Police Raid Against France’s Presidential Candidate Fillon Increases Pressure to Drop Out


France’s presidential race has three main contenders. Marine Le Pen is admired by race realists and White Nationalists in the U.S. for her position on immigration. Less is known about the allegedly widely admired leftist (a white Obama type?) Emmanuel Macron. Traditional conservative Francois Fillon is also a contender. Indeed, according to the Express, Fillon remains the favorite to win the presidency in spite of the corruption accusations hurled against him.

The situation is fluid right now. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, Marine Le Pen, in spite of her terrible flaws, would stand a chance of taking France out of the European Union, which would hopefully destroy that anti-white bureaucratic monster.


PARIS — Police have conducted raids against the French presidential candidate François Fillon in Paris. Fillon is accused of corruption.

French police on Thursday morning conducted raids against the French Senate in Paris, looking for evidence that the Republican presidential candidate François Fillon has misused public funds.

Fillon is suspected of having given his wife Penelope public money over a ten year period, for work it is not possible to document that she has done. Now police have expanded the investigation to also include the couple’s children, and the police raids in Paris on Thursday were conducted to try to secure evidence in that aspect of the case.

60 percent of respondents in a recent poll believe Fillon should resign as presidential candidate, something that an increasing number of people in his own party also have expressed.

Fillon, however, denies any wrongdoing and claims to be the victim of a political smear campaign.

Read more at The Local France.

To an outsider in the United States, the only issue for France ought to be this one:

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