Victory! Confederate Flag Raised Again in South Carolina Town

The Confederate battle flag is a beautiful work of art. It’s going to add a lot of emotion to the experience of visiting the monument where it will now fly again.

South Carolina’s un-American dothead governor, Nikki Haley, took it down. She’s not a southerner and will never understand the white southerner. It’s great she’s in New York City now, in the United Nations, which is totally irrelevant to our national purpose in America.

Independent Mail

The Confederate battle flag will return to state property in Walhalla on Saturday, taking the place of a state flag that has flown there since 2015.

James Bessenger, chairman of the South Carolina Secessionist Party, wrote letters to Walhalla city leaders this week urging them to put the battle flag back up and citing the state’s Heritage Act.

The memorial is next to S.C. 28 in the city limits.

Bessenger said Friday the flag’s return will show respect for fallen Confederate soldiers as well as for the state law, which requires legislative approval for changes to historical monuments.

Luther Lyle, who swapped the Confederate battle flag for a state flag in summer 2015, said going back to the Confederate flag had nothing to do with Bessenger’s push.

He said a deal had been reached last weekend at a conference of state Sons of Confederate Veteran leaders, who agreed to take responsibility for the monument from him. Lyle said he was not made aware of the offer until after Bessenger sent letters objecting to the state flag this week.

Lyle has maintained the site since 2000 and previously said he wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of cleaning up potential graffiti at the memorial. and the decision to change the flag was partly due to worries of vandalism.

The state flag is also just as meaningful as the Confederate battle flag, he said. More people in the Upstate during the Civil War fought under the state flag than the Confederate battle flag, said Lyle, who is the descendant of Confederate officers and soldiers.

Lyle and Bessenger have clashed over who is responsible for the Confederate flag going up, but they agreed it was a good move.

Lyle said a large organization like the Sons of Confederate Veterans is better equipped to repair any vandalism and he has no objection to the Confederate flag flying.

Bessenger said it shows that people voicing support of Confederate causes and the state’s Heritage Act can be heard.

“We’re ecstatic it’s going up,” he said. “The flag was down, we made calls and sent letters and now it’s going up.”

7 thoughts on “Victory! Confederate Flag Raised Again in South Carolina Town

  1. The Flag of the Virginia Volunteers is simply beautiful. One of the all-time great flags of history. If I lived in the south, I would have a 30 foot pole in my backyard with a nice 4 X 8 stitched cotton version of it flying night and day.

  2. Our flag is one of independence, a stubborn type which cannot be removed from either a Southerner, nor from any man, woman and child who insists upon the dignity of living without tyrants controlling their lives — Only themselves with their God. That is why the Confederate flag is so beloved by all freedom loving people, and why the best of people who may have been born in areas once Southern enemies now both support and respect it. I recently came across this quote which seems to sum it well.

    “… We stand for the culture ordained and demanded by God; our enemies serve His enemies – knowingly or in ignorance. But our side is thin-blooded, frightened not of martyrdom or death, but of ridicule and insults! We must protect these flags not as the secular symbols of a great if short-lived nation or even a great and abiding culture, but as the last stand for all that is good, decent and godly in a world quickly “slouching toward Bethlehem” to pay tribute to what is going to be born there – not Our Savior, certainly.”
    Valarie Protopapas

    The quote was obtained from the first page of this site. This article linked deals with flag etiquette.

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