Austria: Muslim Migrants Sentenced for Rape Claim They Did Not Know It Was Illegal

Hello to all our women readers out there who still think that feminists are on your side.

Have you noticed that feminist writers are all for more illegal immigration into Western countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and every European country.

They claim there’s a rape culture in the West. Before I say more, read what a real rape culture is like.


Three unaccompanied minor asylum seekers from Afghanistan were sentenced to five and six years in prison for a very brutal gang rape of a random victim, who they followed and raped in a public toilet. Die Presse writes that police have no control over that area in Vienna where the rape occurred, and that this has sparked a heated debate in Austria.

The three asylum seekers came through the Balkan route in 2015. This, said Judge Norbert Gerstberger, could be considered a mitigating circumstance. But they were still convicted near the maximum penalty for rape. It was the youngest of the three Afghans who was behind the plan to rape the woman. They used tools to break into the toilet where they committed the atrocities. The youngest rapist was 16 years old. In addition, he already has another case going, involving a female prison officer.

It is uncertain whether any of the three will be deported after serving their punishment.

The three claimed that they did not know that rape was prohibited, because “women have a different place in their homeland.”

The 21-year-old woman was a Turkish exchange student. She tried to defend herself, but she had her head banged repeatedly against the toilet and tried strangled. She was then raped several times by all three.

The Turkish woman was no longer able to continue her studies, as she was not able to be close to other people. In addition she has sleeping problems and feels like an empty shell. Her life is ruined, she says. She has gone back to Turkey, but because of the shame that her own community would put on her, she can not talk to anyone about what has happened.

Those feminists who never speak out against the mass migration of young, single Muslim males to the West are either very stupid or very evil. There’s not much of a case for stupid that I can make, but the case for evil is pretty strong.

Feminists, many of them Jewish lesbians, are for pedophilia, against white men, against the white race (so-called white privilege), and against what they call the patriarchy.

In order to smash the “patriarchy,” they’re willing to see you raped, beaten, put into a burka, and forced to worship Allah. Does that sound like they have your best interests at heart?

The white male gave himself (and eventually the white female) the right to vote. He abolished slavery, although it still exists in Muslim and other third world areas. He fought two world wars for you and his children in the last century.

He’s not such a bad guy. Compare him to the three rapists. The choice is yours.


6 thoughts on “Austria: Muslim Migrants Sentenced for Rape Claim They Did Not Know It Was Illegal

  1. “The three claimed that they did not know that rape was prohibited, because “women have a different place in their homeland.””
    In their homeland relatives of the victim would kill them, and they know it. In Saudi Arabia the women rape victim would be executed instead. However she was in a locked toilet and even Saudi Arabia would not allow the male relat8ve accompanying her to enter the womens toilet. So, if these Afghan scumbags did this in Saudi Arabia they woudl be executed.

    Austria is soft cock and all three of these men should have been executed. Bring back the death penalty for rape and murder – ASAP.

  2. Muslims raped a Muslim. At least some poor goat was spared the humiliation. Does that make me a sicko?? Probably,but to hell with the Muslims. ..

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  4. Yeah, those kids are lying out of their asses. There’s no way most Muslims would tolerate such a brutal and disgusting action toward a woman. I know Afghanistan doesn’t treat their women well, but this is just insane. I’m getting the feeling that your using these three as evidence that Muslims as a whole are evil. Don’t. Islam has many, many followers, most of whom probably know that rape is bad. Don’t assume things about a group of people as a whole. The Christian Bible has some messed up things in, yet you don’t see a whole religion of homophobic bigots that’ll kill any gay person. Look, I’m not saying that these guys get a free pass. I’m saying that they’re probably outliers, just like Isis. You don’t have to fear them.

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