Steve Bannon Film Outline Warned of Coming Islamic States of America

Apparently, the liberal press, which has already called Steve Bannon a “Nazi” thinks that a film outline he wrote years ago warning of the dangers of a Muslim takeover of the U.S. is going to make realists hate him.

This smear job, which is NOT news, will fail like so many other smears.

Thank goodness that Trump has advisors who are able to see the dangers that libtards can’t see, or more likely, refuse to see.

Excerpt from an in-depth article at the Chicago Tribune

The flag fluttering above the U.S. Capitol is emblazoned with a crescent and star. Chants of “Allahu Akbar” rise from inside the building.

That’s the provocative opening scene of a documentary-style movie outlined 10 years ago by Steve Bannon that envisioned radical Muslims taking over the country and remaking it into the “Islamic States of America,” according to a document describing the project obtained by The Washington Post.


The outline shows how Bannon, years before he became a strategist for President Donald Trump and helped draft last week’s order restricting travel from seven mostly Muslim countries, sought to issue a warning about the threat posed by radical Muslims as well as their “enablers among us.” Although driven by the “best intentions,” the outline says, institutions such as the media, the Jewish community and government agencies were appeasing jihadists aiming to create an Islamic republic.

The eight-page draft, written in 2007 during Bannon’s stint as a Hollywood filmmaker, proposed a three-part movie that would trace “the culture of intolerance” behind sharia law, examine the “Fifth Column” made up of “Islamic front groups” and identify the American enablers paving “the road to this unique hell on earth.”

The outline, titled “Destroying the Great Satan: The Rise of Islamic Facism [sic] in America,” lists Bannon as the movie’s director, as well as its co-writer with his longtime writing partner Julia Jones. The title page includes the line “A Film By Stephen K. Bannon” in capital letters.

Jones, reached by The Washington Post, declined to discuss the contents of the document in detail but confirmed its authenticity. She added that it was essentially Bannon’s product.

“It was all his words,” Jones said.

A White House spokeswoman declined to comment. Bannon did not respond to several requests for comment.

The yearning of some Muslims to be free and prosper is understandable. The problem is that too many Muslims seek to impose their way of life on the West. We don’t need their lettering on any of our institutions, least of all our flag.

It’s better for all concerned if they stay home and try to build countries that are free and prosperous because of their hard work. If they can do that.

6 thoughts on “Steve Bannon Film Outline Warned of Coming Islamic States of America

  1. One of your best findings, Paladin.

    Bannon definitely knows: It names the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America as examples of such “cultural jihadists. “The proposal also lists other “enablers,” including The Post, the New York Times, NPR, “Universities and the Left,” the “American Jewish Community,” the ACLU, the CIA, the FBI, the State Department and the White House.

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  3. Not many comments I see. You folks better wake up,you all more worried about the Jews or what the dindus did or didn’t do. They are not an immediate threat to our very survival,an annoyance yes,but easily dealt with because they rely on us for their very survival. Not so with Islam,which is committed to wiping us out,as a race together with our religion. Islam has no use for us. But then,you all know what Islam’s all about. I’ve noticed in your country that many,many of your blacks are converting to islam. Tools for the caliphate right under your noses! A black muslim is one sick puppy,and i should know,I work in Africa .

    • Using the USA military attack dog, Master race Israel has destroyed almost all Muslim countries in the Middle East and several in North Africa. Only Iran left to go.

      Why stop there?
      Why not have the USA destroy Indonesia also and a host of other heavily populated Muslim lands. Afterwards, tens of millions of Muslim rapefugess and combatants get the automatic right to invade the Wets – not just the USA which starts all of these wars.

      Next Pakistan. Oh oh, they have lots of nuclear weapons and missiles to fire them with. Better leave them alone.

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