9 Italian Nuns Pregnant After Hosting 5 African Migrants as “Charity”

I hope this news is satire. If it’s real, we’re in worse shape than I thought. The Italian site I picked this up from seems to be a legit news source.

ilgiornaleitaliano.it via Google translate

In recent days there has been a curious piece of news. But we reconstruct the facts going back a few months. In July, in fact, they were welcomed and hosted North African migrants 5 males at a nunnery site in Milan. The sisters were happy to accommodate these people, saying that they were doing a charity inspired by the love of God.

But it seems that everything has gone well beyond their original intentions. In fact, as many as 9 young sisters of the convent are now pregnant. It appears that the mother superior, who would have to oversee the young sisters has not been able to stay in the convent at night because his elderly mother has serious health problems. So the younger sisters took advantage to pass the night awake to entertain with migrants, eager to play after whole days spent praying. Here now, after six months, women are pregnant.

Once he discovered the crime the mother superior asked that women svestino the dress. But the younger you are defending, denying he had ever had sexual relations with migrants: “We have not done anything wrong. We were together with these innocent affection needy poor. Even Maria became pregnant while being virgin and our mother superior believes it as well as we believe ourselves.

This is proof that if Mary would return today in our midst many pious and religious men would not believe her virginity and would say he has done shady things. We have been miraculously, evidently, there is no other explanation. We thank God for this. ” One of the young immigrants hosted it this way on the matter: “Thanks to the sisters enjoyed ourselves and will recommend this place to many of our friends. Thanks nuns, thanks Italy “.

I suppose it’s possible the nuns were raped by their Muslim guests and don’ want to get them into trouble with Italian authorities. I do not believe the story of the virgin births. I do believe that the church under Bergoglio is so corrupt and politically correct that the nuns had consensual sex with the Muslim invaders.

Just remember the new morality: The only immorality is racism. Everything else is OK.

7 thoughts on “9 Italian Nuns Pregnant After Hosting 5 African Migrants as “Charity”

  1. Ok i really hope it’s fake as well… Just…
    I’m really losing all hope in women and the church to be honest. At least those corrupted by liberal values.
    If this can happen IN A FUCKING NUNNERY we have no chance of maintaining any semblance of morals in just a city once these invaders get in.

      • Then it most likely is true. Can’t believe it actually happened… They become nuns to serve Christ (afaik that’s what you do) and then they instead fuck niggers and get pregnant, which of course the state will, again, have to look after them.

      • They have no fear of punishment. My ex-wife had a close friend who entered the Vatican in his late teens as a language prodigy. This was in the mid 70s. It was nothing but sex 24/7. Little boys, top flight hookers by the bus load. He called it quits when a bishop drove up in a Ferrari with a tall blonde in the passenger seat, parked with the car running, and ran into a side door as he was late for vespers. Things never change…

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  3. Too moral to abort, but not so moral as to not fuck a nigger? The other side of this could be that they have been raped and, Nuns being Nuns, haven’t taken any action against the perps. Mind you, by about Nun 5 I’d be calling in the Mafia.

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