about? The commentator sounded like a relatively young man.

    • I don’t watch so I can’t say. Too bad Australians are interested in American feetsball. The Patriots are allegedly the whitest team in the league, and they won, if that’s any consolation for white fans. Atlanta is a hugely blacked city and probably a blacked team.

  3. ANYONE who actually watches this junk are no longer White Americans. Many teams are controlled by jews and if there are any who aren’t jewish owned the coaches and players are still choosing to be subservient to them. Any former White man who doesn’t know what has happened to America certainly has not learned very much about jewry – and probably avoids trying to do so. Pantywaists who are “white” and who actually try to discuss these “sports” as if they are serious, or who cheer the teams on are wasted, vapid creatures, just almost as badly as the TV and MSM addicts and maybe worse.

    The negroids and coloreds are influenced by organizations which are often set up and led by jews. The white-skinned jew is certainly not White at all in most of their viewpoints, and the jews long-standing subversion of Whites is intentionally hidden by the jewish (((media))), Sports have been turned into the very same thing – another way to subvert White people and America and to promote non-whites and the jewish anti-American political correctness which was introduced here by practitioners from the Frankfurt School.

    • Agree 100 percent. I do keep with the NO Saints a little bit. The owner, old Tom Benson, is a Cajun, although he’s allegedly out of his mind now. His daughter runs the team or whatever. Anyway, I like old Tom because he was selling Chevrolets even when I was a kid.

      Robert Kraft of New England is a Jew. Allegedly, his team is the whitest in the NFL. Not that it matters much because I see the whole picture like you do. NFL = National Felon League for a reason.

  4. Everyone needs to chill out a bit. Yes, our women are lost right now. That’s because they’re still coasting on the fumes of the glorious civilizations our ancestors built. Once there is even the slightest bit of true multiethnic pain for them, our women will fall in line. Always remember that women will do ANYTHING to avoid pain. Right now, that causes them to attack their men. The worm will turn as soon as the propane runs out (as I refer to the breakdown of our current state of affairs).

    • Not just Western women, but all women have zero in-group loyalty. It is their biology. Their instincts are to make babies with whoever has the greatest chance to make a secure nesting environment. Where I live, when I go to the big city every once in a while, I see the finest young White females holding hands with middle aged Chinese businessmen. Our DNA is literally being flushed down the toilet, and no one seems to notice or care…

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